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2017 Skills Canada Alberta Qualifying Competition

Contest Description (Scope Document)

QUALIFIER EVENT: Graphic Design LEVEL: Secondary

Link to be provided to
registered teachers
(competitors) once registration
has commenced.

EVENT FORMAT: Once registered online, competitors will follow the REGIONALIZED: No, however in
contest description and submit their projects via the link to the order to participate at the
above by the listed deadline. Questions regarding the contest Provincial Skills Canada
description can be sent to Competition a competitor must
Please note, late submissions sent after the date and time qualify through the Qualifying
specified above will not be accepted. competition or their Local
Regional Skills Canada
Competition, if the event is

Please visit the following link for more information regarding Qualifying Events:

Competitors interested in Graphic Design may test their skills by designing logos or other designs
based on a given theme. Usually the theme follows something that would come up in industry. This
means the project could be designing a logo for a newly formed company or association. It could
also be some other type of creative graphic that could be used as a writing illustration or in a
pamphlet. The competitors will use modern design software such as Adobe Creative Suite 6.0.


Read, understand and utilize the technical specifications used to describe a graphic
communications project.
Understand and use fundamental graphic design principles.
Demonstrate a practical knowledge of the Imperial Measuring System (inches and common
Demonstrate a practical knowledge of the Typographic Measuring System.
Use industry standard document composition, illustration, and image manipulation software.

1 | Last Updated February 6, 2017

Demonstrate practical knowledge on bitmap resolution and sizing photos properly for print
Proof documents and make necessary corrections.
Demonstrate practical knowledge of typical pre-press and print procedures by application and
adjustment of bleeds, trim/fold marks, and resolution appropriate to output.
Produce proofs (PDF) - bleed must be shown correctly.
Use page layout or vector drawing software for text rather than Photoshop.
Please see the attached project below.

Includes the following elements:
Completion of all items by deadline
Accuracy of measurements
Appropriate use of images (images must relate to and support text)
Logical information flow
Use of underlying grid
Design skills
Ability to use hardware and software
Care and attention to detail
Competitor followed instructions
Descriptions of all modules are located at the following website:

COM1005: Visual Composition COM2045: Vector Graphics 1

COM1025: Typography COM2155: Design Brand Identity
COM1035: Graphics Tools COM2165: Printing 2
COM1165: Printing 1 COM3025: Electronic Layout & Publishing 2
COM2015: Media Impact COM3035: Raster Graphics 2
COM2025: Electronic Layout & Publishing 1 COM3045: Vector Graphics 2
COM2035: Raster Graphics 1

Registration opens online through SCA portal February 8, 2017 at 8:30AM
Deadline for students work to be submitted to SCA March 15, 2017 at 4:00PM
Students work to be evaluated by March 31, 2017
Teachers will be notified if their students earned a position at Provincial Skills Canada
Competition by April 7, 2017
Provincial Skills Canada Competition May 10-11th, 2017

2 | Last Updated February 6, 2017

Regional Regulations & Policies: A copy of the Skills Canada Alberta Regional Regulations and
Policies can be found at the following link:

Luda Paul Mo Keshavjee Lyle Cruise Brenda Klassen

3 | Last Updated February 6, 2017

2017 Qualifying Skills Canada Competition (Secondary)
Renaissance Festival Ticket

3 hours

Candidate Qualifying

4 | Last Updated February 6, 2017

Purpose of the Challenge:
To evaluate contestant's ability and understanding of document graphic design and pre-
press related tasks and information to qualify for one of the 15 spots in the Skills Alberta
Graphic Design competition.

Skills & Knowledge To Be Tested:

The Computer will be the main tool in the Graphic Design and Pre-press Production contest.
All projects shall be carried out by means of computer graphics and utilizing the Adobe
Creative Suite 6 programs for page layout (InDesign}, illustration (Illustrator) and image
manipulation (Photoshop).

The Practical exam will allow competitors to demonstrate ability in:

Design and page layout skills

Basic typographic knowledge and font usage

Ability to use supplied text and graphics

Basic technical pre-press knowledge

Specific Requirements:
Basic word processing functions such as keyboarding, editing and formatting of text matter

Importing, manipulation, and placement of graphics

Design and page layout skills may include multiple columns, text, and designing headlines

Balancing text and graphics

Must be created using any Adobe products in the Adobe Suite

(e.g. Photoshop for photo manipulation. Illustrator, In Design for layout)

Must be spell checked

Must follow all instructions

All layers must be shown in all programs used, DO NOT FLATTEN

Will ONLY accept zipped files under 5MB Email project upload link to be provided by email to the
teacher email that registered the competitor

If specific requirements are not followed, competitor will be disqualified.

5 | Last Updated February 6, 2017

Project Description

The 2017 Renaissance Festival is a 4-day medieval amusement park, a 2 stage theater, a 5-acre circus, an
arts and crafts fair, a jousting tournament and a feast all rolled into one non-stop, day-long family

Two stages featuring comedy acts, acrobats, medieval musicians, singers, dancers, storytellers, magicians
and puppeteers performing continuously for 7 hours each day. A tournament arena where skilled stunt
riders, outfitted in suits of armor, ride their horses into battle during three jousts each day. Hundreds of
costumed characters.

Our 5-acre village is filled with over 100 open-air, storybook shops and medieval tents. Crafts include:
clothing, armor-making, pottery, glass blowing, stained glass, elegant jewelry, and more.
Many artisans demonstrate of their handiwork throughout the day, using tools and techniques that have
been handed down through the centuries.

The Royal Kitchens serve a vast feast with giant roasted turkey drumsticks, steak-on-a-stake, pizza, bread
bowl stews, salads, and more. The Cottage Bakery, the Cappuccino Inn, and the Cottage Chocolate Shoppe
tempt you with a variety of unique desserts. Pubs serve beer and wine.


Alberta Renaissance Events is looking to produce a ticket for the event.

Target market:
The target audience is families and Renaissance enthusiasts.

Ticket Project:
Document size is 2.5 inches x 5 inches, create the front and back of a ticket as per the required
Elements listed below.

Required Elements:
Company logo
Minimum of two images blended, from the images supplied
Use all text supplied, for the front of the card.

Use all text supplied, for the back of the card.

Supplied Elements:

6 | Last Updated February 6, 2017

Company logo
Text back of card

Above items can be found at

You must deliver:
Total file size cannot be larger than 5MB
One 2 page document (front and back of the ticket)
1 final InDesign folder for archiving (including fonts, linked images, final layout, and a PDF)
Press ready PDF (including bleed and trim marks)

Technical Specifications:
Colours: 4 Colour Process
Bleed: 0.125" (if needed for your design)
Image Resolution: 200 dpi. (Note: Standard print production would be 300 dpi but due to file
submission size, image resolution has been reduced.)
ICC Colour Profile for images: U.S. Web coated (SWOP) v2
Accepted image saving formats: TIFF (one layer), PSD (one layer), AI, EPS, or DCS.
A factor value between 1.5 and 2.5 is accepted for the resolution of the images used in
the final layout and the pdf file
The RGB mode is not accepted in the workflow

Submissions for evaluation:

1 final InDesign folder for archiving (including fonts, linked images, final layout, and a PDF)
Press ready PDF (including bleed and trim marks)

7 | Last Updated February 6, 2017