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Use formal language only.

The main characteristic of a report is its layout.

Divide your report clearly into sections:

Introduction: Make your introduction brief but clear.

State the reason for your report.
Answer the question without repeating language from the question whenever
possible. Explain things in your own words.

Your report could begin like this:

The aim/purpose of this report is to show/exemplify/illustrate/depict

This report is concerned with../ is intended to/is written to analyse/ deals with
relates to/is about
Presenting your opinion

You can use separate headings for advantages and disadvantages and describe them in two
paragraphs or just present them in a list of points.

The advantages/disadvantages are

The benefits/drawbacks of are
The most convincing arguments in favour of are

Evaluation/recommendation (if required in the question)

I would recommendbecause
I would not hesitate to recommend
I would suggest
In my opinion, it would be worth +ing


It is a good idea to repeat why you are writing in the conclusion just to show you are
focused on the purpose of this report.

In conclusion I would like to stress that

In my opinion
It is a fact that
It appears to/ seems to/ tends to
There is no doubt that
Example Question:
The school where you learn English has decided to buy some DVDs in English. You
have been asked to write a report for the Principle suggesting what kinds of DVDs the
school should buy. In your report you should also explain why students at the school will
enjoy these DVDs.

OK, so if this was a real situation, you would probably ask all the students what sort of
DVDs they would like. You would maybe do this with a questionnaire. Also, if the
situation was real, you would probably have a budget. How much do DVDs cost? What is
the situation at the moment? Are there already a few DVDs or none at all? You have to
use your imagination.
So, Im going to answer the question using the Present Simple in the Introduction. Im
going to use the Simple Past (and Passive) in the second part, and Im going to use some
modal verbs in the conclusion. (I want to show the examiner that I can use a lot of
different tenses.)
Remember this is a REPORT to the Principle, NOT a letter!

Example Answer:


English Connection School of English intends to buy a selection of DVDs for the school
library. This report examines what sort of DVDs are appropriate.

Current Situation:
At the moment there are more than 100 videos in the school library. However, not many
students still possess a video recorder therefore no-one borrows them.

Students choice:
All students were given a questionnaire which asked what sort of DVDs the students
would like to see. The results are as follows: More than 75% of students wanted to see
British films. Although they prefer American films for their action, almost everyone
agreed that British films are easier to understand. Suggested films include Harry Potter,
The Queen and The Kings Speech.
Students are also interested in documentary and factual films, particularly documentaries
about science, nature, animals and history. These films have a slow and clear commentary
and at the same time they are educational. Films of this sort include Into the Wild.

A full list of requested films is attached.

DVDs currently cost between 5 and 20 Euros each, depending on the age of the film.
I suggest buying 100 DVDs to replace the videos which are no longer used.
Buying at least 3 copies of the most popular films would be sensible.
This should be possible with a budget of 1,000.

213 Words

(I have put in the answer that a list of requested films is attached of course, I am only
pretending. I will not really attach a list of films.)

A group of language students age 14 18 is going to visit your town. You have been asked
to write a report on different places to eat, both for them and their teachers.
Report on Restaurants in Vannes, Brittany
Vannes is a pretty medieval town with a Port which attracts tourists all year round. There
are plenty of places to eat for all types of budget.

Galettes and Crpes

For students on a tight budget, the best place to eat is in a Crperie. You should try these
pancakes which can be filled with anything you like, such as cheese and ham; and then try
a sweet crpe with, for example, chocolate, lemon or apples. The menu is long so there
will be something for everybody.
Each Galette or Crpe costs between 3 and 7. Try Le Dan Ewen in the Saint Patern
part of town.

Salon de Th
Alternatively, why not try Le Salon dAgns in rue No? Agns makes wonderful
homemade quiches and salad and cakes. Go early (12 oclock) to get a table. This is also
the best place to go if you just want some hot chocolate, or coffee and a cake.

There isnt a McDonalds in the town centre, but there are places near the Port where
you can buy sandwiches. For a really cheap meal, try the pasta shop in rue Thiers. You
choose your pasta and your sauce and you can either eat it there or take it away. Most
local students find a place to sit down at the Port.

Italian & Pizza restaurants

There are plenty of these throughout the town, but Le Cosy in rue Thiers is particularly

Fish & Seafood

Brittany is well known for its seafood. Try a plate of Moules Frites in one of the
restaurants at the Port.

Gastronomic Restaurants
You will find several restaurants which serve traditional French dishes. You could try the
Alsace restaurant at the Port, or go to the Saint Patern part of town where there are lots of
good restaurants. Le Terroir has a very nice, cosy atmosphere, especially in winter as they
have a log fire.

Always book on a Friday or Saturday night, especially if a large group is going.
All prices include service.
Dont have wine with your Galettes and Crpes, drink Breton Cider instead.