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YALDA Constitution

Article I Name

The Name of the Organization shall be Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development
in Africa.

No YALDA branch may change the name of the organization (please see Article XI,
Section 4 for details).

Article II Head Office

YALDA Head Office shall be located in Gaborone, Botswana. YALDA Botswana shall
be the YALDA Headquarters for all the international branches.

Article III Mission Statement

YALDA provides a forum for youth on the African continent and those abroad with a
commitment to the welfare of Africa. By networking with professionals, mentors and
each other, members will increase their capacity to take on positive leadership roles in
their universities, countries and on the continent. Through YALDA, members will
implement their long-term visions for Africa.

Article IV Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the organization shall be

i. To foster communication between African students and students with an interest
in Africa both on the continent itself and abroad.
ii. To facilitate African development through defining and practicing various
leadership skills
iii. To encourage those students with an interest in Africa to use this organization as a
platform to identify various ideals and methodologies to use in articulating their
vision to become leaders in various sectors affecting Africa

Article V Membership

Membership in this organization shall be open to all youth, ages 18-30.

Members are:
Required to be connected to all the branches via a mailing list and through the
Have full unrestricted access to the YALDA online database
Eligible to receive privileges from our international partner organizations,
awarded exclusively and solely to YALDA members.
Given the opportunity to submit any articles to YALDA newsletters
Eligible to apply to attend YALDA international conferences
Eligible to apply to their respective branches Executive Committee.
All other duties and privileges of members of each branch are left at the discretion of that
branchs Executive Committee.

Any student may become a member of His/Her Universitys branch with voting and
office-holding privileges within His/ Her respective branch. The headquarters of YALDA
will be in Gaborone, Botswana.

The amount of dues to be paid shall be decided upon by the respective Executive
Committees of the organization, and shall be paid by members only.

All other youths not currently enrolled at a University may apply to be YALDA members
provided they affiliate themselves and register with a YALDA University branch in their
country or region. These members should attend as many of that universitys YALDA
events as possible. Unlike student members, these members do not have voting nor
office-holding privileges.

Article VI Governing Body

The standards for qualification and the application process for being an Executive
Committee Officer shall be determined and administered by the respective branches of
the Organization.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following positions:

Executive Director
Assistant Executive Director
Local University Coordinator
Inter-University Representative
Financial Director
Research Director
Inter-Governmental Organizations Liaison
Multi-media Specialist
Additional branch specific positions may be added at the discretion of that branch.

Executive Director
The Executive Director is the chief representative of YALDA and shall
have general supervision of the affairs and business of the organization. The Executive
Director is also the chairperson of all Executive Committee meetings. The purpose of the
Executive Director shall be to provide administrative leadership for the Executive
Committee as it seeks to carry out its Africa-based vision to foster and network African
leaders of tomorrow. He/ She will manage the day to day business of the organization and
will develop procedures for the implementation of the Organization's policies and goals
such as the proposed biennial YALDA conference in Africa. He/She is also responsible
for auditing finances as stipulated in Bylaw1. The Executive Director shall be Co-Chair
of the Conference Planning Committee.
Assistant Executive Director
The Assistant Executive Director works primarily with the Executive
Director on administrative issues. The primary role of the Assistant Executive Director
shall be to manage the YALDA membership at their respective university, making sure
members have all filled out their registration forms, registered online and also keeping
membership information continually updated. He/She shall also be responsible for
recruiting members for their YALDA University branch. He/ She will assist the other
board members in any of their duties and takes up other tasks that are not being addressed
by the other board members or that do not have a designated board member to tend to
them. The Assistant Executive Director is therefore involved in all areas of the
organization. For those branches that choose to evaluate their respective YALDA
branchs board and committees, he/she will be responsible for ensuring that all members
have filled out their evaluations. The Assistant Executive Director shall be Chair of the
Project and Action Committee.

Local University Coordinator

The Local University Coordinator is responsible for acting as liaison with
Africa- related groups and scholars on the University campus. The Coordinators first
role is to make individuals interested in Africa on the University campus aware of
YALDA and to register these individuals to receive YALDA correspondence. Not only
must this member be aware of other African groups and African related events on
campus, but he or she should spread information about events and speakers to the rest of
the YALDA members. The many African leaders of all sectors that pass through
university campuses can be valuable resources for YALDA goals, so the Coordinator
should contact these men and women, identifying their ability and willingness to speak to
individual YALDA groups or at YALDAs annual international conference. The Local
University Coordinator shall be Chair of the Campus/Region Events and Planning

Inter-University Representative
The Inter-University Representative stands as the mediator on
organizational issues and concerns between the Executive Committee at their University
and the other Executive Committees of the Universities in Africa and abroad. He/She will
contact the various other representatives on a regular basis, to receive updates and pass
on new information to the Executive Committee at their own University. In addition to
the aforementioned responsibilities, the Inter-University Representative will establish an
internal dialogue among the African Universities by managing their YALDA email
account. The Inter-University Representative will have the added task of managing the
contacts of the African universities, other international universities involved with
YALDA, and youth in their regioninterested in YALDA but who do not attend
university. The Headquarters Inter-University Representative will have the added task of
managing the contacts of the African universities as well as other international
universities involved with YALDA, and receive all submissions for the newsletter as well
as other submissionssuch as those for competitionsfrom the various YALDA
branches. The Inter-University Representative shall be Chair of the Branches Expansion
Financial Director
The role of the Financial Director will be to be the organizations treasurer and
manage YALDA finances and he/ she will be audited twice a year by the Executive
Director and one other member of the Executive Committee (worked out on a rotational
basis). The Financial Director will be liable for any inexplicable financial discrepancies.
Other responsibilities of the Financial Director will include opening a YALDA bank
account, sourcing various types of funding for the organization, which includes fund
raising, donations, grants and sponsors. The Financial Director will not
engage in getting any loans. All funds are for the purposes and missions of YALDA and
are not to be used by either non-members or for other unrelated activities. The Financial
Director shall be Chair of the Fundraising and Sponsorships Committee.
(see Bylaws for further responsibilities)

Research Director
The role of the Research Director will be to search and source for
information on other associations locally and internationally whose goals relate to youth
leadership training and development. He/She has the responsibility to get connections
with other organizations in order to establish contacts and foster networks as YALDA
shares ideas with the aforementioned groups as well as to work in collaboration with
them. An additional responsibility will be to keep track of events as they transpire within
the researched organizations and to keep the YALDA Executive Committee members
abreast with current information and events. He/She must also search for internships, job
opportunities and fellowships that will be beneficial for YALDA members. The Research
Director must facilitate all professional contacts research, whether by themselves or by
dividing tasks among his/her committee members. He/She has the responsibility of
sending all complied research data to the YALDA Headquarters Research Director, who
will then re-organize it and forward it to the Multi-media specialist for posting on the
website. The Research Director shall be Chair of the Partner Organizations and
Professional Contacts Committee.

Inter-Governmental Organizations Liaison

The role of the Inter-Governmental Organizations Liaison is to facilitate a
profitable working relationship with these different parent organizations, including the
World Bank, International Monetary Fund, African Union, United Nations, etc. The
liaison should keep in mind new ideas to initiate contact within these regional
organizations in the hopes of gaining guidance, mentorship, access and information for
both individuals and particular groups within YALDA needing particular information or
guidance from such organizations. Initiating and maintaining contacts with leaders within
these organizations should be done with a vision of their participation or assistance from
their organizations as well as for the representatives of these Inter-Governmental
Organizations to become informed about issues pertinent to YALDA members. The
Inter-Governmental Organizations Liaison shall be Co-Chair of the Conference Planning

Multi-media Specialist
The Multi-media specialist shall be in charge of the website and making
sure that it is updated regularly and accurately. He/She is responsible for formatting their
own branchs YALDA newsletter, brochures, posters and the like. All logistics pertaining
to public relations, that are any type of interviews for university newspapers, radio or TV
shows shall be handled by the Multi-media specialist via consultation with the Executive
Committee. The Headquarters Multi-media specialist shall receive all submissions for
the main YALDA newsletter from the Headquarters Inter-University Representative and
design the layout of the newsletter, and post it to the websitewith prior approval from
the Executive Committee.

Article VII Meetings

There shall be one Annual General Meeting of eligible members.

Special General Meetings at the Headquarters may be called by the Executive Director at
his or her discretion.

Fifty percent of eligible members shall form a quorum.

Resolutions passed at both Annual and Special General Meetings shall not be binding,
subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

Article VIII Voting

Officers shall be elected or voted in annually by the members of the group. Elections
should be held a month and a half before the end of the semester. For the duration of the
semester newly elected officers will learn their responsibilities under the previous officer
whose term only officially ends at the end of the semester. Newly elected officers shall
assume full responsibility for the leadership of the group beginning each holiday before
the beginning of the new school year.

Any member of the group may be nominated for election. Nominations shall be filed in
writing at least two weeks prior to the election date. All members will have one vote by
secret ballot.

At the discretion of the branch, any candidate who has not paid any outstanding dues
owed to the group by the day of the election will be removed from the ballot.

In the event of a tie, the membership will vote again if there were more than two
candidates in the previous roundotherwise the chairperson will break the tie.

Article IX No Confidence

Two-thirds of eligible members present at a meeting may pass a vote of no confidence on

any member of the Executive Committee and/ or any other standing committee with
whom they are aggrieved with.
A member who receives a vote of no confidence shall immediately cease to be a member
of that committee.

Article X Discipline

There shall be a Disciplinary Committee which shall consist of 5 members nominated by

the Executive Committee.

The Committee shall choose one of its members as its Chair who shall report directly to
the Executive Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of all members
and their adherence to all aspects of the Constitution. Any member who feels aggrieved
by another members conduct may approach the Disciplinary Committee for redress

Disciplinary action shall be taken on any member whose behaviour brings disrepute to
the integrity or mission of the organization:
The Disciplinary Committee shall investigate the matter and evidence and
counter-evidence must be presented and assessed before a final decision is made.
A hearing meeting shall be conducted by the Disciplinary Committee to ascertain
the veracity of the facts presented to it
If sufficient evidence is gathered then the Disciplinary Committee shall take the
appropriate action.
Disciplinary action shall include: a warning; revoking of voting rights; exclusion
from selected events; denial of certain benefits, and suspension from all activities
of the organization.

The Disciplinary Committee shall report its findings and decisions to the Executive

Article XI Settlement of Disputes and Appeal

There shall be an Appeals Board made up of 3 members, appointed by the Executive


Those who are not pleased with the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee may appeal
to the Appeals Board.

All decisions made by the Appeals Board are final.

Article XII Role of the Faculty Mentors

The Faculty Mentor of the organization shall provide support, counseling and guidance in
all situations. The mentor should not monitor or restrict the finances and has no decision
making privileges of YALDA.
Each branch is required to have at least two Faculty Mentors.

The mentor shall attend at least two YALDA meetings per academic year.

Article XIII Control of Financial Affairs and Property

The Financial Director shall maintain up to date records of the finances and property of
the organization.

The Executive Committee shall authorize the opening of a bank account.

The Financial Director and one other chosen member of the Executive Committee (apart
from Executive Director) shall be authorized to sign and countersign cheques and bank

An audited statement of accounts and a compiled financial report shall be presented at

each Annual General Meeting by the Financial Director.

Article XIV Amendments of the Constitution

Amendments to this Constitution may only be made by the Headquarters Executive

Committee and shall be declared only after receiving two-thirds majority votes by the
members of the Headquarters branch.

Members of the organization can propose amendments to this Constitution which will be
considered and voted for by the Headquarters Executive Committee in consultation with
other branches.

Amendments to material added on to this Constitution by each of the respective branches,

maybe determined and made by the respective branches. These amendments, however,
should in no way contradict or nullify the rules established by this Constitution.

No branch shall change the name of this organization. Branches may add the name of
their university to the name, for example University of Botswana YALDA. Branches
with other names will not be considered YALDA branches.

Amendments approved by members shall be binding only after approval by the Registrar
of Societies.
Article XV Dissolution and Disposal of Assets and Liabilities

The organization will be responsible for its liabilities.

In the event of dissolution, assets of the organization shall be donated to a charity or

organization in Botswana.
Upon dissolution, the certificate of registration should be returned to the office of the
Registrar of Societies for cancellation.

Article XVI Bylaws

By-laws, not inconsistent with the constitution, may be adopted or amended by two-thirds
vote of the members at the respective University provided that by-laws are submitted in
writing at least one week previously at either a regular or special meeting of that
Universitys Executive Committee.


1. Financial Director
The responsibilities of the Financial Director are detailed below. All protocol regarding
financial management and disbursement of the Organization's finances is outlined below.
i. The responsibilities include finding any type of funding for the
Organization, which includes: fund-raising, donations, grants and
sponsors. The financial director will not engage in getting any loans. All
funds are for the purposes and mission of YALDA and are not to be used
by non-members or other unrelated activities.

ii. Keeping clear and balanced financial records of how and where the
money is going in the organization. All receipts, quotations and invoices
should be given to the financial director.

iii. Regarding quotations: The financial director must review the quotation
and follow it up to make sure the information is credible and from there at
his/her discretion to award finances. For quotations requiring large funds
(e.g. over $200) the Financial Director must consult with the Executive
Director and Assistant Executive Director before granting funds. Receipts
and Invoices must be returned to the Financial Director.

iv. Regarding Receipts and Invoices for Reimbursements: If a member of

YALDA carries out a project or buys something directly related to the
mission and purposes of YALDA using his/her own funds can file
reimbursement forms for the financial director. The financial director will
review these thoroughly and follow them up to ensure credibility. From
there at his or her discretion choose whether or not to reimburse the
member and if so by how much.

v. If a member is not satisfied with any quotation or reimbursement

decisions of the Financial Director, they may file a petition for the
Executive Director to review. The Executive Director can then decide
whether or not the Financial Director was fair on the matter, then consult
the board on the matter. Following a three-fourths majority vote the
decision of the Executive Director will be put into effect. The Executive
Director does not have and can never have direct access to YALDA funds.

vi. If a member is still not satisfied with the quotation or reimbursement

decisions they can file a petition to the Headquarters Financial Director.
Who will review the petition by consulting the specific universitys
YALDA Executive Committee. All decisions made by Headquarters
Financial Director are final.

vii. All Balance Sheets and audits must be sent to the Headquarters Financial
Director by Nov 18th and April 18th of every year for review. Failure to do
so will result in suspension from the organization.
2. If a member is not satisfied with the decisions of the branchs Executive Committee
then the member can file a complaint to the Headquarters Executive Committee. The
Committee will then review the complaint by consulting the individuals Executive
Committee and all decisions made by the Headquarters Executive Committee are final.