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Shaheen 121 parked at stand 12 for destination Lahore, cruse at FL 330 will
carry out standard T/O with flaps 5, Bleed OFF.

Weather here at Orig isread from the DATA Card

En route forecast is..(already noted from Ops Room)

Jeppesen Plate 10-9B Likely to taxi out via MEH to holding point for R/W 25L.
APU available NORMAL Start otherwise 1 engine start at the bay.

Jeppesen Plate 10-9, dated 16 Jan 2009. ATIS is 126.7 already taken.
Karachi Ground is 121.6 and tower is 118.3 set. Birds in the vicinity of airport.
R/W 25L is 11,155 ft and width is 148 ft with stopway of 987 ft. Additional
Runway Information for 25L is High Intensity runway Lights (HIRL) are 60 mtr
apart and Center Line (CL) is 30 mtr High Intensity Approach Lighting System
(HIALS) Sequential Flash Lights (SFL) (TDZ) Touch Down Zone) LVP is 200
meter, reported visibility is _____ so well above the minimum.

Jeppesen Plate 10-3, SID dated 20 Sep 2013. Airport elevation is 100 ft.
Transition Altitude is 3000 ft and minimum sector altitude is 3700 ft, likely to
carry out Badil 3 Charlie departure. Climb straight ahead until passing
040 set my side & on FMC. 15 DME we should be at or below FL
70 and at BADIL at or below FL 100. Show on the LEGS PAGE all the

In case of diversion primary alternate is -------, diversion data from CFP


Destination Lahore, reported weather is fine with visibility ____km, QNH____

& temperature is_____. (read from the Data Card / ATIS)

Fuel on Destination will be ____ Kgs and Landing weight______kgs, will

make Flaps 30 Landing target speed ____ set later.

STAR Jeppesen Plate 10-2, Lahore Pakistan 26 Jul 2013. ATIS 126.3 already
taken, Airport Elevation is 712 ft set, Transition Level is FL50. MSA is 2200ft
Likely to get LEMOM 2 ALPHA Arrival. InterceptLAR229inboundtoLA,

Jeppesen Plate 11-2, Lahore Pakistan, ILS DME BRAVO Rwy 36R. Approach
121.3 and tower 118.1 standby. LOC 109.9 standby. Final Approach course is
360. At DME 10 should be 2800 ft. (Try to show on LEGS page) ILS minimas
DA is 923 ft and DH is 216 ft set my side (check & confirm on Capts Side
also). Missed Approach Procedure ClimbSTRAIGHTAHEADtoD2.0LA,
contact ATC. Highest obstacle is 1147 ft. Minimum RVR is 600 meters,

Jeppesen Plate 10-9, Lahore Pakistan dated 11 Mar 2011. RW length is

11,024 ft and width is 151 ft. After landing likely to taxi in via Q P to the given
stand, Stopping guidance is D