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1. While radio installation is on DSC Mode press the [] key on the

NDZ-127J DATA TERMINAL keyboard to set NBDP mode
2. Select the Connect menu by using the keyboard arrows and press []
3. Select ARQ and press []
4. When the [ARQ] Station selection window appears
press the [M] key for manual connection
5. When Input window appears insert 1780 for Olympia Radio
(for other station select ID from ALRS Vol 1) and press [] twice
6. Use the keyboard arrows to select set and press []
7. When TX/RX frequency window appears use the arrows to select
ITU CHANNEL and press []
8. When Input window appears key in 816 (or select other channel
from ALRS Vol 1) and press [] twice to select set
9. Press [] to set the channel
10. TX/RX frequency window will appear again. Check that the
correct frequencies are inputted in the unit and press []
11. When Confirmation window appears increase the volume on the
JSB-196GM RADIOTELEPHONE to make sure that the
frequency is free and press []
12. If you succeed connection the following will by printed by the unit

13. You are now connected to Olympia Radio Automatic NBDP services.
14. Press [] [1] [+] [?] [] to enter the main menu
15. To use ITU commands Press [] [2] [+] [?] []
When you receive the GA+? from the station enter the ITU command
you like to use followed by [+] [?] []
Some useful ITU commands are PRESS+? to receive press and
TST+? or TEST+? to test your radio
For other ITU commands see Radio Regulations
16. To clear the connection press the F10 key