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Haldex S-ABA

The Self-setting Automatic

Brake Adjuster
Installation Made Easy The new Haldex S-ABA
Through its innovative selfsetting functions correctly whatever
flexible design, the the position of the control arm.
Haldex S-ABA Automatic Previously a brake adjuster
Brake Adjuster offers two could only function properly
benefits which revolutionise with the control arm in one
brake adjuster fitting: a free predesignated position.
selection of control arm position Self-setting means no more
and error-free installation. time-consuming adjustments
during installation to fix the

Self-setting Flexible Concept Offers

New Benefits

control arm to achieve the correct Solves Axle Haldex Leads the Way
predetermind running clearance. Configuration The new Haldex S-ABA
Problems Selfsetting Automatic Brake
The Haldex S-ABA makes brake The self-setting Haldex S-ABA Adjuster is the latest innovatory
product from Haldex,
adjuster installation faster, simpler is a problem-solver in cases the worlds leading supplier
and more efficient than ever where a vehicle axle needs to be of brake adjusters for
before. And it can be error-free supplied complete with brake heavy commercial vehicles.
every time as all positions of the adjusters, but without brake As the first automatic brake
control arm are right, it is virtually cylinders. adjuster which is both self-setting
and flexible, the Haldex S-ABA
impossible to install the Haldex
offers unrivalled ease of
S-ABA incorrectly. Previously the basic setting of installation the brake-adjusters
the brake adjuster could not be control arm can be set at any
angle and the brake adjuster will
done in isolation where no brake work correctly whatever the
cylinder was installed. position

An automatic brake adjuster

The new Haldex Brake
designed for integration with an
Adjuster eliminates this Electronic Lining Wear Sensor is
problem as the adjuster now available for the first time
functions at every control with the Haldex S-ABA.
arm angle of The Haldex S-ABA is a
installation. clearance-sensing adjuster.
Haldex pioneered the clearance
principle, now widely accepted as
the world standard for brake

The unprecedented positional
flexibility of the Haldex S-ABA
means it can effectively replace
several other types of brake
adjusters with fixed control arm

From a stock-keeping angle the

benefits are significant: reduced
stock levels as fewer brake
adjuster variations are need,
simplified stock-handling and
lower storage costs.

Maximum Compatibility
Cross-range Harmony Perfect Combinations
The Haldex S-ABA Self-setting In vehicle tests the Haldex
Brake Adjuster has been S-ABA Self-setting Brake
designed for cross-range Adjuster was shown to work in
compatibility. This means a perfect combination with other
Haldex S-ABA can be combined brake adjusters in the Haldex
successfully with another range.
type of Haldex brake adjuster
on the same vehicle axle. A Haldex SABA was fitted to
And, just as with the other one side of a vehicles axle, Clearance
Haldex brake adjusters, it is while an earlier version Haldex
extremely easy to check the Brake Adjuster AA1 was fitted
function of the Haldex S-ABA. to the other side. No difference
in clearance was measured 1,0 Haldex S-ABA
Variants for All during the tests which were
Vehicles carried out under normal Haldex AA1
The Haldex S-ABA Self-setting operating conditions. This
Automatic Brake Adjuster, like offers benefits from a servicing
every brake adjuster in the and stock-keeping perspective:
Haldex range, can be adapted to only one type of brake adjuster
has to be kept in stock. 0
suit virtually all customers 24 48
installation needs. Hours
In practical terms this means
S-ABA Brake Adjusters can be
Clearance Comparison: The
supplied for all types of trucks,
Haldex S-ABA and the earlier
buses and trailers with S-cam Haldex AA1 Brake Adjuster. The
brakes. diagram (above) shows respective
clearances between the drum brake
and lining the virtually identical
graph lines show the high degree of
clearance uniformity between the
two brake adjusters.

Haldex Adjusts to
Customers Needs

Brake adjusters and other

components for heavy
Works with Wear Sensor commercial vehicles from
The standard version of the Haldex are built to meet
Haldex S-ABA has been designed customers high demands
for performance and safety.
with wear monitoring in
mind. It is the markets first, and Our brake adjusters, such as
up to now, only, automatic the Haldex S-ABA, can be
supplied in one of many
brake adjuster which integrates
variants to perfectly suit
with an Electronic Lining Wear customers specific
Sensor. installation requirements
Wearwatcher: the standard version
Haldex S-ABA brake adjuster is Haldex pursues continuous
Together, the Haldex S-ABA designed to integrate with the research and development in
and Haldex Electronic Lining Haldex Lining Wear Sensor. all aspects of brake
Wear Sensor provide continuous technology to keep its lead
at the forefront of
information on brake lining brake adjuster innovation.
wear. Wear data is available for The Haldex Electronic Lining This means we are in the best
the entire service life of the Wear Sensor is compatible with position to anticipate and
meet customers future needs.
linings from new to the time electronic braking systems
they need replacing. (EBS) and most onboard Our investment in R&D,
diagnostic systems. staff training, competence
enhancement and
manufacturing plants
shows our commitment to
quality in every link of the
production chain.

We strive to establish and

develop long-term, profitable
partnerships with our
customers based on fulfilling
and exceeding our customers
expectations in terms of
reliable delivery, dependable
quality and high performance

5 5
Improved performance
Haldex Clearance drum. When the lining comes More Gradual by Far: Impressive
into contact with the brake gradual adjustment by the Haldex
Principle Sets the
S-ABA compared with earlier
Standard drum, the adjusting mechanism
Haldex Brake Adjusters and other
The Haldex S-ABA is a clearance disengages. common makes of automatic brake
sensing brake adjuster adjusters.
operating according to the Unlike stroke-sensing brake
clearance principle developed adjusters, the S-ABAs automatic
by Haldex now widely adjustment is not affected
accepted as a world standard for by the elasticity of the brakes or Clearance
brake adjuster operation. whether the driver applies his Maximum
brakes hard or gently.
The clearance principle ensures Clearence sensing adjustment
that Haldex Automatic brake means optimal operation of the
Adjusters are able to maintain a brake adjuster and reduces the
constant clearance between the risk of both insufficient clearance,
brake lining and brake drum. which can adversely affect Haldex S-ABA
brake cooling, and overlong
Haldex AA1
A constant clearance is possible piston strokes which could put
because the brake adjuster only official approval of the brakes in stroke
reacts to a change in the clearance doubt. 0 20 40 60 80
Number of brake applications
between the lining and the
Lightweight Champion
The Haldex S-ABA is the most
Clearance lightweight brake adjuster It also means that less clearance
mm available today up to 20% can be specified which results
lighter than others on the in a shorter piston stroke and in
market. On a regular tractor/ turn allows faster and safer
Haldex brake application. A shorter
Clearance-sensing trailor combination this could
adjusters mean a weight reduction of up stroke also enables the vehicle
to seven kilos. to use compressed air more
adjusters efficiently.
Gradual Adjustment
Enables Greater The Haldex S-ABA requires
Precision the most number of brake
0 The Haldex S-ABA is designed applications to adjust the
Brake torque Brake torque
min. max. to adjust gradually. Tests show clearance in the brakes to a
it adjusts up to six times more nominal degree. This characteristic
gradually than other brake minimises the risk of overadjustment
A Clear Winner: the Haldex adjusters on the market. during long, hard
S-ABA, a clearance-sensing brake braking which can cause
adjuster provides a uniform overheated drums.
This means less risk of overadjustment
constant distance between brake
drum and lining, unlike the in connection with
strokesensing brake adjuster heat expansion of the brake
its clearance fluctuates with during exceptional and prolonged
the application force of the brakes.

Check Out our
Track Record

No company has greater

experience or knowledge of the
brake adjuster field than
Haldex. This helps us to apply
that accumulated know-how to
develop higher performance
products for its customers.

The new generation of S-ABA

brake adjusters joins an already
world-beating range and
complements the well-established
AA1 Brake Adjuster.
Haldex has supplied more than
50 million brake adjusters over
a 30-year period.

Improvements for Double-adjusting gear

Maximised Service Life limits stress on the control
The Haldex S-ABA incorporates mechanism and the fixed
a number of life-extending point.
design advances compared with
earlier Haldex brake adjusters

New cone clutch larger

diameter and increased teeth

Central cone clutch

provides better protection
from damp, dirt and road salt.

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Haldex is an innovator in vehicle

technology and supplies proprietary
products for trucks, cars and industrial
vehicles on a global basis. Haldex is listed on the
Stockholm Stock Exchange and has annual sales Innovative Vehicle Technology
exceeding SEK 7 billion with 4.400 employees worldwide.