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(90-110 words each one)

Write a postcard from a holiday destination.

Say where you are and describe the weather.

Give your opinion of the accommodation.

Say what you have already done.

Explain your plans for the next few days.

Imagine you want to start a music club at school. Write an

announcement about it.
Say where and when you want to meet.

Say what kind(s) of music you want to play and the musical

instruments you need in the club.

Say what activities people can do in the club.

Include contact information (a phone number and email or

website address).

Imagine you join an international website forum for students of

English. Write a message to introduce yourself on the website.
Give your name, age and country.

Give information about the people in your family, and your


Include information about your hobbies or weekend activities.

Say who you do your hobbies with and where you do them.

Write a letter (90120 words) to welcome an exchange student to

your home and your school. Give information about:
Your daily routine at home (times and activities).
Class times, subjects and activities.

Lunch time at school.

Transport between home and school.

Imagine you are arranging a party for a friend. Write an invitation

to your other friends. Give information about:
Which friend the party is for.

Why you are organising it.

The date, place and time of the party.

What you want the guests to bring or do.

Write a questionnaire about healthy lifestyles for your class.

Ask two questions about food / diet.

Ask two questions about drinks.

Ask two questions about doing exercise at home.

Ask two questions about doing exercise outdoors.