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Artifact Documentation

Title of Artifact: ____Integrated Unit Plan _____

NAEYC Standards: This artifact documents my competency in the following

standard(s); key element(s)

Standard 4: Using Developmentally Effective Approaches

Artifact Rationale Statement

1. What is this artifact and what did you do to develop it?

The Integrated Unit Plan is a unit study that is based around the theme of
grocery stores. It has a lesson for every area of studying including: early literacy,
math and science, language development, social studies, creative arts,
social/emotional development, and physical development. Each lesson plan is
tied to state standards for preschool-aged children. I have provided two lesson
plans, a webbing of all the lesson plans, and a description of the classroom it is
intended for. To develop this Unit Plan, I had to do a lot of research on the state
standards for preschool, come up with creative lesson plans that meet each
childs needs, and research information on autism to make special
accommodations for a child in the classroom. All aspects of this Integrated Unit
Plan have been carefully thought out and planned according to the needs of each
child in the classroom.

2. How does this artifact demonstrate your growth as a professional and help
you meet the standard?

This artifact demonstrates my growth as professional and helps me meet the

standard because it taught me how to create meaningful, developmentally
appropriate unit plans for a specific age group. (4 year-olds) I had to look at the
standards and see where each child should be at for their age and
developmental level. After this, I created fun lesson plans for each area of study
and made provisions for a child who has autism. I feel confident that I can create
any themed unit plan for children in the future and know how to use many
developmentally appropriate approaches to make sure they are learning and
having fun.

3. How will you use what you have learned in the future?

This artifact helped me learn how to create a unit plan now and for the future.
When I have my own classroom someday, I plan to create themed unit plans that
are based off the interests of the children. I will make sure I know every child and
understand where they are developmentally so they learn something new. If
there is a child with a disability in my classroom, I will go the extra mile to see
that they are enjoying and learning throughout the unit plan study. It is my desire
to use developmentally effective approaches through my whole career.