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Gwinnett Online Campus 7th Grade English Literature Syllabus

Template Self-Check

Course Information Class Title: 7th Grade English Literature Did you include course title, instructor
Dear Students, information, grade level, subject area,
Welcome to Mrs. Hills 7th grade English Literature. This is a fully online course. The office hours and required textbooks or
textbooks for this course have been distributed to each student by Gwinnett County resources?
Public Schools. The content for this course is housed in the eClass D2L site. This
course can be accessed Yes,
You will need to be signed in to your eClass page through the Student Portal.
The following information is meant to provide you with an overview of this class and
course expectations.

Instructor: Mrs. Hill

Contact Information
You contact me using the following contact information:
Email Address: or
(google mail)
Phone (678) 575-9604

Meeting Pattern: If you have question about the course I am available on Monday
through Friday from 8:00 AM till 6:00 PM

Textbook / Publisher:
The main textbook that will be used for this course will be McDougal Littell
Literature, Grade 7. This will be supplemented with McDougal Littell's Critical
Analysis, the Interactive Reader by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publisher. These
textbooks are aligned with the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.
Novels: Novels of various genres will be used to build both reading and writing skills.
Online Resources : Language of Literature can be accessed from You will need to use the following access code tx39vr. Your
username is your student ID number.

Expected Student My students live in the Gwinnett County Public Schools district. It is an urban school Is the expected student audience
Audience district in middle eastern, Georgia, USA. Students in this course have completed the described? (Are your students in the
6th grade English Literature curriculum as assessed by our Georgia State assessments. USA?)

Teacher Email Address: or Did you provide at least two forms of
Communication Teacher Website: eClass Course Page communication are included in the syllabus?
Phone: (678) 575-9604 Yes,
Provided three forms of communication
You may also contact me in the virtual office discussion thread forum housed in

Course Description Grade 7 Unit 1: Fitting In: Embracing Individual Uniqueness Does this clearly identify the broad goals
Students will be exposed to different literary and nonfiction readings to appeal to or topics to be covered? Does it outline
different readers' styles and intelligences, as well as, provide the necessary exposure to the general topics, concepts and skills to
find success across all academic curriculum. We will utilize the seventh grade be covered?
McDougal Littell's Literature textbook and McDougal Littell's Critical Analysis, the Yes,
Interactive Reader, and required novels throughout the year.
Learning Outcomes Are these measurable and/or observable?
Explore various genres of literature by reading short stories, poetry, and novels Do they describe what students must
know and be able to do? Do they involve
some cognitive challenge and active
Participate in online class discussions, literature response journals, and provide learning?
written critical analysis of literature
Yes, Using the different levels of Blooms
Demonstrate knowledge of the various elements of literature by analyzing class Taxonomy
assigned readings, producing collaborative projects, and assessments

Develop understanding of content vocabulary related to reading focus

Create a variety of projects using a problem-based approach

ELA Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) 7th grade


The learner will be able to
ELACC7RL1, ELACC7RI1: Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support
analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the
ELACC7RL2, ELACC7RI2: Determine a theme or two or more central ideas
in a text and analyze their development over the course of the text; provide an
objective summary of the text.
ELACC7RI3: Analyze the interactions between individuals, events, and ideas
in a text (e.g., how ideas influence individuals or events, or how individuals
influence ideas or events).
ELACC7RL6: Analyze how an author develops and contrasts the points of
Topics by Week Week 1: Literary Focus Character, Setting & Plot, p. 12 Seventh Grade by Gary Did you list the topics to be covered each
Soto week?
Week 2: Names/Nombres by Julia Alvarez Short Story, p.18
Week 3: Thank You Maam by Langston Hughes Short Story, p.41 Yes
Week 4: Homeless by Anna Quindlen Nonfiction, p. 224
Week 5: from A Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela Autobiography, p.
Week 6: Author Study Eleanor Roosevelt p. 244; The Autobiography of Eleanor
Roosevelt Nonfiction, p. 246
Week 7: from Immigrant Kids by Russell Freedman- article p. 256
Week 8: Review and test
1st Nine Week Grading Period/Grade
Expectations of Students are expected to: Did you outline class participation with
Student descriptions of how it is measured
Participation Log in to your eClass and access the course a minimum of four times per week (expectations for discussion forums,
excluding student holidays. This will account for your attendance in this course. number and frequency of logins, amount
of time in online class, group project
Read independently on a daily basis participation, synchronous sessions,
Respond to four weekly discussion posts on the eClass discussion forum.
You will both post your own written responses to our class and comment on the posts Yes
of three of your classmates.
Watch the following video on netiquette:
Avoid offending classmates with your comments.
Keep Your Voice Down: Avoid using all CAPITAL LETTERS. This is
equivalent to yelling. Instead you can bold the words or
sentences for emphasis.
Avoid Sarcasm and Subtleties
Take a short weekly quiz on the assigned reading.

Essays: Students are required to submit all assignments on time using the dropbox on
eClass. Follow the calendar assignments due dates.

PBL Project: You will compare and contrast the big ideas found in the course readings.
Identify a problem (i.e., homelessness, immigration, bullying, etc) you would like to
know more about. You will work in groups to create a presentation on this problem
and explain the solutions that have been successful or unsuccessful. More information
on this project can be found in the Week 6 learning module. A Webinar will be held
within the first two weeks of class to clarify any assignments.
Student Ask questions at appropriate times when you need clarification. Your teacher wants to Did you describe the expectations for
Communication help, so ask questions. The virtual office forum on the discussion threads is available student behavior when communicating
Expectations for questions related to the course. online?
Make sure you communicate with your teacher and classmates frequently. For help Yes
regarding this course content, text, call or email me. Submit your work on time.
Respond to emails, texts or telephone calls from Mrs. Hill and your classmates within
24 hours.
During online Webinar, you can send questions within the Text Chat Area. This allows
you to communicate with the teacher and other classmates. Send your question during
presentations. Hand Raising: A number appears next to your name when you click the
You can also ask question by pressing the Hand Raise button

Late Work Policy Timely submission of assignments is very important for your success in this online Did you explain the consequences for not
course. All assignments have due dates that are specified in the course calendar. If a submitting assignments on time?
student does not complete the assignment on the due date, a grade of zero will be
recorded for that assignment. If there are extenuating circumstances make sure that Yes
you discuss this with Mrs. Hill. All requests will be considered on a case by case basis.
Grading Policy Students will be assessed using a total point system where assignments such as essays, Is a grading policy defined with point
book reports and projects will be worth more points than classwork and homework. distribution or weighting scheme? Is the
Grades will be available on the Schools Student Portal. Weighted averages are as grading scale is included?
Weighted averages
Classwork 35%
Homework 5%
Research Projects (essays, book reports, projects) 30%
Tests/Quizzes 20%
Final Exam 10%

The cumulative grading scale for this course:

Grading Scale
100-90 A
80-89 B
71-79 C
70 D
69 & below F
Assessments Academic grades for this course will be determined by students performance on end Area a variety of assessment types
of unit or summative assessments such as quizzes, essays, final exam and culminating included? Is at least one assessment
projects. requiring either applying, analyzing,
Essays: There will be three essays with various rough drafts on this unit. They are to evaluating, or creating?
prepare students for that particular style of writing. Essay Rubric will be used to grade Yes

Culminating Project: There will be one culminating project PBL Project

Homework: Daily Homework - homework will be based on the unit we are working
on and will also be due every Friday.

Online Participation: Respond to discussion posts. Respond to four weekly

discussion posts on eClass Discussion Forum
You will both post your own written responses to our class and comment on the posts
of three of your classmates. Read the online discussion policy before posting your
Academic Honesty Academic integrity is a critical issue in any educational setting and should be taken Do conduct and academic honesty
seriously. requirements clearly explain the policy on
Students are required to complete all assignments in this course independently. cheating and plagiarism? Are
Students are accountable for doing their own work and giving due credit where ideas consequences for inappropriate behavior
are obtained from specific sources. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited included?
to: plagiarism, fabrication of information or citations, submitting the work of another
person, allowing another person to substitute for oneself in completing course work or Yes,
taking a course test, submitting work previously used without informing the teacher.
Academic dishonesty will result in one or more of the following actions:
Loss of grade points,
Removal from course,
Failure to receive credit for the course, and
Loss of eligibility to earn credits through Gwinnet County Public Schools

See Student and Parent Handbook:
Acceptable Use The Gwinnett County School District of Georgia provides students staff and other Is the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Policy authorized individuals with access to computing equipment, electronic communication described or linked? Are consequences
systems and network resources, which includes Internet access, whether wired or for noncompliance described?
wireless, or by any other means. This access is mainly for educational purpose for
students and is to facilitate employees work productivity. The Acceptable Use Policy Yes,
is available at

The policies include the following:

1. Use school facilities and electronic resources provided by the school district
are for related instructional purposes. This includes but is not limited to the use
of the Internet, email, instant messaging chat rooms web pages, local school
and county networks and other electronic and online resources
2. Do not tamper with, or copy or download files including freeware or adware
without authorization
3. Recognize and respect the intellectual property of others. Adhere to all Federal
copyright laws and vendor licensing agreements. Do not send or download
copyrighted materials. Proper citation of work use should be referenced.
4. Appropriate disciplinary action, will be taken for instances of non-compliance
5. All stakeholders are responsible for monitoring and reporting unusual activities
to the IT Department.
Student Right to Did you include the conditions for sharing
Privacy At Gwinnett Online Campus we adhere to the privacy requirements in the Family Educational or not sharing student information?
Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Detailed information regarding FERPA can be found at

Parental Rights
1. Parents or eligible student have certain rights with respect to their children's education

2. Parents or eligible student have the right to request that a school correct records which they
believe to be inaccurate or misleading.

3. Generally, schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student in order to
release any information from a student's education record.

For other inquiries regarding FERPA, email Mrs. Hill or the principal, Dr. Christopher Ray.
Technology Students in this course must have the following technology requirements: Do the technology requirements outline
Requirements System Requirements: technical specifications for student
computers? Did you describe the
Hardware (minimum requirements): procedures to follow when technical
problems occur?
o 1 GHz minimum processor speed
Operating System, one of the following:

o Windows 7, Vista (known OS issues), or XP (Microsoft is discontinuing support

for XP service pack 3 April 2014)

o Macintosh OS X 10.6 (minimum)

Browser, one of the following:

Firefox 2 or later (Mac/PC)

Internet Explorer 9 or later (PC)

(Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari) and an internet connection. There is also a
Google Drive app.

Connectivity Requirements

Internet Connection 1.5 MB download speed (or faster)

You will need your student ID number to access eClass and the Student Portal. You will also

MS Office or Google Drive word processing software

Microphone and speakers (headphones with microphone preferred)
Web Cam (optional)
Copyright This is course is taught by Mrs. Hill and all the course content is owned by Gwinnett County Did you provide a copyright statement
Statement Public Schools. All text, images, graphics, animation, videos, music, sound, coding, and disclaimer that identifies the owner of
trademarks, textbook and other materials on the eClass course page are subject to the the course?
copyright and are owned by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publisher. For further clarification about
the materials in the course, you may request by emailing me at Yes

Respect copyrights and use the work of others only with appropriate acknowledgment and/or

Students with Gwinnett Online Campus is committed to provide reasonable accommodation to students with Did you indicate your willingness to
Disabilities disabilities. The school will comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requirements by provide reasonable accommodations to a
providing information that is modified but is comparable to that which is provided to students student with a disability?
without disabilities.
If you have a documented disability as described by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Yes
and the Rehabilitation Act of 1990, Section 504, you may be eligible to receive accommodations
to assist in programmatic and/or physical accessibility. Gwinnett Online Campus will provide
Mrs. Hill information regarding students with modification needs within the first two (2) weeks of
class. Course requirements will not be waived but accommodations may be able to assist you to
meet the requirements. Technical support will be available to meet your specific need.
Information regarding Gwinnett County Public Schools efforts to provide special education and
related services to students with disabilities are available at

*This document was paired with Designing a Syllabus for an Online Unit of Instruction (Peer Evaluation Checklist) by Lokey-Vega (2014).