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Classroom Rules and Consequences


1.Respect everyone and everything in the classroom.

2.Talking with peers during instruction is prohibited, however, discussion during group

work is encouraged.

3.Come to class prepared (that includes a smile and enthusiasm).

4.All students must actively participate in classroom activities.

5.Students are responsible for turning (creative and original) work in on time, with full

effort put into it.

Consequences of denying to follow all rules:

1.First offense: (private) verbal warning

2.Second offense: conference with student

3.Third offense: letter home/notify parents

4.Fourth offense: mandatory after-school detention

5.Fifth offense: make other arrangements with principal

I believe that the rules I will set for my future classroom are rules that will help my students as
they mature and enter society. I feel that it is the responsibility of the teacher to deal with
problems and create an atmosphere where there are minimal disruptions and consequences that
rarely have to be used. It is the students decision to not follow any rules set forth, thus choosing
to deal with the appropriate consequence in full.

Classroom Management and Organization

Management and Organization:
Classroom rules and consequences will be discussed and understood by all classroom
participants, including the teacher.
Rules and consequences will be posted in clear sight as a reminder for students.
Routines, procedures, and regulations will be explained within the first week of class.
Students will be able to add to the list of rules and consequences after discussing with the
teacher and other students.
The layout of the room will be conducive to learning.
All supplies will be properly labeled and accessible to students.
Seating will be arranged by the teacher and will change at least four times throughout the
school year.
All lessons, activities, and assignments will contain an educational purpose and will be
assessed in any way the teacher deems appropriate.
All lessons, activities, and assignments will strive to be interesting, interactive, draw from
previous knowledge, and expand current knowledge.
The teacher is in full control of the students during the proper school day time frame. The
bell does not release the students, the teacher does.
Students who pack up early will not be allowed socializing time the following day.

Expectations of the Teacher:

Be enthusiastic and welcome the class every morning with a fresh smile.
Treat students with mutual respect.
Be patient with the class.
Be accommodating to all students willing to learn.
Create a safe, inviting, warm environment conducive to learning.
Be prepared with educational, relatable, interesting lessons everyday that use a variety of
teaching styles while keeping in mind multiple intelligences and different learning styles.

Expectations of the Student:

Follow the rules set forth by the teacher and, when given the right, other classmates.
Be enthusiastic about learning.
Find a subject that peaks interest.
Be a friend to everyone in the classroom.
Encourage other classmates to excel in academics and extracurricular activities.

Procedures and Routines

Fire, tornado, earthquake, lock-down, emergency routes and rules will be posted and
rehearsed periodically throughout the school year to ensure safety is always in mind.
Students will enter the room calmly, with a smile on their face, ready to learn.
Backpacks, jackets, and coats will be hung up, neatly, in cubbies or lockers.
Homework from the previous day should be turned in to the proper baskets (labeled by
By the time the teacher shuts the door, students should be answering the riddle, question,
puzzle projected or written on the board (quietly unless it is a group question).
Brief discussion of the question/answer, followed by questions from homework (already
turned in).
Talking amongst tables is encouraged, but will be dismissed if it gets too loud.
Before walking around the classroom, homework/classwork must be fully completed or
given the absolute best attempt.
Touching things on the teachers desk is not allowed without permission.
Students must use a pass to leave the classroom and fill out brief information in a log to
keep track of students.
When in the halls, students must respect the other classes still in session.
Students should be active during every lesson and lecture (come prepared).
Wait for teachers dismissal from a lesson.
Absent work will be allowed up to a week after return (situations may vary).
Socialization time will be given to students who have completed all assignments and
followed all rules.
Students should spend socialization time talking with every student and discussing extra-
curricular activities and develop strong (friendship) bonds with other students.
The teacher will dismiss the class when the room is organized properly.
Students will leave the classroom excited to come back.

Minor Disruptions:

Minor disruptions should be handled as privately as possible. Disruptions such as

doodling, chatter, passing notes, staring out the window, and day-dreaming are not punishable

actions and should be dealt with off to the side. Minor disruptions might be a sign of slow-paced

or boring lessons which means the teacher is at fault and needs to peak interest again.

On-going Discipline Issues:

If a student is continually disrupting the class, management procedures must go into

effect, following the consequences list. All encounters with the student will remain private and

will try to ease the child into behaving properly by digging deeper into the underlying problem.

Aggressive and Violent Behaviors:

Depending on the severity of the situation, the principal, parents or guardians, and

counselors/SRC will be involved. In many cases, consequences will no longer be effective and

the problem must be dealt with and extinguished immediately. Aggressive and violent behaviors

will not be taken lightly and changes will be made. If need be, the rest of the class will get a

lecture on acceptable behavior in order to keep the action from happening again among the other