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Terms & Conditions for Sales of Vehicle

1. General terms applicable for Sales Quote

1.1 Price Quoted
All prices quoted refer to on the Road Prices, unless otherwise stated, and are inclusive of the, then and as,
applicable Freight, Insurance, Excise Duties, Landing Charges, Registration Duties, Road Tax, Value Added Tax
and any other taxes and charges that may come in force at time of our quotes.

Any change in the rates of any of the above mentioned taxes and charges at time of invoicing and delivery of the
vehicle shall be duly applicable and charged accordingly.

All our prices are also based on a foreign currency rate of exchange as stipulated overleaf, and on factory pricings as
then applicable. Any change in such rate of exchange and/or factory pricing at time of invoicing shall affect the final
price of the vehicle accordingly.

1.2 Delivery
Delivery dates are indicative only as they are subject to normal factory, transport and other delays which are
independent of our control. United Motors Ltd under no circumstances will accept any claim whatsoever in relation
to prejudice that may arise as a result of such delay and or force majeur.

1.3 Payment
Our normal payment terms are as follows unless stipulated otherwise in our quotes:
50% on confirmation of order of the vehicle
50% one week before delivery of the vehicle.

1.4 Validity
Unless otherwise stated, the price quoted is valid for 8 calendar days for vehicle already in our stock. For all our
quotes, our offers are subject to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, changes in all items specified in paragraph
1.1 above and other conditions as stipulated herein

1.5 Confirmation of Order

All firm orders for vehicles to be produced shall be only confirmed by us upon receipt of confirmation from our
principals of such production being possible.

1.6 Warranty
All our vehicles are covered by warranty against: -
- Manufacturing defects and any defects in the genuine Parts/Components fitted to the vehicle:
- Rust and Anti-Corrosion:
- Body Paint defects:
The above warranty is subject to very specific terms and conditions as detailed in your owners handbook. Your
warranty shall remain valid only if the above conditions are strictly adhered to and that all works and repairs on the
vehicle have been only effected at United Motors Ltd. Refer to our warranty terms and conditions

2. General terms applicable to Firm Orders

2.1 In case of cancellation of any firm order, the client agrees to pay a cancellation fee of 40% of the quoted price to
United Motors Ltd. Any deposit amount as stipulated in 1.3 above is non refundable.

2.2 Should legal action be initiated for recovery of any sum under this agreement, the client shall be liable to pay the
10% attorneys commission and all legal costs incurred.

2.3 Interest at 2% per month shall be due on all outstanding amounts.

2.5 Our official invoice is final and binding on both parties.

3. General terms applicable for Resale

United Motors Ltd shall be prepared to sell your car on your behalf under the following conditions:
3.1 The Car has been kept in good running condition.

3.2 The Car had not met with any major accident.

3.3 The car has been inspected by our Technical Manager and found OK.

3.4 A 3% fee of the Resale price, unless stated otherwise, will be charged to the customer after resale of the car.

3.5 You shall maintain all Insurance and Road Tax cover on the vehicle until sale of it.