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Artifact Documentation

Title of Artifact: ____Focused Preschool Observation_____

NAEYC Standards: This artifact documents my competency in the following

standard(s); key element(s)

Standard 3: Observing, Documenting, and Assessing to Support Young Child and


Artifact Rationale Statement

1. What is this artifact and what did you do to develop it?

This artifact is an observation focused on a preschool aged child that was

conducted in a three-star child care center. The first thing I done was asked the
teacher and one of the childs parents about the childs history. Through the next
couple days, I observed and documented the things I saw the child do. I made
sure that everything I wrote down was objective- not stating my opinions, but only
state the things that were done.

2. How does this artifact demonstrate your growth as a professional and help
you meet the standard?

This artifact demonstrates my growth as a professional because it taught me

how to observe children and objectively record information. It helped me meet
the standard because I learned the importance of getting to know the child before
assessing the child. A professional always seek to gain more knowledge.
Therefore, a teacher should always seek out information about each child. I will
only use the information that I learn about each child to plan for meaningful
curriculum and strive to keep it confident.

3. How will you use what you have learned in the future?

I will use what I have learned from this artifact in the future. I will make sure that
everything thing I record from an observation is objective. This means I will not
state my opinions, but will only state the things the child did or said. I will also
make sure I know each childs background and continue to learn about them
every day. I believe by doing these things, I can better myself a caring and
supportive teacher.