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SAP Engineering Control Center

interface to AutoCAD

SAP authoring tool integration strategy, The related original files can directly be loaded via the
supported by SAP Engineering Control Center AutoCAD menu (SAP Inside) or from SAP Engineering
Control Center into AutoCAD for processing or display.
All authorized users have access to the originals stored
SAP SE provides the integrated management of
in a central, secure area (SAP) and can therefore monitor
consistent authoring tool and CAD data within its own
the development process or make changes themselves.
Product Lifecycle Management application in an efficient
This avoids redundant process steps.
working environment: SAP Engineering Control Center.

This integration tool was created from engineers for

engineers and developed to help companies deliver
innovative products and services in a shorter time to
market. SAP Engineering Control Center aims to support
a new way of developing products, by easily accessing
the integrated solution approach.

SAP Engineering Control Center increases efficiency

in engineering and offers intelligent process support due
to easy and controlled single access to product data
generated in (multi-) CAD environments, CAM, simulation
and other authoring tools.

SAP Engineering Control Center menu in AutoCAD.

The integration of SAP Change Management makes a change

history for the engineering processes available at any time.
The configurable, bi-directional data exchange between the
SAP system and AutoCAD avoids unnecessary redundant
data entry. An example is the transfer of SAP data into
drawing titleblocks. Vice versa, AutoCAD file properties can
be updated to SAP materials, when created.
SAP Bills of materials can be derived from AutoCAD partslists
SAP Authoring Tool Integration Strategy, Source: SAP SE. or from reference structures.

This ties in with the broader aim of SAPs idea to A flexible and powerful authoring
performance, a holistic business approach to managing tool integration platform
the entire life cycle of a product, from design to service.
SAP Engineering Control Center is part of the new SAP
tool integration strategy and makes consistent inte-
SAP Engineering Control gration of authoring tools, such as CAD applications,
Center interface to along the value chain available.
It intends to provide a 360-degree product view on
CIDEON exclusively develops the SAP Engineering mechanics, electronics, software and simulation.
Control Center interface to AutoCAD, based on the new Therefore it is an enabler for systems engineering and
SAP technology. This instrument enables the efficient mechatronics.
management of all data that accumulate during the SAP Engineering Control Center ensures transparency
engineering process with AutoCAD. across engineering disciplines, promotes visibility of
new product introduction process criticality and helps
Drawings and used external references are managed as
companies to manage the increasing product complexity.
documents respectively document structures in SAP PLM.
SAP Engineering Control Center
interface to AutoCAD

Highlights Functional Overview

Ideal interface for AutoCAD users Document Management (DMS)

Easy usage and navigation with a comprehensive Automated routine activities, such as creating and
overview of all required SAP information updating SAP Document Info Records
Windows Explorer-like handling of data in flexible, Comprehensive version control functionality in DMS,
user-specific folder structures including digital signature
Drag & drop, copy & paste SAP Content Server for all AutoCAD files/other
Context sensitive pull-down menus design formats
Colour symbols Block editing of checked-out documents
Direct access to SAP objects, e.g. Material
Master, Change Master, Document structure function
Integrated SAP 3D Visual Enterprise
Generate and update SAP document structures
from AutoCAD reference structures
Simplified product development processes
Check-In / Check-Out of drawings and references
Automation routines and checks to support resp. all original- and additional files
daily work
Intelligent menu structure and user guidance
Cockpit for SAP: accessing standard and
customer specific transactions
Access to SAP GUI and SAP PLM/7.xx
Single source of truth for product data
Save and retrieve AutoCAD data and relations

Comprehensive integration platform for SAP PLM

Robust and proven integration technology for

technical authoring systems
Secure file handling with high performance

Advantages for your company

Increase your efficiency in engineering through a AutoCAD Integration with SAP Engineering Control Center.
single, intuitive user interface and offering easy and
controlled access to product data. Parts lists and BOMs
Ensure a holistic product description for increased Automatic generation of SAP Material Masters
transparency across disciplines by providing a (for references / parts) using information from AutoCAD
single platform to get a 360-degree product view, Automatic derivation of SAP Bills of Materials from
including mechanics, electronics, software and AutoCAD structures or partslists
Search capabilities
Reduce operating and maintenance costs by
integrating all authoring tools with SAP Business Search by match-code, object links, where-used
Suite. This reduces the number of interfaces. reports, classification, queries or in folder structures,
assemblies, BOMs,
System versions and From SAP ECC 6.0, EhP5 Search result as preview or list with Excel-like filtering
requirements: AutoCAD 2014 and higher in all colums
As of July 2014

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