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2367.GB.04.2011.r.r.s Technical modifications reserved.

ETX 513/515 sideways-seated/tri-lateral truck.

1,250/1,500 kg capacity.
Plants, Sales and
Services Europe
ISO 9001/ISO 14001

Jungheinrich trucks
conform to the European
Safety Requirements.

Jungheinrich UK Ltd.

Head Office:
Sherbourne House
Sherbourne Drive
Milton Keynes MK7 8HX
Telephone 01908 363100
Fax 01908 363180
ETX 513 with telescopic forks (optional) ETX 515 with swiveling forks
1,250 kg capacity 1,500 kg capacity

10,000 mm lift height 13,000 mm lift height

Assisting your planning.

Cold store: high performance Automatic: the ideal truck
The man down load up concept at low temperatures for 24 hour use
Specifically designed for use in the positioned mast. Optionally available The cold store specification offers seat Increased productivity, throughput and
medium and high rack sector, the with telescopic forks or swiveling con- and cabin heating as well as heated storage utilisation are becoming increas-
ETX 515/513 based on a modular plat- ventional forks for picking up loads di- windows for comfortable operation at ingly important factors in warehouse
form strategy offers the right concept: rectly off the ground. temperatures well below zero. The use efficiency. Here too, Jungheinrich offers
sideways seated arrangement with front of special materials suitable for cold a tailored, economic solution: fully-auto-
stores and heated temperature-sensitive matic high rack stackers for stacking
truck components ensures maximum and retrieving full pallets.

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RFID transponders know every cm2
of your warehouse.

Optimising the operation.

The advantages of RFID
ground control:
Optimised speed setting

The floor quality determines Cost savings through easy installation

the performance Your advantage: Permanent exchange of information

Even the best lift truck will not be able formance levels: it is programmed to Optimum speed settings based on the between ground and truck
to apply its full capacity on poor floors. know where there are uneven sections floor conditions. For as performance as Secure, programmed control and

Even a few sub standard areas will cause of the floor and reduces speed where high as possible with all the safety built safety functions (e.g. aisle recogni-
a reduction in performance throughout required. If several trucks are being used in. tion, aisle cutout, height cutout)
the entire warehouse. Here too the ETX in the same area, these sections can be High level of flexibility for any

with RFID technology (optional) offers communicated to all the trucks in the changes to warehouse structure
the best solution for maximising per- warehouse via a USB interface. Throughput optimisation through

warehouse navigation

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A glance at the display Personal protection system
is all it takes (optional)
The display shows an easy communica- To complete its all-round intralogistics
tions interface between man and ma- solution, Jungheinrich also offers its in-
chine. It informs the driver continually tegrated personal protection system
of all the key operational data: service (PPS). The PPS can be included in the de-
hours, battery status, wheel position, sign from a consultancy, development,
speed mode, lift heights everything installation and maintenance perspec-
can be checked at a glance. tive right from the start. Everything from
a single source as Jungheinrich cus-
tomers have been appreciating for over
50 years.

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Warehouse navigation: You
have reached your destination

A stacking and retrieval environment to please the driver.

From A to B in the shortest time
in the shortest distance The advantages:
Thats the advantage of a car with a the truck control system. This means the Precision travelling saves time and The driver can relax.
navigation system. With the ETX you ETX knows the exact position to ap- money. Productivity and picking There is no need for constant
can now experience these advantages. proach. The driver simply has to give the performance rise by up to 25%. repositioning. It is impossible to
It achieves this through RFID technology: travel/lift command and the truck ap- Quality improvements. Driving to take the wrong route.
via transponders in the ground the ETX proaches the pallet position automati- wrong locations is a thing of the
continually feeds back its location. Or- cally. In the shortest time. And the short- past, the ETX approaches the pallet
ders from the higher level management est distance. With as much energy as location designated by the system
system are now transmitted directly to required and as little as possible. with 100% reliability.

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Benefits to please the whole company.
Requirement (number of trucks)
Pallet trucks, forklift trucks, order pick- Direct Customer Service network For the right truck the right racking Financial Services and Rental Service
ers and tow tractors in more than 600 Our own service engineers are available Jungheinrich provides you with the Jungheinrich provides you with a number 5
Seasonal requirement/requirement peaks
truck variants. Added to this is a multi- countrywide in various locations. Every complete solution: comprehensive ware- of tailor-made solutions that optimally (short-term Rental 1 day to 12 months)
tude of additional services. This makes one of them is a Jungheinrich profes- house planning that sees truck and adapt to your general economic, tax 0 12 24 36 48 60 72 84

Jungheinrich into an internal logistics sional: mechanic, electrician, electronics racking as a system working hand in and balance sheet conditions even 10

services provider who will pave your and hydraulics specialist combined in hand. From projecting via CAD plan- if these change during the course of
way towards a complete logistics solu- one person. And he will usually be with ning to handing over the key. From time. So that you always react flexibly. Flexible requirement
(contracts with flexible contract period)
tion. you within four hours. shelving via system-built platforms right Your specialist adviser will be pleased to 0
0 12 24 36 48 60 72 84
up to high bay racking. From consulta- calculate which solution would be the
tion via assembly to Service. Everything most optimal for your application.
from one supplier. Everything from 5
Stable basic requirement
Jungheinrich, your architect for com- (constant utilisation or classic financing, e.g. Rental, Leasing, Lease Purchase)
plete internal logistics. 0
0 12 24 36 48 60 72 84
Planning horizon in months

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