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Bhilai Steel Plant

An Overview


Set-up in 1959 as a one million tonne plant with Soviet collaboration under
the countrys second five-year plan, Bhilai Steel Plant is today among the
most consistent performers in the countrys public sector arena. A unit of
the countrys largest steel-maker, the Steel Authority of India Ltd., Bhilai
has been getting the best possible volume and quality from existing units
and equipment, operating above rated capacities for the 19 years, and
earning profits every year for the last two decades, even during the
recessionary periods.

1.0 Ten times winner of the prestigious Prime Minister's Trophy for the 'Best
Integrated Steel Plant' in the country, Bhilai Steel Plant is one of the first
three integrated steel plants set up in the public sector. An agreement was
signed between Government of India and Government of the erstwhile USSR
on 2nd Feb, 1955, for setting up this plant with a capacity of 1 Million

The different stages of expansion of the plant are as follows:

Stages Date of commissioning

1.0 MT 1961 (initial)
2.5 MT 1967 (expansion)
6TH BF 1971 (expansion)
4.0 MT 1987 (expansion)

The First Blast Furnace was commissioned on 4th Feb 1959 and all units
under one million tonne stage were commissioned by 1961.

1.1 Basic Information

Bhilai Steel Plant is situated 40 kms west of Raipur, the capital city of
Chhattisgarh along the Howrah-Mumbai Railway Line and the Great-Eastern
Highway (National Highway No.6).

Location 15 kms from Durg and 40 kms from

Latitude N 21 11 to 21 13
Longitude E 81 22 to 81 24
Altitude 289.6 to 304.8 m
Climate Average to Extreme
Annual Rainfall Average 127 cm, maximum 166.5 cm
Temperature Maximum 47C, Minimum 10C
Wind Direction South-West to North-East
Type of Soil Loamy upto 1 to 2 meters, sandy soil
below that
Land Area Plant 8993 acres
Land Area Township 6636 acres
Land Area Peripheral 6763 acres
Total land area 22,392 acres

Total No. of employees 29,776

No. of Sectors 16
No. of Quarters 35,948
Total Length of Roads 500 km


No. of Schools (as on date) 34

No. of Schools under CBSE Board 20
No. of Schools under CG Board 14
No. of Students(as on date) 18,590
Boys 8,886
Girls 9,646
No. of Non-BSP students 7,888
No. of Teachers (as on date) 496


Main Hospital 860 Bedded multi-speciality hospital

equipped with modern diagnostic
facilities like Cath Lab, MRI, Spiral CT
scan, Doppler Echocardiography,
Endoscopy, Elisa Reader, Nuclear
medicine etc.
Other Specialised Hospital Cancer Hospital at Sector-1
No. of Outdoor patients treated 12,24,032
in 2011-12
BSP 10,85,974
Non-BSP 1,38,058
No. of Indoor patients treated in 48,415
BSP 23,229
Non-BSP 25,186
No. of Health Centres at Bhilai 10
No. of Health Centres at Mines 5

More than 14,000 surgeries were carried out by M & HS Deptt during the year
2011-12. More than 11.2 lakh lab investigations and about 59,000 radiological
investigations were carried out during the year.

The Plants strong commitment to provide quality health care was again
demonstrated the re-start of Super specialist services in Urology and Plastic
Surgery. One new super speciality in Haemato-Pathology was started. New
facilities such as EEG and EMG for diagnosis of neurological disorders and Cardic
Cath Lab were added to the JLN Hospital & RC. Measures for improving patient
care services, patient satisfaction and initiatives for better health of industrial
workers were undertaken and are showing results. Several other equipment such as
Mammography, Bone Densitometer, C-arm DSA, SPECT CT are under process of
installation. Measures for improving patient care services, patient satisfaction and
initiatives for better health of industrial workers were undertaken and are showing
Bhilai is also going ahead for accreditation to National Accreditation Board for
hospitals & healthcare service providers (NABH) a strong indication of the
managements desire and commitment to provide safe, high quality care and its
willingness to be measured against the highest standards of performance.


The clean and green steel city of Bhilai is the education hub, sports capital and
cultural centre of the region. The more organic and all-inclusive approach that the
Plant management has been adopting in the discharge of its employee-welfare
activities & corporate social responsibilities and in its efforts to protect and
conserve the environment and to provide the best basic and critical medical care
facilities at its hospitals and medical camps -- are all aimed at providing
sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life in and around Bhilai.
There are 5 big gardens and several small inside Plant and more than 15 gardens in
Township. Bhilai boasts of a 167 Acre Maitri Garden with Zoo & Musical Fountain.
As a result of massive afforestation, there are close to 54 lakh trees in
Bhilaitownshipand the plant's three mining townships.
Environment Management System conforming to IS/ISO: 14001-2004 has been
recommended by certifying agency BIS, for 38 shops, including 14 new shops/
100% LD-Slag recycling has been achieved, through installation of enhanced LD-Slag
crushing & screening facilities.
BSP has received the environmental clearance from MOEF for 7.0 MT expansion.
Voluntary Emission Reduction -The plant for the first time earned VER or
Voluntary Emission Reduction, a kind of carbon credit in 2008-09, for two
environment-friendly projects inside the Plant. The two projects are namely SP-3
waste heat recovery&Thyristerisation of Blast Furnace No 3 & 4 skip hoist
electric supply. Certified under Voluntary Emission Reduction by M/s.RINA- Italy,
these will enable BSP to claim revenues for 9, 74,743 Tons of Co2 emission
reductions from the international VER market till 2007-08.


The HRD Centre of Bhilai certified to ISO 9001:2008 is engaged in keeping the large
pool of human resources of the steel plant updated with respect to their
knowledge, skill and aptitude. The centre has been operating since 1959 and
provides a wide spectrum of development inputs to employees which includes
training of new entrants, training for modernization/expansion requirement,
enhancement of technical skill of employees, multi-skill training and re-training,
managerial competency and special need-based programmes like Safety,
Environment Management, Occupational Health, ISO:9001, ISO:14001,
OHSAS:18001, SA:8000. In addition, programmes for various outside organizations
like IAS, IRS, Economics Services Probationers and for employees of sister units of
SAIL are held regularly. Training is imparted at two locations -- Human Resources
Development Centre (HRDC) and Bhilai Management Development Centre (BMDC).


February 2, 1955 : Signing of Indo-Soviet Agreement.

February 4, 1959 : Blast Furnace 1 commissioned.
February 22, 1961 : 1 MT Plant completed.
September 1, 1967 : 2.5 MT expansion completed.
March 17, 1976 : Cumulative production of 25 MT Steel.
March 29, 1983 : Hot Trial of 3600 mm Plate Mill.
July 1984 : Hot Trial of Convertor and Continuous Casting.
September 12, 1986 : First Twin Hearth Furnace commissioned.
August 30, 1987 : Blast Furnace - 7 blown in.
March 31, 1988 : 4MT expansion completed.
November 5, 1996 : CO Battery - 10 commissioned.
February 4, 2002 : SP3 Dedicated to the Nation.
June 27, 2004 : Long Rail Project Commissioned.
May 2005 : Cumulative Saleable Steel production surpasses 100 MT mark.
March 2006 : Bhilai becomes 1st steel plant to surpass 5 MT annual Crude Steel
Feb 22, 2007 : Blast Furnace 7 blown in after Technological Upgradation.
Feb 9, 2008 : Foundation stone laid for 7 MT Expansion &Modernisation Plan.
July 11, 2009 : Foundation stone laid for new 4 MT capacity SMS III.
New Slab Caster in SMS II dedicated to Nation.
Aug 4, 2009 : Re-Built Coke Oven Battery No 5 Commissioned
Oct. 4, 2010 : Inauguration of Compressed Air Station No 4
Oct 20, 2010 : Foundation stone laid forsecond Sinter machine in SP 3
Jan 2011 : Cumulative Saleable Steel production surpasses 125 MT mark
June 19, 2011 : Re-Built Coke Oven Battery No 6 Commissioned
July 18, 2011 : Cumulative Crude Steel production surpasses 150 MT mark
June 11, 2012 : Groundbreaking for 2 x 1250 TPD Oxygen Plant
June 12, 2012 : Commissioning of new Air Separation Unit 4 in OP 2


Best Integrated Steel Plant -Bhilai Steel Plant has won the prestigious Prime
Minister's Trophy for the 'Best Integrated Steel Plant' in the country 10 times since
1992-93 when the award was instituted. As such Bhilai Steel Plant stands taller
than the others in areas of productivity, profitability & quality, systems, work
culture & HRD, IT tools, sustainability practices and corporate social responsibility
in Indian steel industry
Sole supplier of Rails, Major producer of Plates & TMT Products -The Plant is the
sole supplier of the country's longest rail tracks of 260 meters to India Railways. It
produces a large variety of wide, thick & heavy plates in value-added special steel
category. The entire range of TMT products (Bars & Rods) produced by the plant is
of earthquake-resistant grade and superior quality. The plant also produces heavy
structurals including channels and beams.
Quality Management System Standards : BSP is accredited with ISO 9001:2000
Quality Management System Standard and all saleable products of Bhilai Steel
Plant come under the ISO umbrella. The Plant's HR Deptt is also certified with ISO
9001:2000 Quality Management System Standard.
Environment Management System Standards: IS0:14001 has been awarded for
Environment Management System in the Plant, Township and Dalli Mines.
Social Accountability and Occupational Health & Safety Standards : The Plant is
accredited with SA: 8000 certification for social accountability and the OHSAS-
18001 certification for Occupational health and safety
Profitability :Except for two years in 1986 & 1987, Bhilai Steel Plant has always
made profit since inception. It has made profit even during the difficult years
when the entire steel industry was passing through recession.
Techno-economics : BSP holds the national record in convertor lining life of 12325
heats in Converter C for any top blown Converter. Labour productivity of BSP is
the highest in SAIL.

Product Development :
Determined to make every product in its stable of the best possible quality so that
its customers get the best value for their money, Bhilai Steel Plant has improvised
operations in its finishing mills with a strong accent on R & D for development of
special steel grades tailor-made to meet specific customer needs and requirement
so as to retain its leadership in an extremely competitive steel market, and also
partner Indias infrastructure and industrial growth.

Bhilai Steel Plant is proud of having provided the best and desired grades of steel
for the Indian Railways, for the dams, bridges and skyscrapers and critical &
important projects of national importance in defence, space exploration and
energy sectors. The Plant has supplied required grade of steel for the Bandra-Worli
Sea Link. The Plant has also developed & supplied the special quality NCC Rails
(Nickel-Copper-Chromium) for Indian Railways.

In line with its aggressive 'one product a month strategy to meet customers
demand and to increase SAILs market share, BSP has been rolling out 12 new
product grades every year for the last seven fiscal years. In 2012-13, the Plant
rolled out 15 new grades.


The Plant continued its efforts in development of new products and as many as
15 new and differentiated products were developed in 2012-13 as per the
customer /market requirement. Ultrasonic tested plates rolled as per European
norms of S2E2 are being used for the National Bogibeel Project being undertaken
to span the mighty Brahmaputra near Dibrugarh in Assam. SAILMAG steel is being
used for cutting edge research at Neutrino Observatory project under Department
of Atomic Energy to help fathom the behaviour of sub-atomic neutrinos. Other new
grades that were developed and rolled during 2012-13 include 45mm SAILMA 450HI
plates with Impact Energy 20J at minus 20 deg Celsius for M/s RSP Transmission,
Shipbuilding Steel of ABS Grade B & D for M/s Goa Shipyard, ASTM A 537 CLASS 2
Quenched and Tempered Plates for Pressure vessel manufacturers, High abrasion /
wear resistant 32 mm plates for sinter car side boards, Seismic Resistance Mild
steel Plates with restricted YS/UTS ratio as per E250S grade of IS 15962 and
development of 90 mm IS2062 E 410 plates with impact toughness at (-) 20 Deg C.
The Plant also rolled out special earthquake resistant 8 mm Fe 415 wire-rod coils
in the TMT-S grade.


The production trend of main items for the past five years along with current fiscal year plan is as under
(Unit: MT.)
Rated 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13

Hot Metal 4.080 5.27 5.39 5.37 5.70 5.13 5.21

Crude Steel 3.925 5.05 5.18 5.10 5.32 4.90 5.01
Saleable 3.153 4.43 4.49 4.37 4.56 4.29 4.36

The Plant loaded 4.35 MT Saleable steel for dispatch during the Year 2012-13.


Contribution To Central Exchequer So Far : 22395.31 Crore Rupees

Contribution To State Exchequer So Far : 4241.80 Crore Rupees


Coke Ovens Batteries: 10 Nos. 8 batteries of 4.3m height consisting of 65 ovens each
2 batteries of 7m height consisting of 67 ovens each
Blast Furnaces : 7 Nos. 3 Blast furnaces each of 1033 cu.m volume
3 Blast furnaces each of 1719 cu.m volume
1 Blast furnace of 2350 cu.m volume
Sintering Plants : 2 Nos. SP-2 : 3x75sq.m hearth area, and
1x80sq.m hearth area
SP-3 : 1x320sq.m hearth area
Steel Melting Shop-I 4 Twin Hearth Furnaces
Steel Melting Shop-II Convertor Shop :
3 BOF 110/130 T Converters
Hot Metal Desulphurisation Unit
Secondary Refining facilities : 1 VAD unit, 2 sets of RH
degasser & Ladle furnace
Continuous Casting Shop: - 4 Slab Casters, 1bloom
caster, 1Combi caster
Mills Blooming & Billet Mill
Rail & Structural Mill
Plate Mill
Merchant Mill
Wire Rod Mill
Auxiliary Units Two captive Power Plants one captive and other in joint
venture with 104MW total power generation capacity. -
Two Oxygen Plants, Acetylene Plant
Refractory Materials Plants - Foundry &Engg. Shops -
Coal Chemicals units - Slag granulation plants


The plant owns and manages the mechanised and manual iron ore mines at
Dalli&Rajhara, situated about 83 K.M. to the south called the Iron Ore Complex (IOC).
It also owns and manages the mechanized & manual limestone mines at Nandini,
about 28 K.M. to the north of the plant. The plant also owns quarries at Hirri, situated
near Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh for Dolomite. To meet the increasing requirement of Iron
ore after capacity expansion and depleting reserves of existing DalliRajhara Mines,
BSP will be developing Rowghat iron ore mine, about 85 kms from Rajhara. Steps are
also being taken to optimise mining from existing reserves. Additional reserves are also
being exploited in and around the IOC. The Rowghat Iron Ore Project is of great
importance to Bhilai. As such administrative and other activities to clear the ground
for setting up new mining facilities are being expedited.


Product End use / consumers
1. Rail & Structural Mill
Rails in 13m, 26m, 65/78 m length and Indian Railways, Export
welded panels of 130m/260m length
Heavy Structurals Construction
Crane Rails Cranes
Crossing sleepers Broad gauge sleepers
2. Merchant Mill
Lt. Structurals
Med. Rounds (Plain & TMT) Engineering and Construction
Heavy rounds (Plain)
3. Wire Rod Mill
Wire Rods - Plain
Wire Rods - Ribbed & TMT Construction
TOR Steel rods
EQ Wire rods Electrodes
4. Plate Mill
Plates Boilers, Defense, Railways, Ship building, LPG cylinders,
Billets (from BBM)
Blooms (from BBM)
Narrow width slabs Re-rollers
CC Blooms
Killed Slabs
C. PIG IRON Foundry
Coal Chemicals Ammonium Sulphate (Fertiliser)
Tar and tar products ,(Pitch, Napthalene, Creosote Oil Road
Tar, Anthracene oil, Dephenolised oil, PCM etc.), Benzol& its
(NG Benzene, Toulene, Xylene, Solvent oil, By. Benzol etc.)
Processed Slag Granulated slag from CHSG Plants &SGP for cement



Beating the odds during Financial Year 2012-13, Bhilai Steel Plant operated well
above the rated capacity in all major areas of production and achieved a capacity
utilization of 114.6 % in Hot Metal, 127.7 % in Crude Steel and 138.4 % in Saleable
Steel registering growth over 1.6 %, 2.2 % and 1.6 % respectively over previous
years performance. The Plant achieved the annual production of 5.21 Million
Tonnes of Hot Metal, 5.01 Million Tonnes of Crude Steel and 4.36 Million Tonnes of
Saleable Steel and successfully achieved the ABP target in Crude Steel and
Saleable steel. In total Saleable Steel, the plant operated above the rated
capacity for the Twentieth year in succession.

The component of finished steel in saleable steel improved to 77.3% as compared

to 76.2% of FY 11-12. The production of Crude Steel through Concast route was
maintained at 52.2%. The overall volume of special steel was registered at 2.68
Million tonne which is 61.5% of total saleable steel. Loading of Saleable steel was
4.35 Million Tonne during the financial year. The Plant continued its support to
Sister Plants and a total of 2,57,688 T of CC Slabs were loaded to RSP, SSP and

Growth in volume of production was registered at Rajhara mines (4.8 %), Nandini
mines (53.7 %),Sinter Plant-2 (3 %), Blast Furnaces, SMS-1, SMS-2, BBM, CBM (ingots
rolled- 3% and billets produced-3.8 %), Rail & Structural Mill (3.4 % in UTS-90 rail
production. The mill also produced 57,000 T heavy structural as compared to
35,000 T in PY), Merchant Mill and Wire Rod Mill over the previous year. Merchant
Mill surpassed its annual target of 0.575 Million Tonne in just 11 months and
finally finished at 0.66 MT which is 114.8 % of the ABP.

During the year, the following Milestones were achieved:

Sinter production from SP-2 crossed 75 Million Tonnes mark since inception in
the month of May12.
The Total Iron Ore production from Rajhara and Dalli Mines crossed 250 Million
Tonne mark since inception in the month of November12.
The Plant achieved another landmark of crossing 50 MT of Cast Steel
production at SMS-2 since inception in the month of Jan13.

On the Techno-economic front, the Plant registered improvement in overall

energy consumption at 6.615 GCal/TCS compared to 6.854 GCal/TCS last year.

Best ever performances

The Plant recorded best ever-annual performance since inception in production
4,332 T of Napthalene at COCCD against previous best of 3015 T in 11-12.
1,51,003 T of High Tensile Plates(HS) against previous best of 1,29,652 T in 10-
11; a growth of 20.5 % over PY.
1,72,240 T of 12 mm Plates production from Plate Mill against previous best of
1,57,634 T in 11-12; a growth of 9.3 % over PY.
1,39,264 T of Long Rails surpassing the previous best of 1, 35,642 T in 11-12; a
growth of 2.7 % over PY.

Best ever-annual techno-economic parameters also achieved during the year are:
Highest ever Napthalene Yield at COCCD at 4.9% against previous best of 3.78%
in 11-12.
Highest ever overall CDI Rate at Blast Furnace-1 at 76.7 Kg/THM against
previous best of 67.1 Kg/THM in 11-12.
Highest ever overall CDI Rate at Blast Furnaces at 40.9 Kg/THM against previous
best of 37.1 Kg/THM in 11-12.
Highest ever BF productivity at BF-1 at 2.084 T/Cum/day against previous best
of 2.08 T/Cum/day in 02-03.
Lowest ever Coke Rate at Blast Furnace-1 at 463.7 Kg/THM against previous
best of 467.9 Kg/THM in 11-12.
Highest ever VAD heat shield life of 140.03 heats at SMS-2 against the previous
best of 140.0 heats in 11-12.
Lowest ever Specific Water Consumption at 2.924 M3/TCS against previous best
of 2.994 M3/ TCS in 11-12.
Highest ever Hot Ladle life of 779.14 heats at Blast Furnaces against the
previous best of 772.18 heats achieved in 11-12.
Highest ever Heats through Ladle Furnace at 14,548 Nos against previous best
of 14,183 heats in 11-12.
Highest ever Heats through RH Degasser at 13,255 Nos against previous best of
11,067 heats in 08-09.
Highest ever Heats through Degassing route at 17,846 Nos against previous best
of 15,912 heats in 08-09.
Highest ever Labour productivity at 327.8 T/Man/year against the previous best
of 326 T/man/year achieved in 10-11.
Highest ever finished Plate Yield at 90.96% against the previous best of 90.77%
achieved in 08-09.
Lowest ever heat rate at SP-3 at 12.8 MCal/T against previous best of 13.10
MCal /T in 07-0

BSPs Mines collective have delivered against stiff odds and facilitated higher
production levels. With stocks at existing captive iron ore mines in Dalli-Rajhara fast
depleting, revamping of some facilities and other measures were taken up on priority
at Bhilais Iron Ore Complex during the year to meet the requirement of ore.
Production of iron ore during the year 2012-13 from the captive mines (without
contractual crushing ) was 7.41 MT. Total despatches of iron ore was 7.52 MT,
including despatches of total ore fines at 4.34 MT, which is 106.7 % of ABP. Total
despatches from Mines includes despatches of 89,838 T, 70,999 T and 11,868 T iron
ore lumps to VISL, RSP and MEL respectively.

Limestone production from Nandini mines at 0.321 MT which is 106.3 % of ABP.

Despatches of limestone was 0.301 MT, which is 150.8% of ABP. Production of
dolomite from captive mines during the year was0.644 MT. Despatches of dolomite
includes despatches of 22,481 T to RSP.

Other significant achievements of Mines are :

Iron ore lumps production from Rajhara Mechanised Mines was 1,536 MT, thereby
registering a growth of 15.3 % over last year.
Total Iron ore production from Rajhara Mechanised Mines was 3,549 MT, registering
growth of 5.5 % over last year.
Limestone excavation at Nandini Mines cregistered a growth of around 52.4 % over last

Rowghat Iron Ore Project being of great importance to meet Bhilais future
requirements of iron ore, liaison and administrative activities were expedited during
the year.
Award of contract for shifting of water pipe line & transmission line for laying Rowghat
Rail Line.
Successfully conducted 65 nos of medical camps in the buffer zone.
Khel Mela at Narayanpur organized jointly with Ramakrishna Mission.
Organised the deployment of BSF, CRPF and SAF companies at Rowghat.
Awarded all jobs for establishing security barracks such as hiring of earthmoving
equipment for site preparation and construction of concertina fencing and digging of
bore well at 21 locations and for tree felling/laying of rail line for Rowghat project.
Successfully removed 40 year old encroachments at Rajhara for Rowghat Rail track
with help of local administration and police.
Re-started work on (0-17 km) Rowghat rail line.

Similarly, apart from Rowghat other achievements include:

All major contracts of Dalli Manual, Mahamaya Mine, Rajhara waste removal &
desilting of Hitkasa dam awarded.
30 prizes won in MEMC week celebration under aegis of IBM.
Draft joint venture documents between BSP and CMDC have been prepared for Eklama
Iron Ore Project at Kawardha.
Environment clearance for 14 MTPA expansion of Rajhara Hill lease from EAC in
December 2012.
TOR for conducting EIA/EMP awarded by MOEF for 1 MTPA pellet plant.

3.8 EXPORTS With the changing market scenario, the performance of Export loading
of Saleable Steel improved by 5.34% compared to 2010-11, the main contributions
coming from Finished Plates (1,75,955 T). The total volume of Export loading in 2011-
12 was 2, 29,566 T as compared to 2, 17,936 T in 2010-11. This included loading of
24,594 T of UTS-90 Rails for Export to Sri Lanka.
3.9 COST MANAGEMENT - Shops in Utilities zone and our auxillary shops & units,
engineering shops, central maintenance agencies have supported the main shops to
sustain performance levels. While a number of cost reduction and innovative
measures were taken in many areas of the Plant, the thrurt on increasing production
of value added products contributed significantly to the Plants efforts to generate
additional revenues. Numerous in-house projects were envisaged and executed in all
areas of the Plant yielding substantial benefits to the Plant. Other departments
including Materials Management, the Services Zone, the C & IT, Marketing, Finance
and Personnel and Administration supplemented the efforts of main shops.

3.10 Highlights of Environment Management in 2012-13

Various initiatives and effective measures were taken by BSP in the areas of
resource conservation, pollution prevention and compliance of legislative and
regulatory requirements, waste reduction and conversion of waste to wealth to
improve the environment inside the Works area and quality of life in the surrounding
habitat. Among the measures taken during 2011-12 are

Solar Power system of 2x100 kWp capacity installed & commissioned on 2nd March
13 at Bhilai Niwas. The project cost is Rs. 3.47 crores, out of which Rs. 1.04 crores
subsidy sanctioned from Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE).
BSP has started a Green initiative i.e. Co-processing of Acid Tar sludge at Cement
Kiln in partnership with M/s ACC, Jamul. This is the first of its kind in SAIL, for eco-
friendly disposal of hazardous waste.
To comply with the new stack emission norms of 50mg/NM3, BSP has successfully
installed a bag house based stack emission control systems at Rotary Kiln of RMP-II.
The scheme was commissioned in May 2012.
The recycling of effluent from 30 MLD Sewage recycling plant installed at BSP was
started from May 2012. Successful commissioning of the project will further bring
down BSPs specific water consumption.

To comply with the guidelines of Bureau of Public Sector Enterprise following

Sustainable Development Projects were initiated in 2012-13 :
Product Carbon Foot print studies at BSP in association with IIT, Mumbai.
Water Foot print studies at BSP, RSP, BSL & DSP in association with IIT,
Sustainable Development Training for Senior Officer of BSP in association
with CII-ITC , Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, New

Contract between UNIDO and M/s Ramky has been signed for setting up a stationary
non-combustion system for the decontamination of 3400 tonnes of PCB oil, PCB
contaminated oil, waste and equipment at BSP. This is the first of its kind in India
for eco-friendly disposal of PCBs.

Surveillance Audit for EMS ISO 14001 has been conducted without raising any non-
conformance by M/s BIS.


Fulfilment of 113% of Annual Training plan (ATP) 2012-13:13005 persons covered in
training programmes of 2 day or more (up to February 2013) against the annual plan of 11561.
This would meet the excellent rating defined in the MOU with the Ministry of Steel.16373
persons were covered in 1 day training programmes (up to February 2013) against the annual
plan of 12610.

Skill Gap Training: As an organizational strategy towards replenishment of critical

skills against employee separations and succession planning in critical category, a
massive Bridging Critical Skills Gap exercise was undertaken in CO&CCD
department by HRD, which included technical competency assessment and training of
CO&CCD employees.
Training for deployment in MODEX units: Target segment of 3,651 non-executive
employees have been broadly earmarked to undergo specially designed training for
deployment in expansion assets with components of Critical Skills, Basic Web-skills,
Attitude to change, Familiarization Training and Suppliers training. As many as 772
persons were trained in Computers while 843 persons were covered in attitudinal
training and 1368 persons in critical skills ( like VVVF drive, PLC, Industrial
Automation, HMI, In-situ balancing, Simantic Net, Electronic Soft starters etc. )
during the year.
The new training modules launched during the year were Improvement tool kit for
managers, Strategic management, Crane Operation & Trouble shooting.
Even as SAIL aims to be a world-class organisation, the well informed, highly skilled
and positively charged workforce has leveraged such good systems in place as the
robust Quality Circle movement, ICS Model, Suggestions Scheme, Six Sigma etc to the
advantage of the steel plant and organisation.
During the year new training modules were launched including Business Excellence
Through Synergy & Training, Diagnostic Workshop for CO&CCD, Profession of
Management, Strategic management, Workshop on Gender Sensitivity, Health Issues
of Senior Citizens, AAROHAN workshop for SMS-2, Awareness Training on
Sustainability Reporting, Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Developing
Subordinates Through Mentoring & Coaching, Communication Workshop for
Assessment Development Centre, Computer Society of India Regional competition
for Young IT Professional, Trauma Evaluation and Management training for medical
Department, Improving quality of health care services through NABH standards and
Soft Skills Training Programme


Subsequent to expansion to 3.925 MT of crude steel, further investments have

been made at BSP under Addition/ Modification/ Replacement schemes. The major
schemes being Oxygen Plant-2 commissioned in Nov'97, Sinter Plant-3 in Sep'01 and
Long Rail Facilities in Rail & Structural Mill in Aug'04. BSP is still making close to
50% of its total crude steel through the outdated technology of twin hearth furnace
(THF) - ingot casting. This technology is having lower yield and is energy intensive.
Incremental modernisation done time to time in the past and carefully crafted
production strategies have helped Bhilai to get the best possible volume and
quality from its existing units & equipment. The Plant has been operating beyond
rated capacities for 17 consecutive years now.
4.1 The Ministry of Steel has laid out grand plans for the Indian Steel Industry.
SAIL is in the process of modernizing and expanding its production units, raw
material resources and other facilities to maintain its dominant position in
the Indian steel market. With India's largest steel producer SAIL having
embarked upon a massive modernization and expansion plan to increase hot
metal production capacity to 23.46 MTPA by 2012-13, its flagship unit, Bhilai
Steel Plant (BSP) is gearing up to achieve the 7.0 MTPA crude steel
production target by the year 2012-13.

4.2 Bhilai is the sole supplier of world class rails to Indian Railways,
manufacturer of heavy and the widest plates, TMT rebars and wire rods of
superior grade and quality than that of other manufacturers. The
modernisation will further strengthen its capabilities and increase SAIL's
market share and brand name.The broad objectives of BSP's Modernisation&
Expansion is to enhance capacities, phase out low yield and energy intensive
units, broadening and value-addition in product mix, meeting requirement of
Indian Railways upto 1.5 MTPA of class A heavier rails, adoption of energy
efficient and environment-friendly latest technology and improvement of

4.3 Implementation of the modernization & expansion plan to enhance crude

steel capacity to 7 MT at an estimated cost of Rs 17,265 crore is the priority
of the management and leadership of Bhilai Steel Plant. With several big
projects notching good progress on ground including some in advanced
stages, and work begun on four major projects after some award of
contracts, the Plant's Project Deptt has been a beehive of activity throughout
the last and the current fiscal year. The highest ever capital expenditure of
Rs. 3708.50 Crores (till March 2013) has been incurred in 2012-13 as against the
capital expenditure of Rs 3020 crore in 2011-12, Rs1772 crore in 2010-11,
Rs1400 crore in '09-10 and Rs 850 crore incurred in fiscal 08-09.

4.4 Production Capacity after Exp & Mod -

The production capacity envisaged after Exp& Mod. is as given below :

Unit : MTPA
Present Rated Capacity After
Sl. No. Item
Capacity Expansion
1 Hot Metal 4.080 7.5
2 Crude Steel 3.925 7.0
4 Finished Steel 2.620 5.85
5 Semis 0.533 0.72
6 Saleable Steel 3.153 6.56

4.5 Major New Units

New 7 M tall Coke Oven Battery No. 11 and rebuilding of existing Coke
Oven Battery No 6.
Additional sinter machine in existing Sinter Plant No. 3 of 360 sq.m and
augmentation of existing Sinter plant No.2.
New Blast Furnace No.8 (4060 cu. metre) of 8000 TPD capacity and
modernisation of existing BF No. 6
Augmentation of existing Steel Melting Shop No. 2
New Steel Melting Shop No. 3 of 4 MT capacity complete with all
secondary refining and casting facilities
New Universal Rail Mill ( 1.2 MT) to manufacture longer rails
Bar & Rod mill (0.9MT)
Augmentation of capacity of existing Plate Mill to 1.65 MT.

4.6 New Product Mix Post Expansion &Modernisation

Annual production
Sl. Item(Saleable Steel)
A. Finished Products
1. Rails 1.20
2. Structural 0.65
4. Merchant Products 0.75
5. Wire rods and coils 0.70
6. Bars & Rods 0.90
7. Plates 1.65
Sub-total (Finished Steel) 5.85
B. Semi-finished products 0.72
TOTAL (Saleable Steel) 6.56


Sl No. Item Product size

1. Rails 52-68 kg

2. Plates 8 -120 mm

3. Angles & Channels 50 -100 mm

4. Wire Rods & coils 5.5 12 mm

5. Bars in straight length 16 - 60 mm

6. TMT bars in straight length 8 - 40 mm

7. Wire Rods in coils 5.5 - 22 mm


Doggedly pursuing project-execution schedules under SAILs Modex Plan, the Projects
Organisation steamed ahead with renewed vigour. Intensive micro-planning and regular
review of all project-related activities was done at all levels. Structural erection work of
massive proportions were executed at different project sites.

Under the 7 MT expansion programme the pace of Projects at BSP was further accelerated
and during 2012-13 the capital expenditure incurred for projects was at Rs. 3708.50 Crores
(till March 2013) and about 19 Nos of Turnkey projects and 30 Non Turnkey projects were
awarded during the year. Some of major schemes completed and ongoing schemes are as
Major Schemes Completed/Commissioned
Rerouting of 11 KV overhead lines in URM area for feeding power from Zone-5 to Zone-
Supply, Laying/Installation of Water Supply Pipe lines, Valves etc. for water supply to 2
BR Type of Quarters in Ruabandha Sector.
Replacement of Stack Emission Control System at RMP-II.
Dismantling of Billet Yard, Shipping Yard of Merchant Mill & Shed of BF Scrap Processing
Yard (Pkg.-118 B).
700 TPD ASU-4 with Associated facilities at OP-II
Pkg.-I ASU-4 Proper with Associated facilities
Pkg.-II Power Supply Facilities
Pkg. - III Water Supply Facilities (CT, PH etc.)
Relocation of Tap Hole Mass Shop (Pkg-116 B-1) .
Rebuilding of Coke Oven Battery # 6: Rep. of FGC-1 & Partial repl. of Benzol Scrubber 4
& 7 Pkg. 4A-1C.
Revamping of De-dusting system at + 47 M level of BOF Converter (Pkg.-038-12).
Dismantling of existing overhead HT/LT lines in URM area (Pkg. 118-B5).
Enabling works for Boiler, Turbine & balance of plant for existing as well as new Power
& Blowing station Pkg. 011-02).
Dismantling of CHP dispatcher bldg. & canteen in Coke Oven Battery area and provision
of fencing between new gate & Old gate in Rolling mills area (Pkg. 118 T).
Repl. of DN-3000 BF Gas Header from BF-1 to BF-6.
Provision of Addl. Railway track Parallel to existing Line No. 107 Connecting Rolling Mill
post to Open Hearth Station (Pkg.-II)
Major ongoing schemes: With the ongoing modernization and expansion
acquiring greater momentum and all the engineers engaged in different
project schemes & packages under the 7 MT Modex Programme racing
against time to meet deadlines, a sense of urgency gripped the Projects
Organisation during fiscal year 2012-13. Civil & structural work has progressed
at a furious pace in all the project sites. Equipment supply and erection has
begun in certain areas while design engineering is still in progress in several
project packages.

Major ongoing schemes

Coke Oven Battery 11 Complex including By- Product Plant

Installation of New Coal Handling Plant
Augmentation of OHP Part-A
Augmentation of Raw Material receipt & handling facilities with New OHP-B
Installation of 2nd Sinter M/c (360M2) for 2nd Strand in SP-III
Installation of BF-8 Capacity 2.8 MT / Annum, useful vol. 4060 M3
Installation of SMS III Complex
Installation of Cranes for BOF & CCP
Lime Calcinations & Dolomite Plant at RMP-III
Inter Plant Pipe Conveyor from RMP-3 to RMP-2
Installation of Bar & Rod Mill Complex
Installation of Universal Rail Mill Complex
Installation of Hoisting facilities in BRM & URM
Installation of Turbo-blower No. 8
Installation of Boiler along with Steam Turbo blower bldg.
Installation of Steam turbine generator, back pressure turbine generator,
Cooling water system, Power Evacuation System (excluding enabling works)
Installation of 3x225 m3/h DM Plant for PBS
Augmentation of MSDSs & Installation of MSDS-VII
Installation of HT Distributed Sub-Stations
Interplant fuel gas and industrial gases pipeline for all units
Aug. of Make-up water and drinking water system
External Water Supply system for BOF & CCP (beyond battery limit)
External Water System for Mills and Fire Water Pump houses
Construction of Fly Over at 3 locations & road network
Railway track works

Projects-Onwards for a Stronger, Better Future

With the ongoing modernization and expansion acquiring greater momentum and all the
engineers engaged in different project schemes & packages under the 7 MT Modex
Programme racing against time to meet deadlines, a sense of urgency gripped the Projects
Organisation during fiscal year 2012-13.
Blast Furnace 8 Project has progressed swiftly ahead with the mammoth work of erection
of furnace shell and erection of all the three hot stoves completed, erection of cast house
de-dusting chimney nearing completion and refractory work inside the stoves and other
related packages in progress. The job of placing 5 shell rings together at a time on 28th
June 2012, and placement of top shell of the furnace were challenging jobs successfully
With refractory brickwork for the new Coke Oven Battery No. 11 along with work on coke
dry cooling plant and by-product complex having progressed at a brisk pace throughout the
year, the Project is in an advanced stage. Erection of Structures for 2nd Sinter machine in
SP-3 and expansion of Ore Handling Plant with new facilities are all nearing completion.
Civil and structural erection work for the new Universal Rail Mill and Bar & Rod Mill too are
on in full swing. Equipment erection work for the latter has begun while civil work for
reheating furnace of the former is fast progressing.
With the complex foundation work for one Convertor completed in June 12, the massive
and complex work of installation of Gas Holder also completed, structural erection work
for BOF and CCP area on, and civil work now re-started, the Steel Melting Shop-3 project,
too is progressing at a steady pace.
While all these and several other projects including new power installations such as MSDS
7, RMP 3, Expansion & Modernisation of Rail Peripheral Yard etc. having made good
progress, work on backward integration and enabling packages has also been done,
The new 700 TPD Air Separation Unit No 4 in Oxygen Plant-2 commissioned in June 2012 is
supplying both Oxygen & Nitrogen products to existing BSP gas networks with ultra-high
purity, thus enhancing the product & process quality. The new unit is also producing Liquid
Oxygen. Equipment supply for all the ongoing projects has in the meantime continued
throughout the year.



As an organisation up-to-date with the use of modern IT applications and IT-aided

business tools, Bhilai Steel Plant is by any yardstick a modern and progressive
organisation. The fact that more and more employees are now becoming familiar
with the many uses and benefits of BSPs intranet facility is ample testimony of the
increasing popularity of IT tools within the workforce. Besides the savings in terms
of time and money wasted in taking numerous printouts, the use of IT-aided tools
has also saved retired employees of having to move from one office to another.

At C&IT Deptt, many initiatives have been taken in 2012, some of which
are :

Implementation of Online Last Pay Certificate (LPC) module leading to the

elimination of various redundant processes and enabling generation of LPC by
Wages as and when required. It has resulted in faster payments to ex-
employees, EFBS settlement and sending of documents for transferred

Another initiative is that i-collect and Power Jyoti facility of State Bank of
India has been configured for revenue bills, school fees and renewal of
Medi-claim for ex-employees/spouse and project fee for trainees, leading to
reduction in printing and unnecessary physical movement.

The implementation of Medical Token booking facility through internet and

SMS for reminders of token has also benefitted the individual employee.
Another facility is that Form-16 with Digital signatures for the employees
have been generated and distributed, thereby eliminating physical

The C & IT department has also facilitated for contract labourers to be

registered through biometric system. This has enhanced safety, security and
eliminates duplicate registration and validation on labourlicence. The C &
IT Deptt has also facilitated implementation of HR & Payroll for SRU (Steel
Refractory Unit) Bhilai in Oracle RDBMS, implemented at BSPs Server and
operated from SRU.

A new system for generating the draft forwarding note was implemented
that has led to faster handing over of wagon to reduce detention. The C &
IT Deptt has also implemented remote printing of invoices at Bokaro Steel
Plant, Salem Steel Pant, Alloy Steel Plant Durgapur and Durgapur Steel
Plant. This will enable availability of the invoice documents at the plant
before the material arrives.

Going Further Ahead as a Progressive Business Org. with MES

What has made BSP an even more progressive business organisation is the use
of IT-aided modern business tools. Becoming the first in SAIL to have
accepted the challenge of going in for deployment of Enterprise Resource
Planning or ERP, Bhilaians proved wrong all critics of successful deployment
of ERP in domestic integrated steel plants, and after lot of preparations,
successfully deployed ERP on 1st April 2009. On the 3RD January 2012, the
Plant completed 1000 days of ERP-SAP deployment. MES successfully completed
one year of its operations in the first week of July 2013.

During the Calendar Year 2012, BSP crossed another major milestone in the
deployment of modern IT-aided business tools by BSP with the stabilization
of theproduction and quality system of Manufacturing Execution System
(MES). A co-requirement of ERP, MES has been stabilised in RSM, SMS 2, PPC,
Plate Mill and Quality departments. Based on technology framework provided
by M/s POSCO ICT, Korea, MES has been implemented to provide better order
progressing and planning, scheduling and rescheduling and execution of heats
at converter, better order management and quality tracking of plate

The Rail Mill stream was released through loading reports in January 2012,
and RSM module has already started operating since April 2012.The roll
management system for RSM has also been completed. The Plants Steel
Melting Shop 2 and Plate Mill joined MES with its release for SMS PPC Plate
Mill stream in June 2012. The inaugural function took place in Plate Mill on
22nd June.


Having adopted corporate social responsibility as natural extension of
operations right from inception, SAIL-Bhilai has been proactively involved in
satisfying the social concerns of the region. The Plant continued with its CSR
activities, touching the lives of more and more villagers in the periphery as also
far away in Rowghat and in city of Bhilai. Different CSR activities run by the
Plant have significantly contributed in uplifting the lot of weaker sections of
society in the region.

1. Construction activity in Model Steel Villages (MSVs)

Constructional activities such as Community hall, cultural stage, addl. class rooms, bore
wells, Street cementing, Cremation shed, entry / exit gates were undertaken in 5 MSVs
(Daniya, Dhaba, Deobaloda, Anda and Dhourabhata). Thus, till Mar-2013, construction
activities of 19 MSVs were completed.

Similarly construction activity in other peripheral areas include multipurpose hall being
constructed at Utai. Four community hall and three community toilets are being
constructed at nearby villages of Bhilai/Durg Area. 12 Nos.borewells dug in Durg/Bhilai

2.Education: Class-X was added in 2012-13 at BIVV-VI. In addition, class-II of CBSE

pattern opened at BIVV Khursipar area. Bhilai Steel Plant has also proactively
pursued its endeavour to bring the surrounding tribal communities into the
mainstream by providing quality educational opportunities.

Presently 56 tribal students are studying in class-X to XII at Bhilai & 80 students are
studying at Rajhara from class-VI & IX. All these adopted children are provided
free education with residential facility. A total of 20 tribal students, 10 each from
Rowghat and Rajhara area were given admission at BSP School Rajhara for
providing free education and hostel facilities. A total of 120 scholarships were
distributed to Rowghat area students. In Rajhara, 60 scholarships were provided
to students of class -VI, Class - IX and Class - XI for 2 to 3 years period.

19 Tribal girls from Rowghat Mines area were admitted in 1st B.Sc. Nursing Course
and 6 girls in 1st year GNM course at P.G., College of Nursing Bhilai. Presently 22
girls are pursuing their studies. Two tribal girls are presently undergoing
internship at JLN Hospital & Research . Earlier 2 tribal girls completed their
internship and joined service.
Under the Honhar Scheme of 2012-13 inaugurated on 09-07-12, 3 students were admitted
at BSP NCERT School in class XI under CBSE (Hindi medium).Presently 9 students are
studying in class-11 & 12.

In association with Akshay Patra Foundation, BSP ensures an average number of

approximately 23,500 meals per day under the Mid-day meal scheme supplied to students
of 153 government schools. The MoU between Akshay Patra Foundation & Bhilai Steel
Plant has been renewed for further 3 years.

3. Medical and Health services

During 2012-13, approx 12800 patients were treated at Bhilai Ispat Kalyan
Chikitsalaya established by BSP with the objective to provide health care to
underprivileged population. Free OPD and medicines are provided in this hospital.
The hospital has an inflow of over 80 patients per day, most of who cannot afford
treatment at any private hospital.
Besides, BSP CSR conducted free Health Camps & Eye Camps in 21 Model Steel
villages where in 2012-13 approximately 15000 patients were treated in 248 free
health camps. During the same period, 400 patients were given free treatment
during eye check-up camps at MSVs and 41 patients operated for Intra-Occular Lens
at Sector-1 Hospital.

16 Medical camps organized at villages Tadoki & Binjili in the Rowghat area. Total
6409 patients attended the camp. 416 spectacles were distributed and 36 patients
were referred to JLNH Bhilai for treatment. In Rajhara, 14 Medical camps
organized at villages Adejhar & Salhe. Total 5232 patients attended the camp. 353
spectacles were distributed.
Under the Bhilai Ispat Sahyog Abhiyan, a special camp for physically challenged
persons was organized at BSP Girls Secondary School Sector -2 from 8 to 12 Jan13
where 235 persons were benefited and distributed appliances such as artificial
limbs, Crches, Hearing aids and Calipers etc.
4. Among the various income / skill generation schemes under CSR were the
start of one fishery project at MSV Borigarika in coordination with Fish Farmer
Development Agency of Chhattisgarh.
Training program on Vermi compost was organized at 3 MSVs (Konari, Dhaniya &
Dhaba) in association with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Durg and one unit of Vermin
compose set-up at Konari. Similarly, one Self Help Group of 10 ladies was formed
and mushroom cultivation was started at Dhaba through a NGO.
5. Among its initiatives for Women Empowerment in 2012-1, BSP CSR oversaw
preparation of solar drier products green methi, Dhaniya, Mint and raw Mangoes,
Awla candy and curd chili etc, Sweet boxes and cake boxes project at BIKK, Risali
and operation of a Swayamsiddha shop at Sector-10 for marketing the products
manufactured by BPL Ladies at MSVs. This shop is running satisfactorily. A total
2027 smokeless chulhas have been installed in 12 MSVs. Thus installation of
smokeless chulhas in all 21 MSVs completed.
6.Vocational Training (Kaushal Kutir): In the year 2012-13, 44 no. of courses on
fabrication, electrical, basic computer, mobile repairing, tally, web-designing,
mushroom cultivation etc. were conducted covering nearly 483 trainees - 22 Nos.
of NCVT certificates distributed at BIKK for MES courses. Mobile repairing course is
the new initiative taken up under which 4 courses are conducted covering 43
7. Solar Lantern were distributed in 4 Model Steel Villages and with this
distribution of solar lanterns in 21 MSVs have been completed. Solar lights
installed at Phulpad village of Rowghat area.

8. In the Sports and Cultural arena, BSP CSRs enduring association continued with
vigour. The 36th Chhattisgarh Lok Kala Mahotsava 2012 was organized at Bhilai form
23rd May at to 25th May. More than 600 artists participated in this Mega Folk event.
Similarly, 5 Gramin Lokotsava were organized at 5 MSVs (Janjgiri, Dhaba, Katro,
Kachandur and Khapri). In each MSVs approx 2000 villagers witnessed this
programme. Folk and cultural events such Pandwani, Suwa, Karma, Panthi, Jawara
and Nacha etc. were performed by local artists. Preserving Chhattisgarhs folk arts
and hosting mahotsavas to enthusiastic response, the Chhattisgarh Lok Kala
Mahostava was organized at Rajhara, Rowghat and Nandini in May - 2012.

Promoting sports at the grassroots, 4th Grameen Khel Mela was organized at MSV
Kachandur from18 to 19 Jan -13. In this tournament 8 Model Steel Villages
participated in different events such as Athletics, Kho- Kho, Kabbadi and Football.
App. 900 students participated in this mega sports meet. The Khel Mela, a mega
annual event was organized on Nov -12 at Narayanpurn in association with
Ramakrishna Mission Ashram. An all India football tournament was organized at

9. The work of Base line survey of 21 MSVs was awarded to Society for rural
Industrialization, Ranchi (SRI). This agency will conduct survey in all 21 MSVs and
will submit a report in Aug-13, based upon that necessary CSR intervention will be
done to made the needs of Villagers.
10.The task to study impact of CSR activities in the field of medical and education
was awarded to National Bank for Rural Development (NABARD). This agency will
submit its report along with suggestions for improvement. It will also highlight the
perception that society holds for BSP.


Awards of the highest order won by Bhilai Steel reaffirm its preeminence in the
Industry. Some of the prestigious awards received during 2012-13 are:
The Prime Ministers Trophy for the Best Integrated Steel Plant in the country for
the year 2009-10. The award has been won for an unprecedented 10 times.
Steel Ministers Trophy for 2008-09 won for the 2nd time.
Commendation for Significant achievement' in CII-ITC Sustainability 2012 Award
Commendation for Significant achievement' in CII Exim Bank 2012 awards.
Second Prize in the IIM National Sustainability Award 2012 in the Integrated Steel
Plants category.
Greentech Environment Excellence Gold Award for the year 2012.
Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility 2012 by the Institute
of Directors in Dubai Inter Continental Venue in Dubai Festival City on April 25,
Golden Peacock Environment Management Awards 2012 by Institute of Directors
was presented during the 14th World Congress on Environment Management in New
Delhi on 07th July 2012.
Customer Center of Expertise (CCOE) by SAP, Active Global Support (AGS) in the
month of June12.
11 employees of BSP awarded the prestigious PMs Shram Awards for 2011.
A total of 32 employees in Six groups have been awarded the Vishwakarma
Rashtriya Puraskar for 2010.
Ispat Suraksha Puraskar by JCSSI for 2011 & 2012 in April12.
3 employees of BSP were honored with prestigious Uttam Shramik Puraskar by
State Govt in September12.
Bhilai Steel Plants Dalli Manual Mine has been awarded the National Safety
Award 2008 for Longest Accident-free period.
Best Service Sector Organization Award-2012 to Education Department of BSP
for effectively implementing 5 S concept in 17 Schools of BSP by QCFI.