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Biografi Kim Jefry

Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan Gonzales (born in Muhlacker, Germany, March 23, 1990; age 26
years) is an Indonesian footballer of German descent. When singer ia strengthen Persib
Bandung. Kim is a prayer One player Yang in naturalization by PSSI besides Cristian
Gonzles. He has a line of Chinese-Indonesian descent From singing father. His grandfather,
Hong Sing Kwee recorded NEVER defend Also Persija Jakarta and the Indonesian national
soccer team in the 1950s. Kala ITU, Indonesia handled A coach from Yugoslavia, antun
poganik. Under the tutelage of Pogacnik, Shine team passable. Some HAL What is
noteworthy is the success of Indonesia Achieved 1958 Asian Games bronze medal, barely
surpass the Soviet Union Lev Yashin Yang reinforced in the 1956 Olympics, beating China in
the 1958 World Cup qualifiers, and won the Merdeka Cup in Malaysia in 1961 and 1962.
Besides IT, Kwee Hong Sing Also sampled some degree while Persija Jakarta Commons. He
recruited Persema Malang Joint Irfan, Kim in Persema Malang differences solicitation From
Timo Scheunemann, when coach Persema singer Pulang Ke hometown in Germany. A few
weeks later Kim Joint WITH Haarys Irfan Bachdim And Alessandro Trabucco invited Come
to Indonesia to review hearts Playing Together charity match Players other talented football
figures to review Lucky acub zaenal And Rusdy Bahalwan, in Malang and Surabaya.

IN 2016, signed a contract ia Joint Official Persib Bandung.

Biografi Sule

Sule born with Entis Sutisna real name, was born in Cimahi, West Java, November 15, 1976.
Sule was the second of four children. Comedian with the slogan "Prikitiew" skyrocketed after
becoming a comedian on the show "OVJ (Opera Van Java)" (2008). He chose the stage name
Sule, which is an acronym of the Sunda Bule, because his hair dyed bright yellow dangling
like a foreigner.

Sule departing from a mediocre family. His father was a traveling salesman meatballs and
already to his work for 35 years. Since childhood, Sule had loved music, especially songs by
Rhoma Irama. Sule was completely unaware that he has the talent buffoon. That he knew a
lot of people out loud at spontaneous remarks are flung. Even Sule admitted habit of
clowning is derived from his father who also has a jokester personality.

The award-winning "Favorite Comedian" in the "Panasonic Gobel Awards 2011" and
"Indonesia Kids' Choice Awards 2011" have had four children of a marriage that has been
cultivated since 1997 with Lina. Three sons and one daughter named Rizky Febrian
Adriansyach Sutisna, Putry Delina Andriyani Sutisna, Rizwan Adriansyach Sutisna and
Ferdinand Ardiansyach Sutisna.

Bids buffoon began flooding the agenda Sule, one of the "Opera Van Java". Comedy, also
starring Andre Taulany, Parto Patrio and the Stuttering Aziz rating reached a high enough due
to spontaneous jokes-jokes thrown Sule. Slowly but surely, the man who has the spirit of this
high life success up comedian known as the most expensive of 2010. Why not, Sule, who was
given $ 4 million per episode OVJ, can be pocketed Rp 100 million per month. That is not
including fees from the sitcom "Caution There Sule" (2009) and talk show entertainment,
"PAS Mantab" (2010), which also starred. No doubt, if at the end of 2010, Sule can already
have a house, two cars and two motorcycles.