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Time Component Domain (molly) What was said

9:20 S; no goodness
T; oh not another weassignment.
brought the stuffed animals did
T: I see that some of you brought a stuffed animal
T; thank
that you -for
is great if ittaking the chairs
becomes down. you can put it
a distraction
1b, in your desk or I can put it in my mine.
1e- connecting
background 1c T:
T: today wewe
last time willlearned
be learning
aboutabout the 13and
TODALS colonies.
how did
knowledge 1a, 1c, 1f that go.
S; good --
T; there about 6 of you that need to turn it in.
S; I have 6 Do jo points

1e- S: I have.. points

1e- clear
stating how T; today casey -- we are going to apply the TODALS
we will reach the 1a, 1c map basics to learn about the
T; we will be using Google 13 colonies.
drawing today -- you have
1e- accessing
background 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d used this before in what class.
knowledge S; art
T; how did it go in art.
T; ;I hard
talked-- about
I like traditional drawing.
this with another class -- I use two
1a, 1b, fingers
There is a young boy with CB openuse
sometimes when I need to on it.
9:24 classroom page
T; let's get out (seems
our assigntoNB tryand
to be working
write ahead)
this down and
1b, 1c, 1d, get it out of the way.
YOu have had plenty of time to write in your
Many students
assignment NBare writing
- let's in out
figure their assignment
when NBis- it
this is due
9:26 1b, 1c, 1f T; this assignment
due next time. normally I would give you just one
class time - but with Mr. Hauers class I noticed they
may noneed
-- more time. Your parents may not be able
1a to help you so I extended it.
S; when
T; so weisget
today theback
20this- ityou
have me the next time
T; let's go to the assignment. the
3rd. then it is due 9th. google
... open
S; reminded of the points.
T: Iyou
amaregoing to go
at 14 andover
are almost at a free choice
1a, 1b, 1d, 1f day
T; casey if your hand up with ayou
- I am not here to remind of free-seats.
question - it is just
1b getting
Studentsa little
had chaotic in here.
a question about what a free choice
might look like.
T; okay let's get going -- you should have CG up...
T; you will open attached directions and drawings.
There is reads
a star directions as students
- asterisk that teaches look on. to make
us how
our ownopen
T; let's copy.the directions. -- we should all have them
9:30 open.
T; it may helps
objective:appeara student
Students with
that I made
will his
beall CB
able -- i didn't --
to represent thethis
1e 1c is a starting
colonies by point.
creatingYoua can
map start from scratch.
incorporating TODALS.When
T; don't
I put be fooled
myself in your-- shoes
you can't click on
I thought youthemight
since it is a drawing.
some help because when I thought of myself having
1e 1b, to draw the 13 colonies I was .......
T; Devin what does step 2 say?
Student reads
T; I spelled out step 2.
the directions in TODALS since that is
what you are being graded on.
T; I am imagining that the text box feature is the
1e easiest way - does anyone have another way?
S; what do we put in these boxes
T; I will talkoption
T; Another about ...
that when
that we get
hauers to showed
class the legend.
they said you can do the shape and type right in it.
T; I might do Mrs. Dixons totally.....
S; that is too much to type --

T; well
is Ocan shorten
-- am I fine it.
with a picture of a compass
1e rose/
T: D - is for date... you can go above and beyond and
1e then what grade are you aiming for
S; 4

T; right shoot for the stars...

T; so far steps are quick and easy -- step 6 is a little
more tricky.
T; this is supposed to be fun -- the class yesterday
was excited.
T; remember the last class we learned about the
colonies -- southern... ect..
T; I recommend zooming in and then coloring.
T; I recommend doing a rectangle and trace right over
the box -- what is this colony
T; Let's go back to the directions -- oh my gosh - did
1e she attach 4 different maps to help?
T; this might be difficult to toggle back and forth --
1e what can I do?

1e Brandon - drag it to the side so you can see both.

T; do I have to do the yellow group or can I pick a new
1e color
S; you can pick a new color but it has to all be the
same color.

S; can we get rid of the image and do our own.

S; I don't know how to do that (add color)
T; I am going to show you.
T; If you are in full screen you may not be able to drag
it (shows them how to exit)
T; ready for color...
S; yes
T; so I could change the color of the text boxes as
long as I do it for all that are in that colony. Then I
need to add
Teacher the color
continued to the students
to teach legend. how to complete
the worksheet using different strategies and tips and
T; I will walk around while you are working - we are
almost to the work time. I know you want to get
9:44 going.
T; toward the end of Hauer's class - there was some
frustrations with the key.
T; you can create your own -- create a box and then
do it yourself.

T; I didn't know a realistic scale for this -- this is why I

gave you so many options.
S; is that true
T; yes these are real maps.
Grading - to get a 4 you need to include all parts of
todals -- what do you need to do to get a 4
S; all parts of todals.
T; and represent the 13 colonies accurately - and you
might add additional information. You can get a 4
without that additional if it meets the other - neat. ect.
Teacher went over the other requirements. ...
T; the last thing to say -- then I am done talking...
There are some maps to help you but none of them
have everything you need -- they are there to help
you with the titles and colonies.
T; I will come around to help.

9:50 Students begin their work time.

Teacher assists students on their map. It looks as

students are all working on their map.
S; can I go get my mouse.

T; didn't I talk to you last time about coming prepared.

So the answer is no - that is just how it works
T; this is an assignment where you could glance at
your neighbors and how you are doing that.... you can
help each other and be creative.

Devan is the only student that is creating his map

from scratch - he seems to be doing a great job but
9:57 he is only on the first colony (new hampshire).
T; I don't think i need to say this - but maybe I do...
are we supposed to be doing cool math right now? I
mean I like Math but is now the right time?
S; no

T; are we supposed to be playing any games?

S; no
T; hold on -- I saw a hand over here.
T you need to be meticulous and slow.
T; technology these days - just give me a
T; do you want me to take your CB --
S; yes
T; I can do worksheets for some things.

A student drops her chromebook....

S; I was helping Jack and then it fell off...
S; I think that it was my fault
T; that is nice of you to say that ...
Teacher works with student to help "fix" it.
T; friends do we need to review how to safely handle
our devices?
T: thank you for getting me right away Lily and Jack
we are okay.
T; does anyone know a way to color in the colonies?
I am not saying it is easy....
T; I will show you.
T; I am showing you once today... i would use scribble
-- but oh my goodness this is going to take forever.
T what can I do???
S; I know I know I know.
T; I love your excitement but I feel like I need to call
on someone that is raising their hand and waiting.
S; make it thicker.
T; is there anything else?
T; Casey....
T; that is a good idea -- but I can't find the paint
bucket.. You know what Casey we can give feedback
to Google. We used to be able to do it on paint.
T; you can thicken the line and change the color to
the color you are using....
10:06 You have 1-2 minutes....
S; what?
T; is it due next time or do you have more time to
work ?
S; more time....
S; Mrs.
T; do Low
you willaassign
want us more...
news flash -- teachers a human. If
you communicate with us calmly we might make
Teacher gave example of why the due date was
T; she told me that she was going to make you scrub
desks with toothbrushes.
T; okay it is time to get cleaned up -- stand up and
10:08 push your chairs in.
T; Shh shhhh
S: shh shh
T; BTW shh job with you stuffed animals. I am
- swell
looking and listening... teacher dismissed by
T; what is the name of assignment --
S; 1.2 --
T; 1.2 Becoming a Colonial Cartographer. 8 points -
nice job - have a good day.

I do not check them. I feel that I would

Recognizing that Jack might be having a be enabling them by checking them.
rough morning... PLUS, all due dates for SS
assignments are within Google
Classroom. I recommend that they log
I was having a one-on-one chat with into Google Classroom periodically at
Jack who seemed VERY stressed and home to check for postings,
flustered. I actually exchanged emails assignments, grades returned, etc.
with his mom after class. In class, I told
Jack that it was OK that he was a little They will also fill out their assignment
behind on a couple assignments, and notebooks later in the day in their
They are
that it's notencouraged
the end of to thetake initiative
world. I spokeas homerooms. Most (some?) teachers
long as they are listening and
in a calm supportive voice, trying to following ask their students "so what do you
directions still.
prevent/decrease the panic attack that have for social studies?" and teacher
seemed to be erupting inside of him. I will add it into example assignment
What ofisWork,
their THEN play!
really think I calmed him downDoes and notebook, while completing other
helped himcheck it>
understand that I'm here for rows.
him and everything will be OK.

I think it's important to let them know

WHY I'm doing things a certain way.

Again, helped clear things up for


Wasn't the time or place to

Tried to motivate though I broughtbyit up!
good behavior
That particular
reminding themstudent has known
of potential the
Free Choice
Day reward.of Free Choice Day in specials
for years. He wanted to ask detailed
questions that don't need to be asked or
explained yet.

They don't need to make their own

copy... The asterisk was that I would post
my example copy for them eventually...
Good Question... I tell them what I
don't want to see whenever I think of
it! These activities are so new, that I
expect there to be unforseeable
confusions. I take part blame for that
and keep it in consideration when
grading. I also point out the things I
liked and didn't like after I grade their
assignments. This teaches them for
next time, as well as it helps me
Anything that you don't want to see? become a better teacher.

This was in response to Jack saying that

he was shooting for a 2... I kind of
cracked a joke :-\

Choices and Engagement seen in these


engaged a student in the far back corner

who can be somewhat advanced (nailed
it... he seemed a bit technology

If they don't finish in time due to the fact

that they drew it themselves, is it a
penalty? Might that be something to talk Definitely not a penalty, and they know
about. this.
15 minutes of work time is not too
shabby. Some days it is 30 minutes, and
other days it is 10 minutes. Some days it
is more discovery and exploratory, but
others have more whole group time.
Some students finish the social
studies assignments in 20 minutes,
while others take an hour. When
explaining the assignments I try to
offer ways to exceed expectations. If
they ever finish early in class, they can
help other students, check their SS
grades, finish a missing SS
assignment, and then consult me
about other options. They are not
supposed to go to any other activity
than the ones listed above, without my
approval. If they are finished and
Is there a step after the map -- Brandon would like to work on homework for
(back row near wall) seems to be very another subject, they must ask. I
good with technology and might be done suppose reading a book that they
early (he also started working before you came with is also acceptable without
explained) approval.

I have had talks with him about

arguing with the teacher, and he's
really improving. Also, the whole class
Student seemed to accept this response. knows my policy of coming prepared.

He is someone who has multiple missing

assignments, but he doesn't get much
help at home. He has a great attitude
and participates in class. His skills/work
completion are still developing.
Just a reminder to stay on task :-D I
had glanced over and saw a math
problem on a computer screen... looked
like a math website (not game, but IXL or
something like that ). It could have just
been a tab previously open that she was
exiting... That's why I didn't directly call
her out.
I made a wonderful engaging joke at this
point :-D Saying no games, but then
connecting that making this Google
Drawing map was practically like a

Consider a ask 3 then me perhaps?

See my notes on the attached sheets I


See my notes on the attached sheets I

Ended on a positive vibe!

Sort of reviewed objective :o)

Indicators of 1e
Lessons thatCoherent
instructional outcomes and
Instructional maps that
reflect important indicate
relationships prior learning
Activities that represent high-
level thinking
Opportunities for student
The use of varied resources
Thoughtfully planned learning
Structured lesson plans
factors affecting land use. All of these lessons can tie together and support the standards.
2.1 I can Create and use various kinds of maps, including overlaying thematic maps, of
places in the North American colonies; incorporate the TODALS map basics, as well as
points, lines and colored areas to display spatial information.
2.2 I can Locate and identify the physical and human characteristics of places in the
North American colonies.
2.3 I canExplain how geographic factors Evidence
affected land use in the North American
There was definitely a structured lesson plan, but Certain
things can come uplow;
throw us off
This activity had a wide range of leveled thinking. parts were your map
by looking Students
at a were
provided especially
labeled map. amped
Some up for
parts Thanksgiving
were high; Break
problem AND stuffed
solving in animal
Plus, many
Jack choices
came inon how
very to add out,
stressed eachand partI of TODALS
definitely to their
needed tomaps.
spendAlso, when
the time to talk
Casey tosaid
he a common
wasn't objective.
I use aout with
wide him. of resources when planning. I also give students a variety of options
variety super tech-savvy, I was very open to the idea of giving more
on assignments
resources to find (paper
the copy oftoworksheet,
answers poster, write
their assignments. a report...).
We use Prezi, You Tube, BrainPOP,
havecan placed
also anythat
tell students
the with special
students are accommodations
used to the orof
structure modifications near
class time. They the front
know theyof
the room. I and
have so much
also more.
strategically spaced out the behavior problems and the high-
need to listen to the directions for the assignment, but they can follow along, and even
start parts students.
of the assignment while we're going over it. They expect work time and are
delighted when we get to it. They also expect cool new tech challenges from me.
Other things I loved...
I loved the interactions I had with the students individually and as a
When class. I sensed
Lily dropped herengagement,
Chromebook,curiosity, respect,
she came right toand
to show me
and tellpositive
I used me about it. Jack evenincame
reinforcement to her
multiple rescue
ways... Thesaying
it was
my fault!" I mean that is a caring classroom community. They're not
amped up. I fed into it briefly to show them that I validate the causes of
afraid to tell me
their energy, andwhat happened,
to show andI'm
them that empowered enough
an enjoyable personto correct
;-) a
Then, I let the class know that it's time to get serious, and that YES they
do have an assignment. I allowed some discussion without raising hands
because sometimes they can handle it with grace. I also roped them
back in when they were getting out of control. I even mention WHY I'm
doing (or not doing) something... such as not calling on Casey.
I also think there may be certain lessons where
students should come to the floor for directions.
It mightstudents
speed up the directions.... but thenend
we're I couldget
expecting talklost
them less
the shuffle.
some I doall
lessons... Areas
up lookingI at could to
and have Improve
theevery on...
students student's
read more
BUT,said. Sometimes
there are manylistening,
who don't
andthe directions
attempting aloud.
certain skills all at once
get any one-on-one attention from me incan be
I should make sure I'm checking in on each
student more often.