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Nick Zalla

Professor Macarie
MGMT 1051-020
17 October 2016
Organic Valley
1. Who are they?
Organic Valley is a company that produces organic dairy products. It was founded in La
Farge, Wisconsin in 1988. They are the largest organic farmer cooperative in the world.
They have over 1,800 farmers working very hard to raise the produce the proper way.
2. What is the area of expertise?
Organic Valleys area of expertise lies within the food they produce. All the foods they
produce are organic. Meaning they do not use additives and chemical fertilizers. They
believe in this organic way of farming because they believe in the overall health of the
animals. They believe that these animals should grow and produce at their own natural
rate and not speed up the process with chemicals. Eating organic food is generally
healthier for the consumer and especially in children and their growth and development.
They are very environmentally conscious and watch what they do and the waste they
produce into the environment. They make their own biofuel which prevents CO2
emissions entering our atmosphere.
3. What is their Product?
Organic Valleys product is the dairy products they produce. They believe in not using
GMOs. GMOs are genetically modified organisms and the use of these increases the need
for toxic pesticides. Their products include milk, protein shakes, yogurt, half and half
cream, butter, eggs, and cheese among others.
4. What is the mission and culture?
Organic Valleys mission is to create an idea of a family owned organic farm. Of course
since they have over 1,800 farmers across the US this isnt your basic local family owned
farm. They wish to call them the un-corporation because they set their own rules and
wish to not become one of those large corporations that drive out the family farms. They
promote this homey feel to the farmers and work as a cooperative. Their main goal
obviously is to raise and produce healthy and organic foods to the market. They believe
in a healthy future for their animals, farmers, and customers.
5. What is the Nature of the Competition within their industry?
Harrisburg Farms, Trickling Springs Creamery and Natural by Nature are two of organic
valleys competitors. Due to how they operate and the uniqueness of their company there
are not many competitors in their field. All of these companies specialize in producing
natural organic produce. These competitors drive the market and the price down.
6. What is their target market?
Their target market is to customers who are very passionate about organic products and
the lifestyle that comes along with it. Most of their customers are people who believe in a
safe environment and want to do their part by helping out and purchasing these organic
made products.