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February 1,2017

501 Mills Gap Rd.

Arden, NC 28704

TCRHS Graduation Project Board

250 Overlook Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803

Dear Advisory Board:

For my Graduation Project I will be learning about automotive service and repair. When I was
growing up I was always around cars so I have always been a car enthusiast. My Grandfather
owns an auto repair shop and so I am always out in Hendersonville trying to help him. My
mentor Anthony Caldwell will be teaching me how state regulations can affect the automotive
service industry, the different types of auto services and repair, the different levels of education
required in the automotive service field, the types of equipment used in this field, the average
prices for the types of services, and the dangers and hazards of working in this field.

The goals of my Graduation Project are to help me further my skills which will help me in the
long run with job hunting and everyday car care. This will also save me money because I will
have the proper knowledge to diagnose any noises that are out of place as well as I will be able to
save time by being able to fix or adjust certain parts on my car. I also plan to learn some of the
statistics on prices of services and repairs in this field. I also plan to listen to my mentor as he
teaches me about the different services and repairs for cars. My mentor will also tell me about
the many different state regulations that cars must pass in order to be street legal. My mentor will
also show me a few different college courses you must take before you may become a licensed
mechanic. He and I will also go over several of the dangers and hazards of working in an auto
repair shop or working around cars in general. My mentor will also show me the different types
of equipment used to service and repair cars.

For my practical experience I will work with Anthony to fulfill my goals stated in the previous
paragraph. Myself and my mentor Anthony Caldwell will work three days every week until I
have learned about all of the topics within my thesis and until I have fifteen hours of practical
experience. My mentors name is Anthony Caldwell and he works at K&S Auto Repair in
Hendersonville, NC. Anthony has been an auto repair mechanic for eight years and has worked
as a dealership mechanic and at K&S Auto Repair as one of the lead mechanics in the shop. I
will include several pictures with me and Anthony working together as well as videos of he and I
working on cars. I will update my blog every time that myself and Anthony meet as well as every
thirty minutes while he and I work .

I understand that plagiarism is illegal and not right and that I can be sued for plagiarism. To
avoid plagiarism I will use my own knowledge and MLA citations as well as use books, websites
, and periodicals as sources of information.
Kasey Stonecipher

Attachments: Parent/ Mentor Consent Form, Liability Waiver, and Cost Waiver