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Event Proposal

Title of proposed The Ladies Breast Event; sponsored by the Durham Region Cancer
event: Centre

Your details

Contact name: Debbie Aitchison, Event Co-ordinator

Email address:

Contact phone 416-321-5566


Objectives of the event

(Please list here your reasons for organising the event and your hopes for what will be

To raise awareness for Breast Cancer

To raise charitable dollars for Breast Cancer Research
To offer support to survivors and their families through information and contacts made
from Hearth Place and the Durham Region Cancer Centre and Public Health
To promote our local businesses and create connections
To provide support to victims of the disease in the way of health and beauty products and
Great hopes in creating a successful event that our community can look forward to
Create a working relationship with the Durham Region Cancer Centre
To raise dollars for Cancer Research with minimal costs for the entire event

Breast Cancer Facts and How this Event will Make a Difference
70 women per day in Canada are diagnosed with Breast Cancer
1 in 30 women diagnosed will die
1 in 4 cancers diagnosed in Canada is breast
Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer is very hard for women
Early detection is your best chance for survival
Breast Cancer has a huge impact on the family
Yoga can be so valuable for suffering patients

Meditation is another valuable tool when dealing with the psychological effects of the
On-line communities can help and/or be detrimental
Hair loss for many women is the hardest part of the disease to deal with

The vendors/support teams will be able to address these issues and more. We will have
Public Health, Faith Place Cancer Centre, and the Durham Region Cancer Centre available
to answer all issues and questions regarding support.

Other vendors attending will include; salons, spas, independent yoga studios, wig
manufacturers, Mastectomy bra companies and more.

The vendors will pay $200 per day for an 8-foot table which will be provided by the
conference centre, upon agreement a $50 deposit is required. They must bring their own
tablecloth and displays which they will be allowed to set -up after 6pm on Saturday June 19,

Checklist and Timeline:

Confirm Reservation Conference Centre and Upon approval of this proposal

place down payment/ask for partial payment
as a charitable donation
Create all documents needed for event listed Following approval but completed by April
in order of priority: 1, 2017
1. Contract for vendors, including Faith
Place, Public Health and Durham
Region Cancer Centre to purchase a
booth at the event
2. Itemized budget
3. Lawn sign, small poster and ticket
design to present to the printer
4. Create letters to guest speakers and
presenters for confirmation
5. Create contract for Tim Hortons
6. Create advert for SNAP newspaper
Recruiting of vendors, signing contracts and April 1, 2017 up to June 10, 2017 deadline to
collecting deposits to secure a booth and confirm total vendors with the conference
leaving tickets for sale from their businesses centre
Deliver tickets for sale from Faith Place,
Public Health, and Durham Region Cancer
Get commitments from 2 local Tim Hortons As soon as possible
restaurants and contract filled in.
Launch advertising strategy for the event By May 1, 2017 in hopes to gain the gift
1. Get ad into SNAP newspaper purchasing crowd for Mothers Day
2. Place lawn signs at all major
intersections in the community
Calls and emails 10 days prior to the event Thursday June 8,
1. All vendors 2017

2. Faith Place Cancer Centre Contact
3. Public Health Contact
4. Durham Region Contact
5. Guest speakers and Ultimate Wigs Inc.
6. Courtice Conference Centre contact
Meet with main contact at conference centre Saturday June 19, 2017 @5:30 pm
for vendor set-up
Be at Venue for Tim Hortons to arrive and Sunday June 18, 2017 @ 7:00 am
reception booth set-up

Event Details

Date: Sunday, June 18, 2017

Times (start & finish): 9:00 am 4:00 pm

Venue: Courtice Conference Centre

How many people are Depending on ticket sales 300 400 people the venue hold up to 550
you expecting at your people and tickets will be $25 each or $30 dollars at the door. This

event: event is not just for women, the men in our lives are all welcome.

The doors will open for registration at 9:00 am guests will provide
contact information so that the vendors will have a list of names for
possible follow-up. Guests will be given a name tag and offered to
help themselves to coffee and muffins, croissants, donuts and yogurt
provided one of the local Tim Hortons.
The venue itself will have concession stand open all day if any guests
may want to purchase lunch items such as pizza, hotdogs, sub
sandwiches and refreshments.
Clinic/vendor area will open at 9:00am sharp for guests to look around
before opening ceremony at 10:00 am where we will have a few guest
speakers/survivors say a few words.
Ultimate Wigs Inc. will be doing a fashion demonstration on using
wigs with scarves, hair accessories etc. at 3:00 pm to 3:50 pm which
will take us into our closing ceremony. The fashion show being
placed at the end of the event in hopes to keep guests around for the
whole day. If guests wish to leave the event and come back, in and
Format & content out privileges are available.

SNAP newspaper free ad and they will attend to take photos of the
event and have them in the paper by the following week which will
Plans for advertising help to promote for next year
the event Lawn Signs throughout the community and 8 x 10 posters for an
inexpensive method of advertising to keep costs down

The proposed expenses are estimates to be confirmed once I ask for
part/full charitable donations:
$1000 for hall rental
$150 - $200 printing costs (possibility or part donation)
$5/person for continental breakfast provided by one or two local Tim
$0 for guest speakers
$0 for wig demo