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Week 4 and 5 ACHASSK068 General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Asia and Australias engagement with Asia Sustainability


(include key/focus

The difference between Identify 6 INTRO:

climate and weather, the different climate Teacher will make Students will re-cap on what weather is by watching short
main climatic zones of zones of the mental anecdotal videos on the whiteboard and then confirming via teacher
Week the world and the world notes or observation discussion with the class.
4 similarities and of students who - What is weather?
differences between the participate in class - What is the weather like in Australia?
climates of different discussion
Lesson places Create a popplet Students will then watch short videos and animations to guide iPad/Computers
1 ACHASSK068 including and them through the learning process on the Web Quest.
upload to the
Locate and collect class padlet Assess using a BODY: Popplet
information and data checklist to ensure Students will create a Popplet to compile the following research OR
from different sauces, students have information they have found: application that is already
including observations State the included all of the - Difference between weather and climate installed on iPads
ACHASSI053 difference information that has - Investigate the main climate zones of the world and
between weather been asked in their particularly within Australia.
Present findings and and climate popplet
conclusions in a range of Students are to use the given copyright free sources to find Britannica Image Quest
communication forms pictures of different climate types to aid for visual representation
(e.g. written, oral, visual, Crosschecking with of their popplet
digital, tabular, graphic), class list to see if all Pixabay
appropriate to audience students have CONCLUSION:
and purpose, using successfully Students need to save their Popplet and upload embed to the
relevant terms uploaded to the class Padlet before the conclusion of the lesson
ACHASSI061 popplet and
successfully embed Once students have uploaded their Popplet to Padlet, the
the popplet teacher calls on all students to sit on the mat and go through Padlet
all the key points with students (differentiate between weather
and climate and main climate zones of Australia) to ensure
lesson objectives are met.


LINKS OBJECTIVE (include key/focus questions)

The difference between Teacher will make INTRO:

climate and weather, the mental assessment Recap on last lesson. Ask Students
main climatic zones of Identify at least notes or observation What is the difference between weather and climate?
Week the world and the three different of students who What are the types of climate?
4 similarities and types of climate, participate in class
differences between the giving an example discussion (try to ask (If they have difficulty answering questions, allow them to look
climates of different location of each students who dont back on their popplet that they created on the class padlet)
Lesson places usually participate in
ACHASSK068 class discussion to BODY:
2 check understanding) Students will be shown a world map and need to fill out the
Interpret data and chart with different climate types and giving examples of MapMaker
information displayed in Calling on students locations with that climate http://mapmaker.national
different formats, to Produce a to come and navigate
identify and describe storyboard using the interactive Using the interactive whiteboard, the teacher will say a particular
distributions and simple a particular whiteboard and climate e.g. Tropical, Equatiorial, Temperate, Grassland etc. and
patterns climate correctly making mental or ask students to come up and navigate to a location with this
ACHASSI057 by creating a anecdotal notes climate type
storyboard that
Present findings and and justify their
conclusions in a range of actions Students are then to select at least 3 climates (they may choose iPad/computers
communication forms Assess storyboard to do more if they finish, and have time) and create a storyboard
(e.g. written, oral, visual, that to see if they of the climates using Storybaord That
digital, tabular, graphic), meet the criteria
appropriate to audience (using checklist) If students are struggling, they are to use the example as a Storyboard that
and purpose, using guide and watch videos on how to use Storyboard That. https://www.storyboardth
relevant terms
ACHASSI061 Students need to take a screenshot of their storyboard, and
upload to the class padlet
Assess if they can
take a screenshot of Padlet
their work and upload Students will be assed using the ticket-out-the-door strategy, on
as a picture to padlet a sticky note they are to write 3 climate types and place it on the

Sticky notes (1 each)

LINKS OBJECTIVE (include key/focus questions)

The difference between INTRO:

climate and weather, the Brainstorm ideas
main climatic zones of and scaffold Students to sit on the mat and watch video in preparation for the
Week the world and the information for a lesson
5 similarities and report script using
differences between the and BODY:
climates of different google
Lesson places documents Teacher needs to review how to write a script with students by
3 ACHASSK068 asking questions:
- What do we use a script for?
Sequence information Write a weather - What are the conventions of a script?
about peoples lives and report script, with Conventions of script
events correct script writing as outlined in Students, in groups of 3, will start brainstorming ideas for their
the web quest via a
ACHASSI055 methods, using script on
the information
Present findings and they have The script will be written on google docs so all group members
conclusions in a range of researched over can access. They are also to post a link of their google docs google documents
communication forms previous lessons page on the class google docs so the teacher can access and
(e.g. written, oral, visual, monitor student progress.
digital, tabular, graphic),
appropriate to audience Their do ink needs to incorporate all knowledge retrieved from
and purpose, using previous lessons such as, which is what he teacher expects in
relevant terms the script:
ACHASSI061 - What is weather and climate and differentiate between
the two
- Identify different climate types around the world and
give an example
Asses student have - What clothing/temperature/animals would you expect in
uploaded to the a particular climate
google docs page
with a link on the Teacher is to walk around the room ensuring students are on
teachers page task and cooperating

Use anecdotal notes The script writing may take longer than one lesson if
teacher has taken for necessary, extend over 2 lessons
Ticket-out-the-door is to ensure students upload their script onto Sticky notes (1 each)
google documents and to write on a sticky note 1 thing they like
about their script for their report
LINKS OBJECTIVE (include key/focus questions)

The difference between Create a weather (This lesson is more independent group work the teacher is to
climate and weather, the report using the float around and assist students who may be having difficulty
main climatic zones of Do Ink green OR group students, so the students who will have difficulty will
Week the world and the screen application not all be in the same group)
5 similarities and
differences between the INTRO:
climates of different Quick kahoot for teacher clarification of student understanding, Kahoot
Lesson places Work Anecdotal notes followed by discussion of questions so students can clarify any
4 ACHASSK068 collaboratively misunderstandings or confusions.
with peers in the
Present findings and creation of the BODY:
conclusions in a range of report With their assigned groups, students are to work through the
communication forms final page of the web quest and watch videos and instructions iPad or computers
(e.g. written, oral, visual, on how to make a Do Ink.
digital, tabular, graphic),
appropriate to audience Do Ink report needs to include:
and purpose, using - Description of weather and climate, outlining the iPad with Do Ink application
relevant terms difference downloaded for recording
ACHASSI061 - Outline each climate zone and what is it like to live there
(clothing, animals, temperature etc)
- Show similarities/differences between climates
- Props and ensure all group members are participating
equally (group collaboration)

Teacher needs to remind students that they are not to film until
Summative they have practiced and have a good understanding of what
assessment they are doing.
checking to see if
their Do Ink includes (Creation of the reports may need more time so majority of
all of the correct students will not finish in this lesson if so, continue with next
information and use lesson)
research gathered
from previous
Ensure all student
work is uploaded to The completed report needs to be embedded to the class
the class padlet padlet.
Teacher goes on class padlet, and watches peer videos and
vote on their favourite and whatever group gets the most votes
will get a prize (Climate queen(s) & king(s))