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Adriatic cruise with taxi boat transfers Split Hvar

Three years after the Bra airport faced closure, and the employees are supposed
to lose their jobs, the only one of the central Dalmatian airport experienced its
business transformation in a way that will become an indispensable part of the
air transport infrastructure of all Dalmatia already in 2017.
This is due to the investment group "luxury hotels" as the majority owner of
about five million, and that the island's airport receives a possibility that from
next season using large jets double capacity of seats from those in the past 20
years arrived on Brac with water taxi Split airport Hvar.
Not only that, but the plans Brac airport in 2018, this port is already seen as one
of those that will land the low-cost carriers that have already expressed interest
in the possibility of receiving passengers, with taxi boat transfers Split Hvar.

Land Acquisition
While tourism apparently rests on the largest central Dalmatian island, in the
course of the work on the extension of the runway at the airport of Brac, which
will instead of the current 1,400 meters long to be 1760 meters and it will be able
to land jet aircraft with 150 seats and then continue with Split airport taxi boat
transfers Split Bol.
In fact, when done runway in 1992, it was adapted to the aircraft "Croatia
Airlines" and "Adria Airways" which landed on Brac small plane with 50 places of
the ATR 42 and Dash 7th They should track length 1400 meters, but larger planes
because the airport bypassed.
It is not surprising therefore that it little by little and sang in the business,
threatened her loss of license for operation in international traffic, and even
Croatian islands with water taxi Split airport Hvar

"Luxury hotels" as the majority owner of the hotel in Bol, Brela, Tuepi and
Starigrad Paklenica, decided to change that scenario two years ago, investing
and re-opening to traffic Brac airport.
All demanding aviation market and airlines were seeking better conditions and
the possibility of landing of larger aircraft on Brac, so they went into the purchase
of about a thousand square meters of private land to provide space for new
longer runway on which will implement the project.
Extension of aviopiste on the island will allow multiple increase traffic and
adaptability to the airline which will in future be able to land the aircraft with 150
seats to the entire European market - they say at "luxury hotel".
The French and Italians
New look airport with a longer runway, new supporting infrastructure, lighting
and other, Brac becomes available to everyone in Europe, with only an hour or
two years. Thus, from the preseason to the runway on the island land the Boeing
319 "Croatia Airlines", as well as other airlines and charter flights with water
taxi Split airport Hvar.
Vienna will also arrive to Brac for 45 minutes from Munich for an hour, in Zagreb
for just 35 minutes Negotiations are under way with a number of tour operators
who have interest in the land in 2017 and 2018, including the French carriers plan
to fly Embraer 190 with 112 seats, as well as Italian airlines. Thus the Italian "Air
Mistral" in 2017 related Napoli and Bari with his brothers, and negotiations are
conducted and about some other destination.
One of the most important acquisitions of the Bra airport would be to contract
with "Eurowings", which is low-cost airline owned by "Lufthansa", which has an
interest to fly to Brac since 2018. Also already known that "Croatia Airlines" held
twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays line with Zagreb.
For all these reasons, the airport of Brac are planning to make their passenger
traffic next year could grow by as much as 60 to 70 percent compared to this
year and reach 25,000 passengers compared to this year's 15,500 passengers.