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Int egrit y Selling is a cust omer-orient ed, needs-f ocused sales t raining curriculum t hat redef ines
t he sales process t o f ocus on ident if ying and meet ing cust omer needs and creat ing value in
every t ransact ion. Part icipant s learn values-based principles of selling and communicat ion as well
as a unique sales model. This program has been proven in hundreds of organizat ions as a t ool t o
increase sales, develop more prof essional sales t eams, and decrease t he high cost s of t urnover.
Available in seven languages, no ot her sales t raining is in it s league.

Feat ures include:

o A six-st ep cust omer-f ocused sales syst em

o The AID,INC sales model
o Eight weeks of t raining and f ollow -up sessions
o A curriculum t hat is self -leveling and self -cust omizing
o Ongoing managers' coaching
o Mont hly reinf orcement curriculum
o Annual review t ools

One of t he most powerful element s of Int egrit y Selling is t he AID,INC sales model. Below is a
discript ion of it s six st eps:


o Approach... t o gain t rust and rapport .

o Int erview... t o ident if y and underst and needs.
o Demonst rat e... t o show how needs can be
f illed.
o Val-I-dat e... t o prove your claims and height en
t rust .
o Negot iat e... t o resolve problems t hat prevent
someone f rom buying.
o Close... t o ask f or a decision.

The widt h of t he bars in t he graph shows approximat ely what percent age of t ime each st ep should t ake in t he sales process.
Furt hermore, each bar indicat es how much t ime a sales person should be list ening ( black) versus t alking ( red) .
Int egrit y Selling is designed t o produce last ing behavior change. Af t er part icipant s are
int roduced t o t he sales process in an init ial six-hour t raining session, t he concept s and behaviors
are t hen reinf orced over t he course of eight weekly f ollow -up sessions. This f ollow-up f ormat
ensures last ing result s and cont inued growt h. Int egrit y Selling can be implement ed by The
Int egrit y Team, Inc.or we can cert if y your t rainer or sales manager t o conduct t he program.

Values and Et hics of Int egrit y Selling

1. Selling is an exchange of value.

2. Selling is not somet hing you do t o someone, it ' s somet hing you do f or and wit h

3. Underst anding people' s want s or needs must always precede any at t empt t o sell.

4. Develop t rust and rapport bef ore any selling act ivit y begins.

5. Selling t echniques give way t o selling principles.

6. Int egrit y and high et hics are accept ed as t he basis f or long -t erm selling success.

7. A salesperson' s et hics and values cont ribut e more t o sales success t han do t echniques
or st rat egies.

8. Selling pressure is never exert ed by t he salesperson. It ' s exert ed only by prospect s when
t hey perceive t hey want or need t he it em being sold.

9. Negot iat ion is never manipulat ion. It ' s always a st rat egy t o work out problems ... when
t he prospect s want t o work out t he problems.

10. Closing isn' t just a vict ory f or t he salesperson. It ' s a vict ory f or bot h t he salesperson and
t he cust omer.
Sales Congruence Model

In order f or a person t o be highly successf ul in sales, t here are f ive dimensions in t heir lif e t hat
must be in congruence wit h each ot her. These areas include: view of selling, view of abilit ies,
values, commit ment t o act ivit ies, and belief on product . Int egrit y Selling helps bring t hese
dimensions int o congruence so people f eel f reed f rom inner conf lict s and are able t o increase
t heir achievement drive and overall perf ormance.

The AID,INC syst em involves t he following st eps:

Four Trait s of Highly Successful Salespeople


o Have specif ic goals or object ives of what you want t o sell, earn, accomplish, gain,
achieve, or possess.

o The more clearly def ined a goal is and t he more f ocused a person is on achieving t hat
goal, more ef f ort , energy, and achievement drive will be released t o accomplish it .

o Have a clear ment al t arget . When goals are clear and writ t en t hey are usually realized.


o Achievement Drive is t he desire or drive a person has t oward t he at t ainment of goals.

People wit h high Achievement Drive usually will bring more ef f ort , energy, creat ivit y and
ent husiasm t o t heir personal and prof essional lives.

o Achievement Drive is released f rom wit hin an individual, rat her t han poured in f rom t he
out side.
o Achievement Drive can be increased.


o Emot ional Int elligence is t he abilit y t o monit or and underst and one' s own emot ions and
t o act wisely in human relat ions. It is emot ional st abilit y and st eadf ast ness.

o Emot ional Int elligence def ines a person' s abilit y t o work well wit h ot hers, deal wit h
problems and ambiguit ies, st ick t o t he t asks, be self -mot ivat ed and remain opt imist ic
about work and lif e.

o High Emot ional Int elligence gives a person st abilit y, st ick -t o-it iveness, and ment al
t oughness.

o E.Q. is usually more import ant t han I.Q. in at t aining " Success in Lif e."


o Social Skills ref ers t o t he abilit y t o move in and out of dif f erent sit uat ions and int eract
wit h dif f erent t ypes of people wit h grace and ease.

o It is t he abilit y t o ask t he right quest ions, list en t o people, gain rapport and put t hem at