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Homework for____________

April 3-7
Happy April1 Its crazy that it is already here! Exciting things are happening in our class in the coming days/weeks!

In Reading we will be learning about retelling a story, specifically a folk tale or fable. A proper retelling includes SEVERAL
elements including the beginning/middle/end, character names, setting, the problem/solution, and if there was a lesson or
moral to learn. We will be learning about the lesson, or moral, in a story as well.

In Language we will be focusing on contractions as our spelling words this week are contractions. Please keep in mind
that any contraction that has I as a base MUST begin with a capital letter, especially on the spelling test on Friday.

In Math we will be extending our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes and will be performing several math exploration labs with
hands-on practice composing shapes. Students will be constructing objects and figures using basic 2D and 3D shapes (see
Facebook today for pictures of our lesson today!). Our first grade standards require students to be able to decompose
a figure and determine which 2D or 3D shapes were used to create it. Kiddos LOVE all of the hands-on explorations we
will be doing this week to practice.

In Social Science we are deep into our learning about Life Cycles! This week our focus is on the life cycle of butterflies.
Our class caterpillars are in J-Stage and it wont be long before we have Painted Lady Butterflies!

This weeks spelling words: Important Dates

Shining Star
If you did not return your Field
hes Trip permission slip today Baseball BuddiesWeds.
shes PLEASE do so by tomorrow (Spirit Wear)
its of the Week:
(Tuesday!). We need an
accurate head count for the Spelling TestFriday
thats business office ASAP.
Bible VerseFriday
Verse of the Week:
Like a city whose Fact FluencyFriday
walls are broken down
dont Spring PicturesFriday
is a man who lacks
self control.
from* 4/14Good Friday (No School)
Proverbs 25:28
Reading Log
Please read 20 minutes each day and record below (reading to, with, and by parents).
Title of a book read: Genre? fiction, non- Did you like
(students should practice writing titles) fiction, poetry, the book?
Bible Verse of the

1. Say your verse to an adult.

2. Have the adult sign that he/she heard you say it.
3. Say the verse, by memory, to your teacher on Friday.

Proverbs 25:28
Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self

Adult Sign Below:

Monday: __________________________________________________________


Wednesday: ______________________________________________________

Thursday: ________________________________________________________

Friday: ___________________________________________________________