You are on page 1of 1 Total No of Questions 5] ‘Foal No.of Printed Pages: 2 Rall No CE-404 B.E. IV Semester ‘Construction Materials And Techniques Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 70 i) Answer five questions Ineach question pat A,B, Cis ‘compulsory snd D part has intemal choice ii) Allpansofeach question tobe iemptedat oneplace ii) Allquestons cary equal mars out of which pert AandB (Ma, $0 vor) cary 2 marks, part COM. 100 words) camry 3 marks part D (Ma 400 words) cary 7 mars. iv) Exceptnumercals, Derivation, Designand Deawingets Note: State with reasons, the kind of stone you would Fecommend for use in construction of = {Ornamental emer of abuilding ii) Esiemal wall ofa building situated on the seastore 1). Distinguish between “dy-rt” and “wet 0 2) What are the characteristics of good brick earth? 8) What ae the common defets in timber? Describe the various method employed in preserving timber and increasing ts durbily OR Describe various loring tiles and their characteristics, 42) What are the characteristics of fy ash bricks? +) Explainstabilized mud blocks. {©}. Write short note on se of industrial waste as building