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Drama Script:



Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life (Recreation)


Rafe Khatchadorian: Luka Kakachia

Narrator: Tea Baramidze
Leo the Silent, Best Friend: Saba Kutelia
Principle, Mr. Dwight: David Esanov
Vice Principle, Mrs. Ida Stricker: Sevil Gulieva,
Vice Principle, Mr. Klaus: Rezi Alavidze,
Georgia Khatchadorian, Sister: Nini Dumbadze
Carl Bear, Step Father: Dimitri Talakhadze,
Mother, Jules Khatchadorian: Jahan Huseinova
Mr. Jones. Homeroom Teacher: Deniz Zarif
Jeanne Galletta, Rafes Crush: Ekaterina Gagnidze
Mrs. Donatello, Dragon Lady: Lilit Virabyan
Miller The Killer Bully: George Tevzadze
Maria Roberts, Jeanne BBF: Ana Zeikidze
Mika Samuels, Georgia BFF: Sofia Oqriashvili
The Janitor: Taha Atasoy
Phone Girl Annabelle: Nina Sieger
Lawyer/Cartoon 1: Irakli Akishbaia
Cartoon 2: Nick Kavtaradze
Phone Girl Best friend Bella: Nana Stepanishvili

Act One:
Scene One: The Bedroom
-Rafe is drawing on a desk in his room-

Narrator: This is Rafe. He is a rebellious teenager. His hobbies

include drawing and pulling pranks. That probably explains why he
got expelled out of two schools. Today he is going to the only school
who will except him.... HVMS.

-Rafe looks up, his eyes widen hearing footsteps coming closer to
his bedroom door. -

Rafe: She's coming.

Narrator: Of course, like all teenagers trying to hide something he

would have to act quickly.

-Narrator disappears behind the curtains. Rafe looked around his

room grabbed his drawing book and looked across the room, he
threw the book across the room making a big bang. His mom
opened the door-
Mom: What was that.... did you get hurt.?

-Rafe turned red and tried to act cool-

Rafe: I was just so excited for school I litererally fell out of my bed....
of joy.... cause that is soo.... normal.

-His Mom lifted her eyebrow, and sighed ignoring it completely-

Mom: Thats good...So I am guessing that means you are ready for

-Rafe nods his head before moving across the room grabbing his
notebook and hiding it in his jacket. The mom watches Rafe
suspiciously. -

Mom: You stayed up all night drawing didn't you...

-Rafe talked sarcastically-

Rafe: I would never after you told me.

Mom: .... Oh, Rafe you must start thinking about School and not only
about your drawings that will not get you so far in your life....

-Rafe nodded but knew he would never truly agree with his mother-

Mom: Lets go...we don't want you to be late for your first day of

-Rafe and his mother leave the room. (Heads back stage and stage
changes to the kitchen, to see the sister (Georgia) already dressed
and eating her breakfast-
Scene Two: The Kitchen/Car

-Georgia smiled-

Georgia: Good morning dear brother....

Rafe: What did you do this time.... -He grumbles-

Georgia: Nothing...just thought you wasn't coming so I ate your

breakfast too...

-Georgia smiles innocently, before heading off to the car with the

Rafe: Everyday....I never get to eat.... -He storms off towards the car-

-They all get into the car and drive off-

Mom: I won't be able to pick you up today, work got me going

insane...So Carl will pick you up.

Rafe and Georgina: NOT CARL!

Mom: Come on guys. Carl is a good guy. So just put on your best "I
like Carl" Smiles.

-Rafe and Georgian look and each other with grumbly faces. As they
pull up and get out of the car. -

Mom: We should work on that....

-They hug and Rafe and Georgina head towards the school. -

-Drives off (go back stage)-

Scene Three: The First Day of School.

-Georgia disappears into the crowd of students. Narrator comes out
back onto stage. -

Narrator: We all remember the first day of School, the rush, the
fright, the slight feeling of joy. Well Rafe was feeling nothing like
that. Instead he was feeling confusion and the feeling of his freedom
being stripped away once he walked through those big doors.

-Rafe stares toward the door. Principle walks up behind Rafe tapping
on his shoulder, He clears his thought, making Rafe turn around. -

Principle: Already violating one of the schools rules I see.

-Rafe looks around confused not knowing what he did-

Rafe: Me? What did I do?

Principle: Look at your shirt young man...all those colors...such a

disgrace to all young man around the world.

-Rafe tries to hold in his laughter. He grins as he sees his friend Leo
walk behind the Principle. -

-Rafe waves a bit-

-While Principle starts his welcome speech. Leo mimics him from

Principle: Well Welcome to HVMS. I hope you had read the code of
conduct already.

-Rafe looks dumb founded-

-Principle continues his speech-

Principle: HVMS the best school for all students to come and become
the best form of themselves.

-Rafe tries to hold in his laughter from the mimicking. - School is

School. Remember that kid.

-Rafe snickers a bit-

Principle: A sense of humor I see...we will get along well young man.

-Principle walks through school doors going backstage-

Leo: How was I... I think I aced the principle look.

Rafe: You where amazing...I think you will become a perfect principle
in the future

-Leo gasps-

Leo: Never....

-They enter the school-

Scene Four: The School (Inside)

-Rafe and Leo stand in the middle of the two moving lines, Gini
crashes into Rafe-

Gini: Ugh...sorry most people never stand in the middle.

-Rafe turns around and melts as he saw Gini-

Narrator: Ah Love at first sight don't you love it...But I can't say it
will end well

-Rafe stammers-
Rafe: I... You. sorry

Gini: Okay? -She stood up and walks away-

Leo: Dude what were being weird.

Vice Principle (Female): Well well...a trouble maker. Breaking rule 23.
I should send you to the principle...but instead I will just...

-Vice get intruped by the intercom-

Principle on intercom: All Students come to the auditorium for an

important assembly.

-All the students grumble and go to the auditorium. -

Scene Five: Auditorium

-Students walks sitting in the seats-

-The Principle is on stage fixing his microphone making it feedback.

Students react by covering their ears and slightly yelling-

-The Principle clear his throat after feedback finishes-

Principle: Now Students. I would not have called you here if it

wasnt important. As you know one of the most important school
event is coming up. B.L.A.A.R.

-The Students look around. The Principle coughs and the students
start to clap dully-

Principle: B.L.A.A.R is the test that will bring HVMS to the topso all
students will be study for B.L.A.A.R and B.L.A.A.R Only

-All the students grumble and Rafe starts to draw in his notebook-

-Mika (Georgina best friend) Snatches the drawing notebook out of

Rafe hands, and starts to laugh she passes it along to other
students. Auditorium bursts into laughter-

Principle: What is going on here. STOP THIS LAUGHTER AT ONCE!

-Vice prince gets the notebook out of student hands and gives it the

Principle: Who drew this.

-Everyone looks at Rafe as he sinks down into his chair-

Narrator: First day at school Rafe and already in troublewell as

they say you cant teach an old dog new tricks. But Rafe theres no
need to be embarrassed of showing your ideas. even if it was
meant to be private but after all no secret can forever be hidden.

-Scattered laughter-

Principle: Ok Everyone out. Rafe to my office.

Scene Six: Principle Office

-Rafe enters the principals office to see Mr. Dwight taping his pen
on the table-

Rafe: Hello Mr. Dwight.

Principle: . Young man in this school we do not tolerance such.

disrespect towards adults

Rafe: I didnt mean for anyone to see it.

Principle: No matter you will still have to learn.


-Darek (the janitor) brings in a bucket of green ooze. Placing in front

of the desk. -

Principle: Thank you. now go away

-Darek walks away-

Rafe: What is that for?

Principle: Such as book should not even be brought onto school

premise. So, to make sure it doesnt happen again we should.
Execute it.

-Mr. Dwight dangles the book over the acid. -

Rafe: Pleaseno that book means everything to me.

Principle: Exactly your time should not be wasted on this. stuff

-Mr. Dwight drops it into the acid. -

-Rafe tries to grab it-

Rafe: No

Principle: Now get to your class idiot you are already late.

-Rafe places his hands in his pockets and leaves the office head

Scene Seven: Homeroom

-Rafe enters his homeroom. -

Mr. Jones: You must be the new studenttake any open seat.

-Rafe looks around to only see only one seat open in front of Miller. -

Mr. Jones: Ok new kidtells us your name and something about


Rafe: My name is Rafe Khatchadorian.

-Miller snickers-
Miller: What type of name is that. Catch-a-dork-ian
Rafe: Its Khatchadorian
Miller: Sure werewolf
-Rafe sighs and tries to ignore The Killer-
Mr. Jones: Ok guys we will be talking about the class schedule, and B.L.A.A.R
-The students groan annoyed-
Mr. Jones: So, like always you will start with homeroom, then go to English,
math, science, after have lunch, then go home. Its simple nothing too hard to
Phone girl best friend: Why does it have to be Mrs. Donatelloshe has a
problem. I swear.
Mr. Jones: Keep a positive mindJackie.
-Bell rings-
Mr. Jones: Now gets to classand dont be late.
-The class hurries out-
Scene Eight: Hallway
Narrator: Now to think, if you dont like the teacher why rush to their class. If it was
me I would make up some hard to believe excuse to just be late, but everyones
-Leo walks up to Rafe-
Leo: So how was class, did you find it insanely interesting that you became a different
-Rafe starts acting all high class like-
Rafe: I think talking about a schedule was one of the best experience of my life.
Jeanne: HeyHey!
-Rafe and Leo stop to look at her-
Jeanne: You were that boy that drew the cool picture of B.L.A.A.R, right?
-Rafe nods-
Jeanne: Greatso I was thinking maybe you can come to my protest to help the polar
Leo: Polar bears.
-He starts laughing-
Leo: Why would polar bears need helpthey are bears they should be helping us.
-Rafe elbows him, Leo shuts up-
Rafe: I would love to come, help the polar bears right
-He laughs nervously-
-The Phone girl comes onto stage and takes out her phone talking pictures-
Rafe: umwhat are you taking pictures of?
Phone girl: You guys of courseI want to be there when this new love starts to
Phone girl best friend: I totally agree it must be documented, you would like be the
first couple of this school. So, it must be written down in history.
Rafe and Jeanne: We arent going to be a couple. we dont even like each other
Phone girl best friend: Aw so cute you guys even think the same things
-They high five and walk away going back stage-
Jeanne: Wellsee you tomorrow for the polar bears.
Rafe: Dont bring this up ever again Leo
Leo: I wasntI swear
Rafe: What class you have next? I have English.
Leo: Science...the boredom awaits me.
-They walk off stage-

Scene Nine: English Class

-Rafe enters class room to see Mrs. Donatello, hitting a ruler against each students
Mrs. Donatello: One second before the bell ringsyou come to my class FIVE
minutes early. not ONE second. Do you understand me
-She points the ruler at Rafes face-
Rafe: Yesmam?
Mrs. Donatello: Are you sure about thatSpeak with confidence. NOW TAKE A
-Rafe rushes over to a seat-
Mrs. Donatello: NowI dont come here every morning to just watch kids throw
their lives away. Today we will read The Idiot By Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Now if you
read my email. you would have known to buy this book. SO, TAKE IT OUT!
-Everyone takes out the book other than Rafe-
-Mrs. Donatello walks down the roles of seats making sure everyone has the book.
She came to a stop in front of Rafe and leaned closer-
Mrs. Donatello: And where is your book
Rafe: umI am new
Mrs. Donatello: No matter-She hits the ruler on the desk almost breaking the ruler. -
Mrs. Donatello: Share will Miller-She waits for Rafe to go- NOW!
-Rafe takes a chair and sits with Miller-
Miller: Hey Dork-Ian
Mrs. Donatello: Everyone start readingthen I want a one page review of chapter
-Everyone reads or writes-
-Rafe imagines his drawings invading the class room, Knights fighting the dragon
lady. -
Principle on intercom: Fire in the science labeveryone leave the school and go
home! . Derek turn the fire offDEREK WITH THE FIRE EXTIGUSER
-The students laugh-

Scene Ten: End of School

-Rafe leaves and her sister and her best friend Mika follow. -
Mika: It was totally my fault the school went up in flames
Rafe: Yes Georgiayou shouldnt even be friends with her.
Georgia: I dont say anything about you be friends with idiotsso dont tell me who I
should be friends with.
Mika: I am not an idiotjust a little less smart.
Rafe: Sureok whatever you say.
-Carl drives onto stage-
Carl (Bear): Come on kiddosyou know I dont stop driving
-Rafe and Georgia run towards the moving car. -
Georgia: Bye Mika See you tomorrow!
-Mika waves-
-Georgia and Rafe jump into the car and Carls speeds off-

Scene Eleven: Carls Car

Carl: SoI heard someone blew up the lab...
-Georgia and Rafe nod-
Carl: Welllets go eatyour mom wants me to take careof you kids. Just
rememberno talking to me. Got it?
Rafe: We got it

Scene Twelve: Restaurant

-Carl pulls up to a restaurant. -
Carl: Enterat least two minutes after mejust in case there are some honeys.
Georgia: Then wont you be cheating on our mom.
Carl: Its not cheating if they dont find out.
Rafe: But
Carl: Shh you will understand when you are older.
-Carl enters the restaurant. -
Georgia: I wish there was some way to show mom, the Bear isnt as sweet as he
seems to be.
Narrator: Now we all must think, they are kids all kids at one point think their parents
love choice is incorrect. But right now, I think we can all agree that The Bear is a two
-Georgia and Rafe enter the restaurant. To see Carl flirting with another woman.
Georgia: Should we wait till he is done.
Rafe: Now if we did that when will have any fun.
-Georgia and Rafe look at each other and smile. -
Georgia: HeyDAD
-Rafe waves smiling.
-Carl glares and mutters-
Carl: What are you doing
-Rafe hugs Carl, and whispers. -
Rafe: Being kids
-The woman scoffs and walks away towards the exit.
Carl: Now look what you kids didshe was a perfectly good looking woman.
Rafe and Georgia: YOU ARE WITH OUR MOM!
Carl: okI cant be with you any longerLets just take it to go. I do not know how
your mother deals with you brats.
-Waiter comes and gives food, they leave.

Act Two:
Scene Thirteen: Home
Narrator: After a long tiring day, they return home. Talk about interesting day. School
acid, blown up lab, jumping into a moving car. This day just cant get any crazier.
-Carl lays down on the couch, turning on the T.V and pulling up on highest volume.
Carl: NowI have some important business go attend toso go do your
homeworkor play with toys or whatever.
Georgia: Can Mika come over today?
Carl: Sure, whatever knock yourself out. Just not with drugs.
Rafe: We are kids for goodness sake we dont even know what DRUGS are.
-Georgia and Rafe go backstage (going to room)-

Scene Fourteen: Rafe Room

-Rafe places his bag onto the bed and heads towards his desk.
Narrator: Usually Rafe would draw his heart away, but after his little meeting with the
schools acid he would have to find something else to keep his mind occupied.
-Leo enters the stage-
Leo: Hey. Oh, hey. What's up, man? Did you find the present I gave you?
-Rafe throws it onto the desk-
Rafe: Yait was in a pile of books
Leo: I think now would be good time to open it. Just Don't read the card because then
things are going to get sappy or whatever, and I hate that. So just open the present.
Rafe: All right.
Leo: I figured your other one, since Mr. Dwight trashed you last one, may it rest in
peace. But it was almost full, so you probably needed another one anyway.

Rafe: Thank you. But...I mean, all my best stuff was in my last sketch book. Comics,
Leo: But the Vinlothians. Like...You made the star cruiser. You made their planet. You
even came up with their battle cry. What was it?
Rafe: Grak-tung.
-Rafe looks down and sighs. -
Leo: Grak-freakin'-tung!
Rafe: Shh Can you lower your voice.
Leo: Why should I? Okay, you don't want them to know I'm here.
Rafe: Yeah. No offense, but mom doesn't think you're the best influence.
Leo: Ya but Rafe she is kind of rightanyway Back to the book thing.
-Leo jumps onto the bed next to Rafe-
Leo: Are you ready for the best idea in the whole world of ideas or where ever ideas
come from.
-Rafe nods. -
Leo: Dwight trashed your book, right? So, you trash his.
Rafe: Yeah, I guess that sounds fun. We can sneak into the teachers lounge take a
shedder and.

Leo: No, no, no. You don't want to shred the actually book. You want to shred
the actual rules. Every rule in his dumb code of conduct.
Rafe: Have you gone insaneyou want to kick us out of the only school that
excepted us. I would be disowned.
Leo: No, you won't. I thought it out perfectly. We will be careful extra careful so no
one will know its us.

Rafe: So, you're saying we do it anonymously?

Leo: Now you caught up with me.
-Mika craws through the window. -
Mika: Hey Rafe...sorry for barging in like this but it was important. I need to see
GeorgiaLike NOW!
-Rafe stood up surprised-
Rafe: Why do you always come through my window. cant you use Georgias
Mika: Yabut yours is closer to the ladder fenceso it would be faster to use it.
Rafe: Just get out. Georgia is in her room.
Mika: Ok. bye, Georgia and I are making a book of this school year. Doesnt it
sound Fun?
Rafe: Very. now get out!
-Mika skips out of his room-
Leo: I will never get used to that.
Rafe: I know
Leo: Back to the plan. we will make a protestto help the school.
Rafe: This will be perfect.
-Curtains close and scene change while this is going narrator speaks-
Narrator: I am all for protestbut this might not be the best way to make a mark
Lets hope these two know what they are doing.

Scene Fifth teen: Morning

Mom: Hi!
Rafe: Hi, mom.
Mom: Dressed for schoolthats new.
-Mom puts her hands on her hips. -
Mom: What's going on?
-Rafe laughs nervously and places his bookbag onto his back.
Rafe: Uh, I'm just excited to get to school early.
Mom: Really?
Rafe: Yeah. Of course,
Mom: There's something sticking on your shoe. What is this?
-Rafe runs out his roof towards the car-
Rafe: Nothing mom!!!

Scene Sixteen: School

Principle: What is this?
-The Principle eyes widen seeing the school completely painted over with post its-
-The Phone girl comes in and starts taking pictures-

Phone Girl: Oh, wow.

Principle: Annabelle.
Phone Girl: Whoever did this was committed to their art.
Principle: Annabelle!
Phone Girl: Yes? Principle Dwight
Principle: Get to class. This is not a gallery. Move it.
Phone Girl: Yes. sir
-Phone Girl stuff her phone into her back pocket and goes to class. -
Vice Principle (Boy): What happened here. I havent seen this much art since I
went to the museum.
Principle: This is not art
Vice Principle (Boy): Rules arent for everyone
Principle: What did you say
-The Vice Principle (Boy) Points at the Art saying rules arent for everyone. -
Principle: This is insanitytell the Janitor to get these posts its off the wallsright
-The Vice Principle and Principle leave stage. -

Scene Seven Teen: Television Room

Maria (Jeanne Best Friend): Principle Dwight you ready.
-Principle Dwight fidgets with his tie. Then starts warming up his voice. -
Principle: Rules, regulations, respect. Rules. Regulations. Respect.
Maria: Excuse me Principle DwightPrinciple Dwight!
Principle: Yes?
Maria: We are rolling
-She points at the camera.
Principle: Oh
-He clears his throat.
Principle: Good morning, Students. You may have noticed that on your way into
school today that many surfaces were covered in brightly-colored pieces of paper.
This was a horrible act of vandalism. Rest assured, I will find the hooligans who
defaced our school in this manner. And when I find them, they'll be sorry because I
will punish them in ways that I haven't even dreamed up yet. There will be
no further distractions to our B.L.A.A.R preparation.
Principle: Ok you can cut it here
Maria: Ok
-Maria covers the camera with her hand while turning it off. -
-Bell Rings. -

Scene Eight Teen: Hallway

-Rafe laughs at the Janitor trying to take down all the post its. -
Leo: See I told you it would be a good idea
Rafe: I only agreed to get revenge on the loss of my art book.
-They walk down the hall and out to the courtyard.
Leo: Didnt you have that little protest with the polar bear girl
Rafe: Right
-Jeanne waves-
Jeanne: Rafeyou came thats great
Rafe: YaI wouldnt miss helping the polar bears.
Jeanne: Dont you think the cool post it art was an amazing way to make a markI
would love to meet who did it
Rafe: You are.
-Leo grabs Rafe and pulls him away.
Rafe: SorryI got to go
Leo: We are anonymousremember
Rafe: Ya sorry I just thought we could tell
Leo: NO, we tell NO one.
-Georgia and Mika rush up to them. -
Georgia: Come on RafeCarl is picking us up again and you know what that means.
Rafe: Rightjumping into a moving car.
-Carl drives on stage and honks-
Carl: Lets goo kids

Scene Nine Teen: Home

Narrator: The plan was now in action and they state with a big powit must have
taken a long time to get that many posts its on the wallbut where do you even get
that much money. Anyway... the kids will be in a big surprise once their mother gets
-Carl came to a quick stop in the drive way.
Carl: Now go into the houseI need to wash my car.
Georgia: Its not yours
Carl: 106 more and this baby is all mine
-Carl grabs the hose and sponge and starts to wash his car-
Rafe: Come on Georgia....lets go inCarl is too busy anyway.
Georgia: Why cant we just help him wash the car.
Carl: Because I dont want your filthy kid hands messing up my car.
Georgia: Wellwe will be inside if you need us.
Carl: YaYa sure

Scene Twenty: Home Later

-Jules (Mom) drives up, and heads inside.
Mom: Guys I am home
Rafe: Finally, I couldnt hear another one of the Bears car stories
Mom: You are hilarious Rafethere not so bad.
Carl: Excuse mebut I have a surprise for your mother.
Mom: Oh, a surpriseinteresting
Georgia: I bet you its something the bear wants and not mom
-Rafe and Georgia high five each other and go to their rooms.
Mom: I will call you when dinner is ready!
Carl: Good cause I was famished
-Carl jumps onto the coach turning on the television.
-Curtains close then open.
Mom: Dinner ready guys!
-They all sit down at the table.
-Carl clears his throat-
-Everyone looks over at Carl.
Carl: As I said before I have a surprise for you Jules.
-He looks through his pockets and mumbles.
Carl: Where did I put it.
-He pulls out a black box.
Carl: Here it is
Rafe: It better not be what I think it is
Georgia: Please dont be
-Carl kneels opening the black box to have a beautiful ring inside.
Carl: Jules Khatchadorian will you marry me?
Rafe: Mom No dont do ithe is evil...
Georgia: A liar.
Mom: Now guys
-Mom looks over at kids then back at Carl. Carl smiles.
Mom: I will
-Carl slips on the ring.
Georgia: Noooo!!!
Carl: I will get my stuff from the car..
Rafe: Why would you have your stuff in the caryou didnt even know if she was
going to say yes.
Carl: I am ready for anything kidanything at all.
Narrator: Now that was a big surprise, lets all wish the newly engaged good luck!

Scene Twenty-One: School Homeroom

Mr. Jones: All right class time for the lesson to start.! Bella has a homework question
about the food chain. So why don't we band together as a class and help her. Shon?
-Bella looks around completely forgetting the question she had asked. -
Mr. Jones: Remember the question that you asked me earlier. Probably won't show up
on the B.L.A.A.R. The B.L.A.A.R does not dictate everything that you need to know
from the real world. Now we only have 30 minutes together so lets make it count.
Mr. Jones: Who wants to come up to the board and draw us a food chain.
-No one raises their hand.
Mr. Jones: Rafe. You spend all day drawing. So why don't you put that to good use
and come draw us a food chain?
Rafe: No, I'm good. I mean...I only work in pen anyways, so...
Mr. Jones: No. I've seen your homework. It's done exclusively in invisible ink. Come
on. Draw us the food chain.
Rafe: Ok
-He heads up to the board and starts drawing the food chain.
-Bell Rings.
Mr. Jones: Thank you Rafenow everyone dont forget to study for B.L.A.A.R

Scene Twenty-Two: Hallway/ Trophy Case

Principle: You are making me a little nervous standing here. Remember rule number
34. Don't touch the trophy case?
-Rafe backs away from the case.
Principle: Very, very good. See what a favor I did you, getting rid of that awful
notebook so you can make more productive use of your time?
Principle: Now head on homeand study study study.
-Rafe turns and walks down the hall way. Leo rushes up to him.
Leo: Soo any idea which rule to break next!
Rafe: Rule 34dont touch the trophy case.
Leo: Oh...and how will we make it awesomecause just touching a case doesnt
seem interesting to me.
Rafe: Fishwe need a lot of fish and water
Leo: Now I am interestedWe should go get the fish now
-Rafe and Leo rush out of the school.
-Georgia and Mika stand outside talking.
Mika: Hey . Where is, your brother running off to?
Georgia: No idea come on lets find out!
-Georgia and Mika rush after him.

Scene Twenty-Three: Fish Store

Rafe: Finally, next time we should have taken the bus or something
Leo: I fully agree.
-Leo and Rafe walk towards a fish tank.

-Mika and Georgia storm in.

Mika and Georgia: Ha We caught you red handed! Wait what exactly are you doing.
-Rafe spins around.
Rafe: I wasbuying Mom a fishfor a present.
Georgia: Since when do you buy her stuff
Rafe: Since nowI guess
Mika: Now that we solved this. can we go buy ice cream there is a store across
the street.
Georgia: Ya I would love ice cream right now! Rafeat least get a pretty fish,
remember we will be looking at it until it dies.
-Rafe laughs a bit.
Rafe: Right!
Leo: That was close. I forgot how sneaky she was
Rafe: That doesnt matternow come on lets get some FISH!
-Rafe and Leo run around getting fish, then leave the store.
Leo: Back to school?
Rafe: Back to School.
-They run off towards school.

Scene Twenty-Four: Back to School

Rafe: Oknow we need to get inside somehow without anyone seeing us and start
operation Fish Case.
Leo: Right! Wait. since when do we call these operations.
Rafe: No idea just thought it would sound cool.
Leo: Ok
-They head into the school.
-They rush up to the trophy case.
Rafe: Ok I am going to get some water. you make sure no one walks this way. Got
Leo: Got it!
-Rafe rushing off. He returns with a lot of water.
Leo: You must seriously be the slowest person in the world.
Rafe: Whatevernow help me
-They pour the water into the trophy case.
Leo: By the way, what do you think of that polar bear girl?
Rafe: Jeanie?
Leo: Yeah her?
Rafe: She's a beautiful person inside and out, honestly I would do anything to make
her smile.
Leo: Ok mr.cheese pizza.
Rafe: Hey don't call me that!
Leo: Whatever you say cheeseballs!
Rafe: you're impossible, Now for the fish
-The slowly release the fish into the tank.
Leo: I really think the eel was a good touchit gives it some spark
Rafe: Yup. Now lets get out of here we dont want Mom getting suspicious on why I
was so late to get home.

Scene Twenty-Five: Next Morning at Home

-Mom comes on stage-
Mom: Rafe, Time for school!
Rafe: Coming mom!
-Rafe runs onto the stage-
Mom: You're ready? Thank the lord it usually takes 10 tries to get you out of bed,
what's up with you lately?
Rafe: Well...Um...I'm just REALLY excited for school right now!
-Leo peeks from backstage, showing hand sign for no-
-Rafe gives him a death glare and Leo returns backstage-
Mika and Georgia: Good morning!
Mom: Good morning Girls, did you sleep well?
Georgia: Yes we did mom!
Mom: ok... um lets go!
Mika and Georgia: Ok...

Scene Twenty-Six: Suspension

-Cartoons bring out the tank-
-Principal walks on stage with his two assistants-
Principal: This is unacceptable! Not the trophy case! Not my baby!
-The principal clings to the case as the other students walk on and off of stage. The
two vice principals pull him away from the case-
Principal: I've already had enough of this! I'll check the grades to calm myself down a
-Cartoons take out the tank and bring in his table.
Principal: The grades from mr. johns' class have been, holding down the grades of the
entire school. what if, we just...exclude them.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Vice-principal (Girl): probably not....
Principal: It's time for operation ' taking revenge on the brats'
Vice-principal (Boy): ...Just don't say that
Vice-principal (Girl): It's only cool, when the kids say it.
Principal: ... Anyways- Give me the microphone!
-Vice principal gives him the microphone-
you Mr. Johns... YOU'RE FIRED!
Principal: Now let's wait, 3...2...1
Principal: Rafe...let's make a deal brat, you don't say to anyone that I expelled mr.
johns class for a fake reason, in return, you'll get to stay in school.
Rafe: You-
Principal: A deal is a deal, you're free!
Rafe: But-

Scene Twenty- Seven : Operation unfairness

Mom: Come out of your room, please!
Rafe: I'm sorry mom... I'll take revenge, This is unfair!
Mom: Think about how Leo would feel, he would be heartbroken to hear this from
Mom: Think about it hun, I'll give you some time alone.
Rafe: Bro I miss you... a lot. I know you're watching over me right now and I'm sorry,
but...I'll have to fight this time....
-Leo comes through the window-
Leo: Wow, you were so cheesy right now, you would but nachos to shame...
Leo: Hey, hey, Mr. cheese ball, guess who had an Idea of locking the door?
Rafe: me...
Jeanie climbs through the window-
Jenie: Hi!
Jeanie: Calm down, it's just me ok? Listen...It was you who broke all the rules right?
Rafe: what no.
Jeanie: What was, that? Who was the one who said ' I'll do anything for that girl, to
make her smile' When you were pouring water in the trophy case?
Rafe: How did you-
Jeanie: I know more than you think, anyways, I have a plan for revenge on mr.
dwight, you in?
Rafe: really? hell yeah, what's the plan?
Jeanie: We will need a car...
- Mika climbs through the window-
Rafe: these people are impossible...
-Georgia climbs through the window-
Mika, Georgia and Jeanie: Whatever...
Georgia: however, I think mr. Bears car over there, needs a ride...
-Mika smirks-
Mika: And we know just the thing...
Rafe and Jeanie: Oh no...
-curtains close-
-cartoons drag 4 desks onto the stage-

Scene Twenty- Eight: Revenge

- Curtains open-
Narrator: Ha, A "NORMAL" day in HVMS People, sit down, take a college level test,
get high grades, but today, it was going to be a little different..."
-Narrator sits down-
-People sit down and vice principal hands out the tests-
Phone girl: Hey, is this question correct? Does mr. Dwight wear... Womans
Principal: What no.
Rafe: and THAT ladies and gentlemen, is rule number 123 in the bag.
Principal: YOU DEVILS?
Jeanie: Let's see who's the devil here, you blamed innocent students and expelled
them, fired an incredible teacher and you're still calling US devils?
Principal: What the-
Lawyer: We have evidence, Mr. Dwight! you are FIRED!
Principal: Wait NO NOT MY BABY!
Cartoons: Time for jail old man.
Lawyer: Whatever helps you sleep at night, come on.
- They drag him away-
-The students take the desks away from the stage and get off-
Rafe: That was a bumpy ride.
Georgia: Yeah it was, and it was AWESOME!
-Mom and carl walk on stage-
Mom: Wait no that is not fair, he saved the school from that devil principal!
Mom: If you only care for that... Thing. Can I show you a magic trick?
Carl: Sure thing, Love!
Mom: POOF! You're single, I'm going away with my kids!
- Throws the ring-
Mom Have your precious possession!
-carl growls and walks off stage-
-Jeanie comes on stage-
Mom: I'll leave you two... Alone~, Georgia let's go!
Mom: Come on sweety lets go.
-Georgia walks off stage and waves to his brother and mouths 'good luck' with a
thumbs up-
Leo: Oh? what do we have here? some friends huh?
Rafe: Leo this is not the time-
Leo: Rafe, I just want to thank you for doing what you did, I will always be proud of
you ...
Rafe: Leo NO!
-smoke comes on stge and Leo walks off stage and rafe and Jeanie start coughing-
Jeanie: What was that ?
Rafe: I have no idea...
Jeanie: you know... there is one rule we haven't broken.
Rafe: rule 43...
- Jeanie leans in for a kiss-
-Mika runs on stage and pulls them apart-
Mika: She meant rule 43: No dancing on the school grounds!
- People run on stage, music starts playing and cartoons and lawyer open the confetti-
- People start dancing in the back ground as the other bow -
-Finally, everyone bows down and walks backstage-
-Curtains close-
-Narrator comes on the front of the stage-
Narrators: There it is people, a story of young love of two rebelious people breaking
the rules and fighting for justice!
Leo: you, know, this is why people say - A little trouble never hurts, Do what's right,
think outside the box. Fight for Freedom and gain YOUR OWN FREE LIFE!
Narraotor: You're still here, cheeseball?
Leo: As always milady
Narrator: you little-
Leo: Goodbye everybody!
-Leo runs backstage-
Narrator: Hey that's my line!
-Narrator, turns around to the audience-
Narrator: Before I go off and chase that little brat, remember this - Live your life like
you want it to, don't let your dreams be dreams, and just like our good friend shia
would say JUST DO IT! tata!
- Narrator runs Backstage-

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