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Max N1 RPM 106%

Max N2 RPM 105%
Max time for T/O Thrust 10 min (normal 5 min)
Max T/O EGT 930oC
Max Cont 895oC
Max Start EGT 725oC
Max Oil Temp Cont 160oC
Max Oil Temp Cont 15 min 165oC
Max Oil Pressure 130 psi
Min Oil Pressure 13 psi
Min Oil Quantity 3 USG / 75% Fill
Runway slope +- 2%
Max T/O & Landing Tailwind component is 10 knots
Max inflight RVSM is 200 ft
Min pavement turn for 180o 63 ft (Nose Wheel effective turn75o)
Do not engage AP after T/O below 1000 ft
Do not use SB below 1000 ft
Max flaps extension Altitude is 20,000 ft
Min flaps retraction Altitude is 400 ft
Even if the F/D switches are OFF they will display automatically if the TOGA
switches are pressed below 2000 ft.

Engine Start Cycle: 2 minutes

Max time: after 1st start wait for 20 sec,
After 2nd & onward starts wait for 3min
Engine Start Switches at FLIGHT min N1 RPM is 45%

APU Start Cycle: 135 sec

After 1st Start interval is 1 min
After 2nd start interval is 5 min
After 3rd onwards interval is 60 min

Operate Engine for 3 min at IDLE before Switch Off & 2 Min before T/O

Max T/O & Landing Altitude 8400 ft
Max operating 37,000 ft
Max APU Start Height 25,000 ft
Max cabin 8000 ft
Max Flaps extension 25,000 ft
Max with one pack operative 25,000 ft
APU Bleed +Electrical 10,000 ft
APU Bleed 17,000 ft
APU operate 37,000 ft
Max flaps extension 20,000 ft pressure Altitude

Max TAXI 25 Kts (straight runs) 10 kts otherwise
Turbulent speed 280 kts / .73 M
Vmo/ Mmo 340 / .84 M
Flap Load Relief Valve 162 kts (Retraction Flaps 30), Back 157 kts
Landing Gears Extension 270 kts /.82 M
Landing Gears Retraction 235 Kts
Hydro-planning Speed 130 kts (main tyre pressure 190 psi)
Anti Skid Speed Limit 30 kts
Cargo Door opening 40 kts (65 kts if opened)

Max Pressure differential 8.65 psi (structural)
Max Pressure differential 7.9 psi (above 28,000 ft)
Max Pressure differential 7.45 psi (below 28,000 ft)
Max Pressure differential 0.125 psi (T/O & Landing)

Pulling an engine fire handle will affect the following items: FELTBAG

Fuel shutoff valve closes

Engine driven hydraulic pump shutoff closes
Low pressure light deactivated for hydraulic pump
Thrust reverser isolation valve closes
Bleed valve closes
Arms fire extinguishing circuit
Generator breaker and field relay trip

Autopilot (A/P) Disengage Light
Illuminated (red) :
Autopilot has disengaged (tone sounds).
Reset by pushing either disengage light or either A/P disengage
Stabilizer out of trim below 800 feet RA on dual channel
ALT ACQ mode inhibited during A/P goaround if stabilizer not
trimmed for single A/P operation.
Disengage light test switch held in position 2.
Automatic ground system tests fail.
Illuminated (amber)
Autopilot has automatically reverted to CWS pitch or roll while in CMD.
Reset when either light is pressed or another mode engaged.
disengage light test switch held in position 1.
Water Tank Capacity 40 Gal
Water heater 52-56oC (Overheat at 88oC)
INBOARD landing light limit 5 min on Ground
(no limit for out-board lights)
Dome Light is powered by BAT Bus (Bat Switch should be ON)
Fasten Seat Belts & No Smoking SIGN AUTO ON/OFF with
Flaps/Gears up/down
Cockpit door cannot be locked without electrical power (115 volts AC)
Emergency Lights time limit is 20 min (total 5 lights)
Slide inflate time is 5 sec
Do not use Pax O2 below 14,000 ft for Smoke or abnormal heat. Its
mixture of O2 and Air.
PBE last for 15 minutes
Pax PSU last for 12 minutes after being pulled
O2 Cylinder for crew lasts for 103 minutes