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Coide-No: 09480503." re rec a JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAE UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD: B. Tech IV Year II Semester Examinations, May - 2013 Scripting Languages (Computer Science and Engineering) Time: 3 Hours Carry Equal Marks 1.2) What are regular expressions? Explain briefly about pattern matching, substitution _-and translation operators in PERL. a ‘Write a Perl pfogram to find thé maximum ad frinimum a list of! ‘arguments, "* ” " [748] 2.a) Explain how to create internet ware applications using PERL scripis with an illustrative example. _-Write about the. data structures used in PERL. scripts, os [748] 3.a)_ ” Give the procedure for embedding multiple PHP code blocks in web pages with sample exemple. b) Discuss various file inclusion statements in PHP. [748] S.a) Explain the list data structure in TCL with a sample code. b)_ Write down the nuts and bolts of internet programming. [748] “Explain events:ind its usage'tn.Tk with exa 7a) What are modules? Explain how data imports from modules into the python programming environment. >) Explain various built-in functions in python languages. [748] ‘Explain brigfly‘about how tg JiEwEb system usliig:python. [15] --00000--