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Adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Education experts

agree that young people are those aged 13 years to 18 years. A teenager has not said as a child
anymore, but is still not mature enough to be considered an adult. they're looking for the most
appropriate way of life for him and even this is often done by trial and error even through
many errors.

"Naughty" here is not the actual but naughty naughty in quotes that attitudes
excessive promiscuity, among others, free sex, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, the most
common are teenagers who smoke and others who may fatal for the life of teens themselves.

In the age of globalization is the freedom of association has reached an alarming

level. Not rare sights in public places teens tenderly embracing each other, hold hands, hug-
hug regardless of the surrounding community. Based on research in various major cities in
Indonesia about 20% to 30% of unmarried teens admitted to having sex partnership be. Not
only acts of free sex, drugs penyalahguanaan even more alarming. Based on data from drug
abuse increased use of approximately 42.4% per year. According to data BNN 2008 there
were 3.6 million drug abuse in Indonesia, 40% of them were first tried at the age of 16-18
years. This abuse occurs usually begins with curiosity, then try, until it became an addict.

Another mischievous acts in the promiscuity of today's teenagers are drinking. One of
the many causes of teenage drinking was their sense of pride to his friends, another example
of juvenile delinquency are active smokers. school children or teenagers teens casually
holding a cigarette, and exhaled the smoke, maybe they think smoking is cool, regardless of
the negative effects that not only endanger yourself but also others.

the influence of social environment to be a factor driving the destruction of teenagers.

Therefore, as a teenager and bertidaklah behave in accordance with the age and norms. stay
away from all forms of free association so as not to lose and regret, do not ruin the future just
because of temporary pleasure.