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Thank you for your interest in Haldex Double Diaphragm Spring Brakes.

offer a complete range from the technologically advance Life Seal to the
industry standard Gold Seal.

Haldex Life Seal

Six-year warranty*
Eliminates contamination by completely
sealing the emergency brake chamber
No vent holes, no filters, no external
breather tube so contaminants can't
enter chamber
Integral caging tool and push rod
maintain alignment as the spring is
Guided, patented hot set compression
spring for added output force and life
Available in 2430 and 3030 in 2.50 and
3.00 stroke models

Haldex Gold Seal

Four-year warranty*
Zinc-plated for outstanding protection
Patented heat-treated compression
spring for added force
Double o-ring design
Tethered dust plug
Available in 2024 through 3636 in a
variety of strokes.

* Line-haul operations. See Haldex Warranty Policy L20221 for complete details.

Please complete the attached specification sheet and return to us. Include
any special instructions such as packaging or kitting requirements. We will
provide for your review our part number, a complete bill of material parts list
and a reference drawing. Our ISO / QS procedures require your approval of
these documents prior to this part being released in our system.

Commercial Vehicle Systems

Haldex Brake Products Corporation Phone: (816) 891-2470
10707 N.W. Airworld Drive Fax: (816) 880-9766
Kansas City, Missouri 64153-1215
Double Diaphragm Spring Brake
Specification Sheet
K .06 DIM

(S) 0 SPT J .12 DIM

0 S5

(T) ST (PA)


Push Rod Length (J/K): Unless otherwise specified all dimensions will be measured in the caged or fully retracted position. Haldex offers push rod lengths in 0.1 increments. We
will select a rod as close to your needs as possible. Clamp (S) and Port Angle (T) (Clocking): All angles are measured counterclockwise from a vertical line through the mounting
studs as shown by the illustration above. Haldex provides clocking angles in 15 increments from 0 through 345.

Date: Name:

Title: Phone #:

Fax #: Email:

Your Part #:
Special Instructions:

Check One Fill In Required Values Options:

Stroke Gold Life Symbol Value Tolerance Mounting
Model Inches Seal Seal S Service Clamp Hardware: Boot Kit:
SCA Angle Degrees 5 None
2024 2.25
T Port Angle
NA 5 Nut & Lock No
2424 2.25 Degrees
PA Washer
2424L 2.50 NA J Push Rod Lock Nut & Flat
Length, Inches Washer
2430 2.25
K Push Rod Clevis
2430L 2.50 0.06 Clevis/Yoke:
Length, Inches
None Forged
2430XL 3.00 SL Mounting Stud
Length Inches
1.5 0.06 Stamped 1/2 Pin
3030 2.50
ST Mounting Stud 5/8 - 11UNC 5/8 Pin Special (Describe Above)
3030L 3.00 Threads
3036 2.50 NA SPT Service Port 3/8 - 18NPTF
Shipped: Packaging:
Threads Caged Plastic Port
3036L 3.00 NA Protectors
EPT Emergency Port 3/8 - 18NPTF Uncaged
3636 3.00 NA Threaads Thread Protectors