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Chapter 9

Christmas Matter Assessment

Complete the 9 activities to spell CHRISTMAS. You do

not need to complete them in order, but rather go where
there is space. (grade 5/6 only)

Materials Needed:

C: 20 petri dishes, colored vinegar, 3 baking soda cups, 9

droppers, paper towels
H: 3 balance scales with gram weights, 3 pinecones
R: 3 graduated cylinders w/ , 3 taper candles, water, cups

I: 3 spring scales, 3 pillows

S1: 3 cups with oil and water, red/green crayons,
confetti, bells, 3 spoons, 3 plates (9+ sm. jars)
T: 3 snow globes
M: 3 clear cups of water, 3:hooks, ornaments, bulbs,
stones, pine boughs, candles
A: 3 jingle bells, magnet, cup of water/ (balance scale, lg.
graduated cylinder, water
S2: 30 snowman copies, white hole punches, black hole
punches, orange noses, other black and brown scraps, 3
glue sticks.
Name ____________

Christmas Matter Assessment

Answer Sheet

Go to each of the 9 stations and answer the question found there.

Write the answer on the correct line of this answer sheet. You must
work on you own! 1 person per station. Problems can be done in any

C. solid ___________liquid ___________gas ____________

H. mass ________ __ Bonus: scale ___________________

R. volume ________ __ Bonus: scale ____________________

I. weight ________ __ Bonus: scale ____________________

S1. most dense ___________ least dense ___________

T. solid __________ liquid __________ gas _____________

Bonus: song________________________________

M. buoyant objects__________________________________

A. _____________, _____________, ______________

S2. top __________ middle __________ bottom __________

Station C: States of Matter

Place a few spoonsful of baking

soda on a small dish. Add a few
droppersful of each of the
colors of vinegar. Observe what
happens. Identify the solid and liquid used. Write them
on the answer sheet. How do you know a gas was formed?
Write what you observed next to gas on the answer

Station H: Mass

Use the scale and measure the

mass of the pinecone. Write down
the mass on your answer sheet.
(Dont forget to add the correct
label.) Bonus: What is the name of
this scale?

Station R: Volume
Measure the volume of the
red taper candle. Write
down the volume on your
answer sheet. (Dont
forget to add the correct
label.) Bonus: What is the
name of this measuring

Station I: Weight

Measure the weight of the Christmas pillow. Write down

the weight on your answer sheet. (Dont forget to add
the correct label.) Bonus: What is the name of this scale?
Station S1: Density Cups

The cups are filled half way each

with oil and water. Which liquid is
on top? Add 1 piece of foil confetti,
1 crayon, and 1 jingle bell. Which
object is the densest and which is
least dense. Write the answers on the answer sheet.

Station T: States of Matter

Inside this snow glow represents all 3

states of matter. Write each one on
the correct line of the answer sheet.
Bonus: identify the name of the song
the globe plays.
Station M: Buoyancy

Test the 6 items for buoyancy: hook,

ornament, light bulb, glass stone, pine bough,
and candle. List the ones that are
buoyant on your answer sheet. Take all
items out of the cup and wipe up any spills
before leaving this station.

Station A: Properties

List 3 properties of the jingle bell on

your answer sheet.

Station S2: States of Matter

Create a States of Matter Snowman.

Represent each ball of the snowman with a
different state using the white hole
punches. Label each ball with solid, liquid, or
gas. Also write your order on your answer
States of Matter Snowman

S1 T