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Healthcare in India

India spends a meager 2.86% of its GDP towards Healthcare.

There are only 9,36,488
registered doctors, 16,73,338
nurses and 9,01,895 ASHA
workers for a population of
1.3 billion.

To match WHO standards, India 151,684 sub centers

needs to double the number of 24,448 primary health centers
doctors and triple the number of 5,187 community health centers
paramedics. according to Rural Health Statistics,
most of which are under staffed.
Vital Healthcare Tests
We address the gap in early detection and preliminary medical assistance

Height Blood Pressure

Weight Blood-Sugar

BMI Oxygen Saturation

Vision Heart Rate

Temperature ECG
10 essential and vital test for both preventive care and diagnostic aspects

Feasible, Viable and Desirable Kit for above test

Chikistak Kit
Chikitsak Kit and Features

Salient Features
Wireless direct data capture
Secure patient record storage and retrieval
(Print/SMS/ email/ App/Web)
Enterprise class electronic medical record
management harnessing the power of cloud
Inbuilt analytics
Bluetooth enabled equipment for
wireless data transfer Clinical decision support
Portable and accurate devices

Screening at Rs. 50

Tele-consultation with a Doctor at Rs.50

Chikitsak Kit cost Rs. 50,000

Chikitsak - Health Entrepreneurs

Chikitsak is .. Chikitstak and Beneficiary

(Qualified paramedic a plus but not a necessity)
Smart Phone/Tablet with ease

Consulting Cost Screening Cost

50 50

up to 8750 per month*
Earning Potential of a Chikitsak

Cost Break Up of Services

Per Screening Per Doctor Consultation

Total Cost Rs 50 Rs 50
Platform Rs 15 Rs 15
Consumables Rs 15 -
Doctor - Rs 20
Health worker RS 20 Rs 15

Potential earning for health worker per day : 350

Income from 10 screening/day 10 Screening x Rs 20 = Rs 200
Income from 10 Consultation/day 10 Consultation x Rs 15 = Rs 150

Potential earning for per month : Rs 8750

Assuming 10 screenings and 10 consultations per day and 25 working days/month

Our impact

Early detection of chronic diseases like diabetes and

hyper tension through screening
Availability of basic tests at your doorstep like blood
pressure, blood sugar, temperature etc.

Timely intervention
Doctor Consultation Quality assured healthcare consultation via Telemedicine
Reduced wait time

Patient: No loss of man hours , Reduction in out-of-

Economics pocket expenses, Less travel
Health Worker: Self-employment generation

To serve over3.5 million

people by
1875 health workers
To serve over
900,000 people by
625 health workers

To serve over 80,000
people in rural areas
of Karnataka by
75 health workers
Opportunities for partners

Individuals Doctors

Local Social Entrepreneurship Join our medical

Opportunity practitioner panel

Institution Non -Profits

Manage a health Program Adopt a Village or a District,

With us Sponsor kits to empower local
Social entrepreneurs (Health Workers)
Chikitsak Model Benefits

User Advantages

Clinical decision support

Low cost tests and doctors consultancy at Rs. 100
Portable and accurate

Technological Advantages

Direct data capture.

Secure patient record storage and retrieval
(Print/SMS/ email/ app)
Inbuilt Analytics

Institutional Advantages

Facilitates Scale, Sustainability & Impact.

Harnesses Innovation & Existing Medical
Mobilizes Private Sector Resources.

Ajay Shroff
Operations & Branding
Milind Naik
Swetha Suresh Strategy


Srinivas Reddy
Technology Ravi Paramedic
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