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Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday March 13, 2017

Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Pamplin Hall
Attendees Not Present
Connor Pearson None
Erin Flattery
Liz Anne Kennelly
Keely Thomson
Approve previous meeting minutes
Add important documents to website
Discuss Venmo account and Donor Page
Discuss future plans

Summary of discussion

No Item Discussed
1 The previous meeting minutes were approved by all group members
2. Project website has been modified and important changes have been made
3. Donor Page and Venmo account will be used to collect money from
donations and hair tie purchases. Group members are encouraged to share
the accounts with as many people as possible to help raise money. Donor
page acts like a GoFundMe page that is provided by Wigs for Kids.
4. Another fundraising event needs to be made and a date for when to order
all the hair ties need to be determined. Selling the hair ties has been more
difficult than expected, people would rather give us money instead of
buying the hair ties.
Meeting Conclusion
Team members will continue to promote the Wigs for Kids project and work on
the website. Another fundraiser will eventually be created in order to raise more
money for the project.