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Ben says another appointment. He has to work in Bonn. Luckily, Jojo

has been arranged with her fellow student Alex. But can it be that
Jojo's new friend wants more than friendship?

But that can not be true - slowly I really believe that something is
wrong. Ben has not come back yet.

Have you waited in vain? You poor.

Yes, for an hour on a park bench. And then there was this funny guy
from the cafe, who watched me all the time. But now I meet with
Alex - as consolation.

Not that you're twisting his head, like Mark.

Do you find? Yes, Mark was really very nice, the day before. Really

Yes, Reza was not so charming at night. But we are right now for
bike repair. Oh Jojo, how could you do this to me? I do not even
know how to inflate tires!

Oh Lena, do not worry. I think Reza is a great mechanic. And
besides, you should not meet for this ... Oh, moment. Ah, I got an
SMS. Lena, I'll call you again later. Good luck, I think of you!

LENA: I to you too!

"Dear Jojo, I'm sorry. I got a job in Bonn on the museum mile, which
unfortunately took a little longer than I thought. I'm still there until
next week,
Maybe it'll work out in the evening? Report me again. Hdl Ben "...
"I love you." This is an abbreviation for SMS or e-mails. Well, who
writes you love SMS?

Oh, such a stupid guy. Forget it! Would you like a cup of coffee?
Hach, gladly.

I just hope he does not play with me. I believe I am being
persecuted. The guy there, who has been watching me all the time
in the park, from the cafe. And now he's here too.

Oh, no fear, I know him. He works as a waiter here. He is not a

What is a stalker?

This is someone who falls in love with someone and then follows him
everywhere. Lutz is not such a guy, by no means. This is my main

Yes, you are right. Maybe he's just really shy ... Not like you, is he?

something is not right- something is wrong

For free- here: to no avail; vain

Type, -en (m.) - for the boy; the man

To twist someone's head

- colloquially for: make sure that someone is in love with one

Really sweet- here for the sake of: very dear; friendly

charming- polite; kind

To do something to someone
- here: make something that has negative consequences for

To pump up something - Fill air into something (eg into a tire)

Museum mile (F.) - here: some museums in Bonn, which are very
close together

something works- something succeeds; Something works

Forget it! - colloquially: that is pointless; This is unimportant

To play with someone- here: do not mean it seriously with someone

Stammcaf, -s (n.) - a caf in which one goes regularly and often

(other examples:
Root pub, Stem place)

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