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March 6, 2017

Residents Issues

1. Streetlight still out in parking lot behind residents apartment.

City owns streetlights. Cliff will call.

2. Slow Children sign on Veterans Way still not secure.

Dave will call city.

3. Persons kitchen light was out and it didnt get replaced for 2 weeks.
Old lights must be replaced by GHA. GHA will review this with front desk.
Riverdale Park (RP)is switching over to new lights which tenants can replace on

4. People are reporting that they are still getting billed $25/month late fee, even
though they are paying their rent off a little at a time.
If a person is paying off whats due according to their court agreement, or an in
house agreement, there is no late fee and they should call Alice if they do get a
penalty bill.

5. Will parking lots that were torn up by back-hoe be repaired?

GHA has bids out to get those areas repaired. Work will be done within the next
couple of months.

6. People are still putting trash out well before trash day and sometimes not disposing
of prescription medications properly.
Putting trash out early, and improperly disposing of trash has been an ongoing
problem in RP. Also people leave items lying around the property that dont belong
there. Alice has checked with other State Housing Developments that dont have
this problem, and has even ridden through one to see if its true. These housing
developments have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Any thing that is left out that
isnt supposed to be on the property, is taken away and not given back. The tenant
is charged for the items disposal. The GHA is considering revising its policy to
make RP a cleaner and better place for all. They will work up revisions to the
current yard policy, and ask the Residents group for feedback. The revisions then
go to the Board for approval. If approved, the residents then get copies of the new
policy and must acknowledge it with their signature.

Residentss Group will print a flyer, that will be placed door to door, for a meeting
during the first week in May for tenants to discuss ideas for the yard policy.
GHAs Report

GHA reported on a Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) from the DHCD. The goal is to
preserve peoples tenancy. GHA will work with families to decrease the necessity of
going to court. The program helps people in the early stages of violations of the tenants
agreement. GHA was able to divert 3 families from going to court with this program. Liz
gets referrals from Alice. The TPP is separate from Housing and more people will feel
comfortable using this group and save expensive court fees.

Residents in RP responded to a survey by The Center for Survey Research at the

University of Massachusetts Boston. Dave will have a meeting with the residents to tell
them about the Capital Improvement Plan in late May, since this kind of communication
was a weak area for the GHA.

January statistics showed that Cliff and his staff were able to carry out the new work
order standards issued by the state.

Governor Baker has declared level funding for State Housing. Dave will attend a
meeting, hoping to get the governor to push the 65 million dollar budget to 75 million.

There are 4 major projects proposed for RP: Replacing all electric panels, paving
walkways, stairwells and parking lot, renovating kitchens and baths. Because
McPherson got a big grant, 1 million dollars has been freed.