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Artifact Documentation

Title of Artifact: ____Child Assessment Portfolio_____

NAEYC Standards: This artifact documents my competency in the following

standard(s); key element(s)

Standard 3: Observing, Documenting, and Assessing to Support Young Child and


Artifact Rationale Statement

1. What is this artifact and what did you do to develop it?

The Child Assessment Portfolio is a portfolio I made for a child that lasted an
entire semester. I first looked into the childs background by interviewing the
family and his teacher. I would regularly observe and assess the child in his
natural environment so the findings were accurate. I used many different forms of
assessment including: anecdotal records, interviews, narrative records, work
samples, and checklists.

2. How does this artifact demonstrate your growth as a professional and help
you meet the standard?

This artifact demonstrates my growth as a professional because it shows that I

have learned how to authentically assess young children, accurately find what
level they are currently at, then plan goals for them to reach new goals or
strengthen their current one. This artifact helped me meet this standard because
it taught me how to observe and record objective information and assess
accurately. I am confident that in my abilities to create observe, document, and
assess children now and in the future.

3. How will you use what you have learned in the future?

From this assignment, I learned the importance of making portfolios of each child
we have in our own classroom. Portfolios really help us know where each child is
developmentally and plan appropriate curriculum that meets their needs. I plan
on creating a portfolio for each child in my own classroom someday. It will be my
goal to assess authentically and use the portfolio for the intention of creating
developmentally appropriate curriculum for each child.