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Name: Noor Suhada Binti Ramli Date: 17th August 2016 Day: Wednesday

Year: 5 Theme: World of knowledge No. Of Students: 6

Topic: Animals Duration: 60 minutes Time: 9 am to 10 am


Name of student Categories

Lesson summary:

Teacher acts out as a customer who is visiting a department store and the teacher is going to recall pupils prior knowledge.

An audio about a customer was speaking to a store assistant in the information booth will be played twice.

Pupils need to mark the floor plan and answer the task sheet given by the teacher. Then, teacher concludes about the lesson asking

and answering questions to the students.

Content Standard :

By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to form letters and words in neat legible print

Learning Standard:
Able to write :

a) phrases

e) sentences

with guidance

Pupils previous knowledge:

Pupils went to a department stores before with their families.

Objectives: By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:

o Listen to, asking and answering questions correctly.

o Can read and answer a wide range of comprehension questions, sequence information and predict several possible

Content: Writing skills

Educational Emphases: thinking skills, constructivism, knowledge acquisition,

Moral Values : respect, helpful, honesty.

Teaching Aids: an audio, floor plan, task sheet, and background.

Stage / Time Teachers Strategy Pupils Activity Language Content Teachers Notes

Teacher ensure all Pupils will

pupils are ready respond to a
for teaching and video plays by the
learning teacher

SET INDUCTION Teacher show a Do you kniw a bear Educational emphases :

video clip entitled
Grizzly Bears Thinking skill
Catching Salmon
+ 5 minutes Expected answer : Teaching aids:
Prompt pupils to
talk about what
they see in the
video clip

Teacher display a T: When you go to the Educational emphases :

chart about type of department store, what thinking skill
PRE-WRITING Murid bagi
bear on the board are the most important
tributes 2 picture perhatianPupils will stuff you are going to
card to each pupil respon buy?
15 minutes consist of verb card
and nouns card Expected answers:
Pupils are required A ball, a pair of shoes, a
to lift the flash doll, a robot.
cards according to
the instructions of

(For an example:
Please lift the verb
Pupils that hold
verb card will lift the
picture card and
specify action
undertaken by the
bear on top of
picture card
Then, pupils need
to write these
actions using the
dot lines which are
provided on the
back of picture
Teacher explains how to T : You are going to listen
play the game called on a conversation between
WHILE-LISTENING Magic Board a customer and a store
1 All students form a assistant. While you listen
circle to the audio, you have to
20 Minutes
mark the floor plan where
2 One of the students
hold a ball. As soon
the customer wants
as the music being
to go first and in which
played, the student
pass the ball to the order she will move around
student next to him the store. Educational emphases :
and continue until knowledge acquisition.
the music stopped. T : I will play the audio for
Students play the game the second time.
3 When the music accordingly to the
stopped, student (A) teachers instruction. (Task sheet are given to the Teaching aids : an audio, floor
who was holding the
pupils) plan, task sheet.
ball need to throw a
noun dice and also
Now, you have to complete
verb dice in the
middle of circle. this worksheet after hearing
the audio for the second
4 Student (A) will time.
write what he/she
sees on the noun
dice and verb dice
onto the magic
board to make a
complete sentence.
5 The one who fill the
answer correctly
and write them
neatly on the magic
board will get one
6 unfortunately, if the
students are unable
to fill the correct
answer and write it
with bad
handwriting, one
point will be drawn.
7 The students with
the higher points is
the winner.

1) Teacher plays the

audio of a conversation
between a customer who
is visiting Everest

Stores, speaking to

a store assistant in the

information booth.

2)Teacher distributes the

floor plan of the Everest

3)Teacher plays the

audio for the second


Educational emphases :
POST-WRITING Teacher display a Pupils complete the T : Now, the first group
substituition table task individually have to act about a Teaching aids : substitution
on the board. situation at the post office table
15 minutes Pupils copy and where people ask the staff
at the post office about
construct the thing that they do not know.
sentences based
on the
substitiution table
in the exercise
Teacher check
pupils answers
and make
corrections if

Teacher show a
video clip entitled
gummy bear
Pupils are asked to
Pupils listen to the T : Based on today lesson, Educational emphases :
get up and sing
conclusion that had it was important for us to Contextual Learning
along with teacher learnt about asking and
+ 5 Minutes been made by the
teacher. answering questions.
concludes about
the lesson that
they learnt today.

* Use this template as a guide. There might be other forms. The stages given in this template may differ in accordance with
the skill being taught.