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School life: verbs

bully someone fail an exam make friends

cheat in exams get a bad mark pass an exam
copy a friends work get a qualification play truant
do your homework get good marks revise for an exam
expel someone leave school suspend someone

School life: nouns

boarding school school holidays school-leaving age
mixed school school rules secondary school
primary school school subjects single-sex school
private school school uniform state school



1 Write a recommendation or an obligation for each situation. Use the verbs and
phrases in the boxes and the correct form of must or should.
1 You look tired. You _________________________.
2 Leonie is in trouble because shes wearing jeans to school. She _____________________.
3 The boys are in the shopping centre. Its Tuesday morning. They
4 Julie is worried about bullying. She _________________________.
5 Tom wants to drive his dads car. He _________________________ years old.
6 Jack had three pizzas for lunch today. He _________________________.

2 There are mistakes in each sentence. Correct them.

1 Jack dont should does his homework on the bus.
2 They must to listening to their teacher.
3 You mustnt to gone out tonight.
4 We doesnt to have wear a school uniform.
5 Rachel shoulds to tell her teacher about the bullies.
6 Robbie have revise for an exam tomorrow.
3 Complete the dialogue between Quique and Daniel. Use the verbs in the box and the
correct form of must or have to. Sometimes must and have to are both possible.

Quique Do you (1) _________________ a uniform?

Daniel Not at my school. Students can go to school in their own clothes, but we (2)
_________________ jeans they
arent allowed.
Quique What about meals? Do all students have lunch in school?
Daniel Younger pupils (3) _________________ their lunch at school, but older students (4)
_________________ in the school they can go out to buy sandwiches. But we (5)
_________________ food in the classrooms. The teachers get angry about that.
Quique What about exams?
Daniel We (6) _________________ GCSE exams in year 11. Theyre important. My sisters
in year 11, so she (7) _________________ for them now.

4 Read the situation. Then write three sentences: one describing a recommendation,
describing an obligation and one describing no obligation.

1 Recommendation
2 Obligation
3 No obligation

5 Order the words to make sentences.

1 again / has / Toby / a / got / detention
2 I / an / must / exam / tomorrow / sit
3 left / last / she / year / school
4 never / the class bully / I / to / talk
5 was / for / Ella / two days / absent
6 failed / exam / he / last week / an
7 must / lessons / you / attend
6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of phrases from exercise 1.
1 When you ______________ ______________ ______________, you get less than 50%.
2 Students ______________ ______________ from school because they are ill.
3 Students in England and Wales ______________ ______________ in year 11. Theyre
called GCSEs.
4 Students ______________ ______________ ______________ if they dont do
homework, wear the wrong clothes or are disruptive in lessons.
5 Some students dont ______________ ______________ because theyre playing truant.

7 Cross out the incorrect bold word in each phrase. Then match the phrases with the
pictures on the right ah in the next column.
1 dinner school dinner
2 single-sex school single-sex
3 fees school fees
4 pre-school pre-
5 uniform school uniform
6 bag school bag
7 online school online
8 home school home

8 Complete the text with the words in the box and school.
bag dinners - fees preprimary - single-sex - uniform
I started (1) ______________ ______________ when I was three years old. Then when I
was four, I started (2) ______________ ______________. I wore a new (3)
______________ ______________ and carried a (4) ______________
I felt very proud. But some children dont feel happy at school, like my friend Helen, for
example. She was very nervous and shy, and her parents decided to teach her at home. So
now Helen studies at home. Shes lucky she doesnt have to eat (5) ______________
______________ any more!
Im now eleven and next year Im starting a new school. Its a (6) ______________
______________ for boys only. My parents think Ill do better there. They were
interested in a private school for me too, but the (7) ______________ ______________
were too expensive.

9 Tick the correct sentences.

1 Students mustnt use mobile phones in 2 We dont should stay out late at night.
class. 3 Dan shoulds revise for his exam.
4 I mustnt cheat in the exam. 6 Lucy doesnt must play truant.
5 You shouldnt copy peoples work.
10 Complete the sentences with have to, has to, dont have to and doesnt have to.
1 I ___________________ go to school tomorrow!
2 We ___________________ listen to the teacher.
3 Marta ___________________ wear a uniform.
4 You ___________________ work harder at school!
5 Students in Britain ___________________ clean their classrooms.
6 Tom cant come with us because he ___________________ do his homework.

11 Complete the questions with Do have to or Does have to.

1 ______________ your sister ______________ study a lot at university?
2 ______________ we ______________ cook the dinner tonight?
3 ______________ you ______________ learn these verbs for homework?
4 ______________ Jerry ______________ leave early today?
5 ______________ your friend ______________ see the head teacher?
6 ______________ I ______________ wear those shoes to school?

12 Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1 Zoe doesnt ______________ tidy her room today. (have to / must)
2 He ______________ practise his English more. (should / have to)
3 You ______________ to wear a uniform at this school. (have / must)
4 You ______________ chat in lessons. (dont must / shouldnt)
5 Students ______________ send text messages in class. (mustnt / doesnt have to)

13 Cross out the incorrect word in the phrases.

1 get good makes marks 5 fail an exam expel
2 pass exams friends 6 copy pass a friends homework
3 pass play truant 7 bully friend someone
4 revise cheat for an exam
14 Complete the table with the words in the box. school ... school
boarding - holidays - leaving age - private - rules - secondary - single-sex - state -
subjects uniforms

15 Match 18 with ah to make sentences.

1 I passed all my exams at school, so now a she only got 21%.
2 Kate failed an exam today, b who play truant.
3 You get bad marks because c he never revises for them.
4 Mario sometimes cheats in exams because d he found it hard to make friends.
5 Our school sometimes suspends students e you never do your homework.
6 The school expelled a girl because f I work hard.
7 I get good marks because g she was bullying some students.
8 Jack started bullying children because h Ive got a lot of qualifications.

16 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the school life verbs from the
1 Dont ______________ my ______________ ! Find your
own answers!
2 Tom ______________ ______________ when he was
sixteen and started working in a radio station.
3 When Joe and Ben ______________ ______________
from school, they usually spend all day in the park.
4 Sally is really shy and its hard for her to
______________ ______________.
5 I got a ______________ ______________ for my
history essay and I have to write it again.

17 Complete the crossword with school words.

1 Its important to follow the school _______.

2 I have to wear a school _______.
3 British children aged four to eleven go to _______
4 In the school _______ we often go camping.
5 I live at _______ school.
6 _______ schools have boys and girls
7 You dont pay to go to a _______ school.
8 Joes favourite school _______ is art.

18 What are the people talking about? Write nouns from the summary.
1 In the UK its sixteen, but many students stay at school longer. __________________
2 There are only girls at mine, and only boys at my brothers. __________________
3 You have to pay money to go to them. __________________