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Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday February 27, 2017

Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Squires Student Center
Attendees Not Present
Connor Pearson None
Erin Flattery
Liz Anne Kennelly
Keely Thomson
Approve previous meeting minutes
Discuss project updates
Brainstorm other fundraising ideas
Delegate tasks

Summary of discussion

No Item Discussed
1 Previous meeting minutes were accepted by all group members
2. Sponsor has been confirmed and approves the project. Website needs to be
updated and Donor Page needs to be created. Everyone needs to start
selling hair ties and promote the donor page because people can donate on
the website.
3. The team could sell donuts or some kind of food item in the library one
night or downtown Blacksburg. All money raised would go towards Wigs for
4. Keely and Erin will work on the Donor Page and Connor and Liz Anne will
improve the project Website. Everyone will promote the donor page and
ask people if theyd like to buy the hair ties.
Meeting Conclusion
Each team member will continue to work on the Donor Page and edited the
website as needed. They will also continue to ask people if they would like to
buy hair ties.