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Design Is extremely Is good in Is lacking The

organized terms of organization presentation
and is organization is very
attractive in and design messy and
terms of unorganized
Conclusion Based off Identifies at Identifies a Fails to
the least 1 body body image identify a
information image or or self body image
of the self-esteem esteem or self-
person, issue that issue that esteem
student accurately accurately issue
identifies 2 describes describes
body image what the what the
or self- artist could person could
esteem have have gone
issues that possibly through, but
accurately dealt with fails to
describe and provide
what the provides an explanation
artist explanation
possibly as to why
dealt with. that is
Provides a possible
to back it up
Grammar No Three or Has more Very poor
misspelling fewer than three grammar
or misspelling misspelling and spelling
grammatical and or
errors grammatical grammatical
errors errors
Description Accurately Accurately Identifies Fails to
of eating identifies identifies celebrity, identify the
disorder the celebrity the but lacks eating
and celebrity, description disorder
describes but doesnt of the eating
the issue fully disorder.
that they describe the
underwent. eating
Defines and disorder
describes they
the eating underwent.