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Phil Batchelor
A fresh, modern versatile Graphic and Web Designer seeking a position in which I
can utilise and develop my skills.
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PORTFOLIO Confident in my creative abilities with a key eye for detail who can work individually
or as part of a team.

An organised and punctual individual possessing excellent communication and

customer service skills, with an outstanding entrepreneurial background.

In my own work, I am mostly inspired by Swiss design, for its simplicity, minimalism
and heavy use of typography.
4 LoudLearning Autoquip OneStop 5

Creative education company Rebrand for a garage equipment A garage service company needed
based in London. I used a clean company in Kent. Bold and clean a logo to represent them in their
simple vector shown through a typography alongside a tool vector industry. My concept was to use
megaphone to represent the LOUD to match the companys values. All their identifiable equipment to
Learning. The company delivers with a slight 3D effect to ensure it relate to their customers and focus
fun creative workshops and the stands out from their competition. attention to their name.
vectors represent the impact they
aim to create.
M Harrington Autoquip Motorsports Leng Clothing
Tree Surgeon based in Kent. The A new section to their business My own clothing line I set up. The
idea behind this was to involve for motorsports and classic cars. brand Leng became a simple yet
the concept of the job into the The typefaces I used were a take memorable image that worked
logo allowing it to be instantly on ones classic cars used in that across many different formats and
reconisable. I used bright orange period and selected traditional materials.
in line with tree surgeons safety colours to emphasise this.
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A selection of websites I have created over the past couple of years. Varying from freelance
jobs to work placements. All websites are run through Wordpress and are fully responsive.
I have created a full online store with over 500+ products as well as achieving number one
rankings on some of the websites pages through my SEO skills. I have undertaken most of the
photography and videos you will find on these websites as well.
LoudLearning GreenStove Solutions
Rebranded and updated to a 17 page fully responsive website. A 7 page fully responsive full width website. Interactive, vid-
Interactive, online forms & downloads, first page SEO, social eo banners, SEO, social media feeds, e-mails, domain, serv-
media feeds, e-mails, domain, server, maintenance. er, maintenance.

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Autoquip OneStop Autoquip Motorsport

750 page fully responsive website with 500+ products Small 7 page informational website. Fully responsive, Fully responsive full width website used for a new section
e-commerce store. First page SEO, interactive, finance interactive, online forms, photography, social media, of their business. Interactive, online forms, photography,
calculator, photo/videography, live chat, social media, e-mails, domain, server, maintenance. domain, e-mails, server, maintenance.
e-mails, domain, server, maintenance.

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OneStop Van Graphics Autoquip Marketing Pack

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Greenstove Business Cards Greenstove Van Graphics LoudLearning Flyers

Leng Clothing
Autoquip Product & Service Catalogue
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Autoquip Oil&Lubrication Booklet Autoquip MOT Equipment Booklet

Leng Clothing Promo CD 15

Hand screen printed posters

Eazy-E Dot Poster Abstract Poster

Northan Lights, Iceland
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Thanks to my Dad I have loved photography since I can remember. I have built my collection
up over the years and love the different finishes you can get, especially with film. The bulk of
my photography now is for companies I create websites for, giving their website that personal
touch with their own photos relevent to their company. I have also completed shoots for
magazine and booklet use.

I have also completed vidoes for LoudLearning, Autoquip and GreenStove.

My Niece Millie
Wire Wool Spin
GreenStove Solutions
A selection of photos I have taken for their
website and future marketing materials.

Canon 500d
50mm f/1.8
8mm f/3.5 Fisheye

18 19

Photos used across their website, social
media, posters, booklets and many other
marketing materials.

Canon 500d
50mm f/1.8
8mm f/3.5 Fisheye
Phil Batchelor