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School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

Student Industry Engineering Experience Evaluation Report

General Description
Given Name(s):
Student Number:
BH077 BH079 BH080
BH085 BHO87 BHO88
Program Code: BHO95 BHO96 BHO98

Semester / Year: e.g. S1 2015

Course Code: e.g. CIVE1250, OENG1096, PROC2114

Employers name & location:
(list all firms you worked for)
Type of industry: (e.g. geotechnical or structural engineering/chemical)
Your position within the
(e.g. Graduate Structural Engineer)
Dates worked:
Describe the sort of work in
which you have been engaged:
Do you have any evidence to attach?
For each firm worked for, you need to attach the letters on the firms letterhead signed by your
supervisor at the firm, stating the length of time you were employed with the firm and the type of
Yes No
work performed. You may also need to attach the evidence of your work experience such as
details of projects, reports, training log/diary, reflective/learning journal, drawings and photos etc
that describe the activities which you undertook.

17/10/2014 Revised by: Vanita Amin, Industry Placement Officer

School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

Engineers Australia (EA) Graduate Attributes

Describe how your Industry Placement has enhanced each EA attribute (please respond to each
attribute below with minimum of 100 words per each attribute).
ability to apply knowledge of basic science and engineering fundamentals;
insert text (box will expand)

in-depth technical competence in at least one engineering discipline;

ability to undertake problem identification, formulation and solution;

d) ability to utilise a systems approach to design and operational performance;

ability to communicate effectively, not only with engineers but also with the community at

f) ability to function effectively as an individual and in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural

teams, with the capacity to be a leader or manager as well as an effective team member;

g) understanding of the social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities of the

professional engineer, and the need for sustainable development

h) understanding of the principles of sustainable design and development

understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and commitment to them; and

j) expectation of the need to undertake lifelong learning, and capacity to do so

17/10/2014 Revised by: Vanita Amin, Industry Placement Officer

School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

What engineering attribute do you most need to enhance (concluding comment 1)?

l) How will you enhance this attribute in the near future (concluding comment 2)?

This Section to be Completed by the Academic Coordinator Industry Placement

Approve Reject

Academic Coordinator- Industry Placement

Nam Signatur Dat
e e e

Discipline: Civil Chemical Environmental

17/10/2014 Revised by: Vanita Amin, Industry Placement Officer