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Architectural Solutions

Membrane Solar Shading System


The Colt Shadotex system is a unique, This type of system is extremely Modern & Unique Design
alternative solar shading solution. lightweight which allows large spans
to be constructed without the need for Optional Fabric Choice
The Shadotex system consists of a additional supporting framework.
special fabric stretched between two High Solar Absorption
sides of a louvre support frame. The This system offers building designers
fabric is manufactured with a weave to a unique solution to external solar High Solar Reflection
prevent solar glare and solar heat gain. shading systems.
The fabric can also create attractive Light Weight Construction -
diffused light and can allow high Ideal for large spans
external vision.
Good External Vision
The Shadotex system is given its
strength by coating the fabric in a Unlimited Colours
special resin which dries hard.
Easy to Clean (resin/teflon coated)

Voba Goch, Germany Baader Bank, Germany

A completely new building
fabric to work with


The Shadotex system can offer two The Shadotex system offers many
louvre support options; configurations, both in the colour choice
and material choice. Fabric options
Option 1 - Centre pivoted include:

Option 2 - Back hinged - PVC Coated Polyester Membrane

- Teflon Glass Fibre Membrane

- Silicon Glass Fibre Membrane

- ETFE (coloured or translucent)

- ETFE (screen printed)

The Colt Shadotex system
allows good external vision with
excellent solar protection


Teflon Glass Fibre (white) PVC Coated Polyester (white) ETFE (white, translucent)

Radiation transmission approx. 11% Radiation transmission approx. 4% Radiation transmission approx. 80%
Light transmission approx. 7% Light transmission approx. 2% Light transmission approx. 70%
Thickness 0.64mm Thickness 0.45mm Thickness 0.20mm
Weight 0.67 kg/m2 Weight 0.65 kg/m2 Weight 0.35 kg/m2

Silicon Glass Fibre PVC Coated Polyester (grey) ETFE (printed)

Radiation transmission approx. 20% Radiation transmission approx. 2% Radiation transmission approx. 36%
Light transmission approx. 10% Light transmission approx. 2% Light transmission approx. 34%
Thickness 0.25mm Thickness 0.45mm Thickness 0.20mm
Weight 0.35 kg/m2 Weight 0.65 kg/m2 Weight 0.35 kg/m2

Colt Shadotex offers a high degree of solar glare Test rig for Zurich Airport, Switzerland utilising
protection without compromising on external vision various fabric and perforated metal fins
Shadotex - Membrane Solar Shading System

The Colt Shadotex system can be The Colt Shadotex system requires
controlled by optional Colt Solar little maintenance - periodic cleaning
Shading Controllers including: and a simple annual service are
Manual Control
ICS 4 Link
Part of the Colt Group of companies,
Soltronic Colt Service offers a comprehensive
range of maintenance packages
Girasol (Thermo Hydraulic) incorporating the maintenance and
repair of all building services
For further information on suitable equipment including non Colt products.
control systems for your Shadotex,
please contact Colt International Ltd. Colt Service provide a 24 hour, 365
day emergency cover as standard.

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