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I ________ the beautiful rainbow before it disappeared in the sky.

The mushrooming _________ night spots is a menace to peace and order in the com
The doctor said that the wound which the bullet had inflicted __________ heal for we
He is the man __________ you met across the street.
He who hesitates __________ doing well is lost.
A wise man ___________ that sacrifice and determination are ingredients to succes
When Jay arrived home, he noticed that someone ________ the door open.
She already went home ________ you phoned.
I _______ studied my notes so I'm afraid I'll fail the exam.
Success __________ out of struggles to overcome difficulties
It is well, therefore, that men ___________ be under the necessity of exe
The wind __________ terribly last night due to the coming typhoon.
Helen ______________ hard to provide for her two kids.
I _________________ breakfast by the time you arrive.
The woman with all the dogs ______________ down the street.
His team ___________________ during the practice.
sky. have seen
ace and order in the community. of the
__________ heal for weeks. would
re ingredients to success. believes
the door open. had left
the exam. had not
der the necessity of exerting themselves. should
oming typhoon. howled
would have been
Yes, may I help you with something? I need more coffee
Where is the RC subdivision? It's Downtown
Did you know the last applicant? My old roommate
Have you seen the flyers from yesterday's mail? I filed it in the drawer
Did the landlady tell you to stay? Unless I'll pay in full
How is the presentation with the Vice President around? He liked it
Do you have the perseverance to pursue the challenge? It's the best thing to do
it in the drawer

e best thing to do
______________,we would like to capture once again the highligh
In this regard

Our last date of _____________ is on November 5, 20--.

Administrative __________ IV Officer
_______________ (3) Service Records Updated
I would appreciate if you can ___________the said BSA student
The said _____________is aware that he shall be given accounting
As a part of our audit process, we will request from the management written confirmations concern
Question 1: "The Star-Spangled Banner" is United States' ________________.
Question 3: Were the Americans able to deport after the release of Beanes?
Question 3: A well-bred hybrid means __________________.
Question 4: What fruit is being discussed in this passage?
Question 2: What's the difference between the maximum kilogram of the smaller and larger wax go
once again the highlights of our foundation day celebration and portraits of our people in a souvenir book of


n confirmations concerning representations made to us in ____________ with the audit.
patriotic song
The British guarded them not to
fewer issues
white gourd
maller and larger wax gourd? 3 kg
e in a souvenir book of which we are inviting you for your greetings, product or company advertisements.

ny advertisements.
What happened to Marco? Marco is not prepared at all
What happened to the cellphone? It was misplaced
What is the conversation trying to imply? They were not invited
What are the two boys getting into? They are annoying
What does the man wanting to do? Terminate perks
What's the implication about Maria? She is coming home earlier
What happened the other day? They enjoyed watching the game
What do you think the two characters have been doing?
Where do you think did he bring his car? To the gas station
How long will man 1 take a vacation? A few weeks
What does the man mean? It's the livelihood of the locals
Where will they go first? To the bookstore
What can you say about the conversation? They are feeling warm
What is the waiter expecting from the woman She will be ordering more
It can be inferred that.... The second woman just arrived
ng the game
They've been waiting for a break

will be ordering more

Lisa __________________ yesterday had the roof repaired
The suspect succumbed to blows ___________________ by the police.
No __________________ before 9 A.M. admittance
My __________________ was endorsed by the council. advice
Mom bought _______________ of apples yesterday. one and a half kilos
The ship struck an iceberg which tore a huge hole in _________________.
He is older than __________________. I

__________________ your arm in a circle. swing

__________________ the mistakes in your notebook. rub out
Catherine's written reports __________________ a precise description of the experimental procedure.
One can't sing ____________________ when he has a bad cold.
The trees __________________. , wilted and bare, stood on a hill

Last year was a bad one for the company. There was a big fall __________________.
Did you get an __________________ the party ? invitation to
I hope we will find a __________________the problem. solution to
I was surprised at her __________________ my suggestion.
His __________________his job is very negative. attitude to
I am __________________ to do the work I do not enjoy because I see it as important.
I __________________ myself when I work. reward

The water __________________. Can you turn if off ? I boiling

I work in a travel agency now. Before that I __________________ in a department store.
Tan Gun's __________________ is said to have ruled until 112 B.C. when a Chinese sage, Ki Tse, with 5 0
Tom is looking for his key. He can't find it. He __________________.

In the years that followed Chinese influence became strong in Korea, and Confucianism became the ____
They arrived __________________ October. in

nd a half kilos
her side

perimental procedure. give

d and bare, stood on a hill

in sales

reaction to


ese sage, Ki Tse, with 5 000 followers immigrated to Korea and overthrew the ruler.
has lost his key

ianism became the __________________ religion among the Koreans.



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