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Progress Report 2.

Project Name: Wigs for Kids
Reporting Period:
Work completed this reporting period:

So far our team has sold several hair ties, created the project website and created the
donor page as well. The donor page acts like a GoFundme page where we can send all of
our donations and promote our project. We also created a Venmo account for our
fundraiser so people can easily send donations our way and we can keep track of
everything. A Facebook page was created and shared to promote the Chick-fil-A for the
Kids fundraiser event at Newman Library.

Work to complete next reporting period:

We will continue to sell hair ties and start Venmo requesting our friends and family. The
Chick-fil-A fundraiser will take place on April 11th at Newman Library.

Whats going well and why:

Our project Sponsor is very easy to communicate with and they have liked everything we
have done so far. They gave us all kinds of ideas on how to fundraise so we have taken
everything they have given us and used it in our project. They hair ties are also a great
way to raise money for our project and many people have expressed interest in buying

Whats not going well and why:

We are not selling as many hair ties as wed like. We started with a goal of each team
member selling ten hair ties and we have only sold 11 hair ties so far. The big reason why
this is happening is because the hair ties are expensive, and at $12 for a pack of 3, not too
many people want to buy them. We will continue to sell the hair ties and get as many
orders as possible.

Our group has created a Chick-fil-A event on April 11th starting at 9pm at Newman
Library to collect donations. We would donate all of the money received to Wigs for Kids
and take Venmo requests as well.

Project changes:

We have a new project sponsor and he has liked our work so far. He is very easy to
communicate with and we will continue to work with him as a project goes along. We
have also changed the event planned at the library from selling Dunkin Donuts to selling
Chick-fil-A nuggets. We believe that this product will draw in more interest and in turn
more donations.