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Design by Andrew Mayne 95 i EFFECT The Magician offers to give the audience a demonstration of his abilities to fuse through objects. Alarge mirror is brought an stage and shown to be thoroughly without gimmick. The mirror is backed into a tall U:shaped curtain with the magician in back of it. With his arms. on either side of the mirror, he grasps a cloth and holds it before Lhe mirror and himself. The top of the mirror is visible at all times, as are his hands. In one smoath gesture, the clath moves forward and is lowered. The flagicfan is now in front of the mirror. METHOD The mirror and curtain are un-gimmicked. The sloth however is of the seance type. IL has a fake hand at the right carner. This allows the Magician to let go with his right hand and pass his body around the left side of the cabinet Although the audience can see above the cloth, they can't see around the frame. y -O 10s =< MIRROR 7 5p — L_ 20" CLOTH QW HAND) 74 ag CURTAIN A244