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Concert Band

11th - 14th AUGUST 2016




Government of Western Australia

Department of Education
Instrumental Music School Services
2016 Western Australian Schools Concert Band Festival
The 37th annual Western Australian Schools Concert Band
Festival will be held at Churchlands Senior High School from Helpers Needed!
Thursday, 11 August to Sunday, 14 August 2016.
One of the reasons for the outstanding success of
The aims of the Concert Band Festival are: the ABODA (WA) festivals over the last three
To give bands a performance opportunity at an outstanding decades is the contribution made by volunteer
venue. staff. Helpers are needed in every session with
such tasks as stage management, ticket selling
To give band members an opportunity to hear other bands and marshalling.
To provide each band with constructive comments from a This is a great way to meet other directors and
panel of informed adjudicators. hear bands from other schools and divisions.
To present to each band a certificate which recognises its Most helpers from previous years have found the
participation and standard of performance. experience so rewarding that they come back
year after year.
Bands perform within a division with a panel of adjudicators
providing written and spoken comments. At the conclusion of If you are interested in helping in one or more
the Festival, bands receive a certificate with a grading of sessions at the Festival, please check the box on
the entry form and we will contact you early in
Outstanding, Excellent, Merit or Certificate of Participation.
Term 3.
Novice bands will not be graded, but will receive adjudication
comments and a Certificate of Participation. Directors also
receive two recordings of their band, including one with spoken
adjudicators comments superimposed over the music. Conductors Feedback
Bands from Premier, A, B and C Divisions are expected to During each performance, conductors are
present an appropriate program of up to three pieces, which videotaped and given constructive and
must include two pieces from the Music Selections List confidential feedback on their conducting by an
(available on the Instrumental Music School Services web site - adjudicator using a separate conducting form.
see right). Bands in Novice Division present a program entirely This has proved to be very popular with many
of their own choice. directors and the positive feedback that they
have received, has been an extremely valuable
Divisions conform to the following standards: tool in their professional development. Feedback
C Division = Grades 1.5 and below is provided by default. If, however, you do not
B Division = Grades 2 and 2.5 wish to be included, please check the box on the
A Division = Grades 3 and 3.5 entry form.
Premier Division = Grades 4 and above Observation of the feedback process can also
provide a valuable experience for tertiary
Own-choice items must be of at least equal difficulty to those education students. If you do not wish for this to
listed for the division the band is performing in. Directors are occur, please check the box on the entry form.
advised to observe the published grade levels appropriate to
each division in making additional selections. For more
information or advice on repertoire selection email Neil Coy
( Country Bands
ABODA (WA) may be able to provide financial
Please note:
assistance to country bands attending the festi-
Bands not presenting the required number of pieces from the val. Applicants will be assessed on a needs basis
Music Selections List, or an own-choice item of too low a and may be offered partial reimbursement for
grade difficulty, will only be eligible to receive a Certificate of travel expenses. Please indicate on your entry
Participation. form if you wish to be considered for travel as-
Bands, except those in Premier Division, must select 3 pre- sistance.
ferred performance sessions in order for their application to
be accepted.
While teachers or other adults are permitted to play in
participating bands, the band will only be eligible to receive a Festival Information Online
Certificate of Participation.
Visit the Instrumental Music School Services web
Any enquiries relating to the festival should be directed to site ( for Music
Tanya Chapman ( on Selections Lists and full information on all
(08) 9272 7800, Fax: (08) 9272 7877 ABODA (WA) festivals. We would prefer entries
to be made using the online application forms.
Many of the scores and parts of the music of each division Notification of performance times, etc. will
can be perused at the Instrumental Music School Services be emailed to school contacts and band
Resource Centre at 150 Guildford Road, Maylands, which is directors on Tuesday, 21st June and will be
open between 8.15am and 4.30pm each day, including available on the IMSS web site.
school holidays - Phone (08) 9272 7800.
You must specify a person who is based at the school on a full-time basis and is contactable at all times during the school week,
for example, a HoD, TiC or Music Secretary. Notifications of performance times, etc, will be emailed to this person and the band
director. Notifications will not be posted to schools.
Name of contact: ____________________________________ Position: ______________________________
Email: (print clearly) ____________________________________ Phone: ______________________________

Director 1 : Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms ____________________________________________________________

Home Phone/Mobile: ____________________ Email: (print clearly) ______________________________

Director 2 : Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms ____________________________________________________________

School: ________________________________________________________________________

Name of Band: ______________________________________________ No. in Ensemble: ______

Division: (tick one box only) Premier

   A B C Novice

List pieces in order of performance. Premier, A, B and C divisions - 2 pieces must be from the Music Tick if on
(Maximum of three pieces) Selections List . Novice Division - all own choice pieces Selections
Title: _______________________________________________________
1 Composer/arranger: _____________________________________________ 
Title: _______________________________________________________
2 Composer/arranger: _____________________________________________ 
Title: _______________________________________________________
3 Composer/arranger: _____________________________________________

Mark 1, 2, 3 in boxes next to your preferred performance times.
Conductors Video Feedback not required
(3 sessions must be selected. See information page.)

Eligible Preferred
(I would prefer if tertiary education students did Divisions Sessions
not observe my Conductors Video Feedback) 
Thursday, 11 August 5.30pm - 9.30pm Novice, C, B, A

Financial Assistance for Country
Participants  Friday, 12 August 4pm - 6pm Novice & C

I am interested in helping in one or more
sessions at the Festival  Friday, 12 August 7pm - 9.30pm C, B & A

Entry Fee:
$150 PER ENSEMBLE (See attached Tax Invoice)
To fully submit your application, you must send:
Saturday, 13 August 9am - 12pm Novice, C & B

1. a copy of this application form.
2. a copy of the Tax Invoice.
3. a cheque, if applicable, made payable to
Saturday, 13 August 1pm - 6pm B&A

4. two copies of the conductors score for each piece
with bars numbered. Scores will be destroyed after
Sunday, 14 August 9am - 12pm C, B & A

the Festival. Scores sent by fax will not be accepted.
To: Tanya Chapman
Instrumental Music School Services
Sunday, 14 August 1pm - 6pm A & Premier

150 Guildford Road
Maylands WA 6051 Places will be limited this year - entries that are not fully submitted by
the closing date (including scores and payment) will not be accepted.

Closing Date: Friday , 3 June 2016 Performance times and full details about the Festival will be available
on the IMSS web site ( on Tuesday, 21 June.
Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association (WA) Inc.
ABN: 99 931 510 460


To simplify payments, a single tax invoice may be used for both the Orchestra and Band Festivals.

School: ________________________________________________________________________
List names of all orchestras and/or bands covered by this invoice:

Orchestra Festival
Entry Fees:
$150 per ensemble. No. ensembles entered: ______
Total payment: $_________
As ABODA (WA) is not registered for
GST, no GST is payable.
Band Festival

Closing Date: Friday, 3 June. No. ensembles entered: ______

Refunds will not be available for Total payment: $_________

ensembles withdrawing from festivals
after the closing date.
Total payment: $_________
(No GST is payable)

Electronic Fund Transmission

Account Name: Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association (WA) Incorporated
BSB: 016-370, Account Number: 1980-46919
Narration: Ensure that your schools name appears in the Narration field of the online transaction.

Payment Method: (Tick one)

Cheque or Money order
payable to ABODA (WA)  Electronic Fund Transmission 
Send a copy of this invoice and payment to: Tanya Chapman
Instrumental Music School Services
(Receipts will not be issued) 150 Guildford Road
Maylands WA 6051