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4/3 Containing Communism Group Reading Guide (766-769)

All Group Members
1. What does it mean to contain communism?

2. Why did American diplomat George Kennan believe that containment was the answer to the US problem
with the Soviet Union? (What did he believe would eventually happen to the Soviet Union?)

Student #1
Primary Source: The Truman Doctrine
3. What was the stated goal of the Truman Doctrine?

4. Which nation received the most aid through the Marshall Plan? Why do you think this might be?

The Truman Doctrine

5. Why did the US care about the Soviets sharing the ownership of the Dardanelles Strait with Turkey?

6. Why were the British fighting in Greece?

7. In the long run, what did the United States plan to fight worldwide?

Student #2
The Marshall Plan
8. What were the US and USSR views about Germanys recovery?
USA view on Germanys recovery USSR view about Germanys role

8. Why did the Soviets blockade Berlin?

9. How did the USA respond to the blockade?

10. What was the final resolution of the Berlin blockade?

Student #3
11. Why did the American public support a military alliance with Western Europe?

12. What did NATO members agree to do?

13. How did the Soviets respond to NATO?

Student #4
Primary Source: The Berlin Airlift
14. What supplies did the United States deliver to West Berlin and why?

15. Which nations were the founding nations of NATO?

16. Which NATO nations shared a border with one or more Warsaw Pact nations?

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