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Michael Solorzano

[] Merced, CA 95348

T: 12097773931

Name of Hiring Agent

Sonora firefighter academy
Sonora, CA - 95370

To Whom It May Concern :

I am interested the job oppurtunity of the firefighter position of the ad I saw. I am highly trained and physical which I
am fit for the possession. I believe with a little mentoring I could be the best at my job and i'm young and ready to
work over times and double shifts if needed. I m happy and excited to insert this field

I am a young man who ready and excited for the real world i am here applying because I know I have what it takes to
handle what positions and duties that are thrown at me. I have gone and trained in the military at its most highest task
they have asked me to do. Ive served my country for the people and hope I could help serve with a new crew to be
the best there is.

[I appreciate the chance you have given to me for this life opportunity. I ensure that we shall work together and be the
best. I procoke that if i'm on the team that we will be the first one there to any call or any situation and be the best to
my abilities. ]

Michael Solorzano