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1 General 2
1.1 Program 3
1.2 Quality of equipment & material 3
1.3 Instruction for operation and maintenance routine 4
1.4 Painting, Tag & Name plate 4
1.5 Drawing, Submittal, Instruction & Sample 4
1.6 Operation and Maintenance Manual 6
1.7 Storage of Material & Equipment 7
1.8 Test Certificate 7
1.9 Test at Site 7
1.10 Test on Completion 8
1.11 Warranty 9
2 Split Unit 10
3 List of Approved Manufacture 13


Electrical Equipment and Air- conditioning Equipment BS British Standard Completely coordinate with work of all other trades CEC. testing and delivery in good operating condition of complete ventilating and Air conditioning system as describe. installation. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 2 . Contractor shall provide all necessary components and accessories as well as man power. scaffolding. Qatar Standard Specification latest editions. Work shall be performed in stick in accordance with the applicable requirements of the New KAHRAMMA REGULATION. testing facilities etc at his own expenses to execute complete operable system. GENERAL The work covered under this section shall include all the supply. Local standard and other International Standard as noted below: ANSI American National Standard Institute ARI Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute ASHRAE American Society of Heating Refrigeration Air-conditioning Engineering ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineer ASTM American Society of Testing and Material AWS American Welding Society AWWA American Water Works Association AMCA American Moving and Control Association NEC National Electrical Code UL Underwriters Laboratory SMACNA Sheet Metal and Air-conditioning Contractors National Association QCS Qatar Constriction Standard NFPA National Fire Protection Association QSAS Qatar Sustainability Assessment System KAHRAMMA Regulation for the Installation of Electrical Wiring. QS 2663 2015.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION AIR-CONDITIONING VENTILATION SYSTEM HVAC PART D 1. shown or implied in the tender documents of the project.

thermometer etc shall be installed in such a way to facilitate easy observance. This applies to any item that is found to be defective in service during the maintenance period. The contractor shall install equipment. 1. adjustment or eventual replacement shall be installed making due to allowance access. 1. CEC. All equipment and apparatus. All rusted parts of metal. expect in unfurnished areas. Approval of programme by the Engineer or Client shall not relieve the Contractor from his obligations to execute and complete the works in conformity with the directions and requirements of the Engineer.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION Drawing are diagrammatic and indicate general arrangement of the systems and the equipment expect when specifically dimensioned or detailed. Air conditioning ducts & pipes shall be installed parallel and perpendicular to the building plans. subject to the Engineer's approval shall be cleaned of corrosion products and given two coats of anti-rust paint before installation. Equipment shall confirm to the requirements of the project documentation and reference standard. or extended maintenance period as appreciate. coordination with other trades and coordination with field coordination. 1. corrosion and dirt by properly storing. All metal parts shall be protected on site from rust. of a quality accepted by the Engineer and presenting no dent.3 INSTRUCTION FOR OPERATION AND ROUTINE MAINTENANCE The Contractor shall provide written instructions both in Arabic and English languages as to the method of operation of equipment and the routine maintenance works (cleaning of air filters etc. conduit and piping in a workmanlike manner to present a neat appearance and function to properly to the satisfaction of the engineer.2 QUALITY OF EQUIPMENT AND MATERIAL All equipment and materials shall be brand new.1 PROGRAM Immediately on receipt of an order the Contractor shall prepare a programme detailing the services and sequence of installation. behind furring. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 3 . All gauge. or above the false ceiling. All piping and duct shall be concealed in chases.). approximately location direction general relationship of one work phase to another The submitted drawings are assumed to represent a complete detailed and coordinated design. The contractor shall replace all work not performed to the satisfaction of the engineer without extra cost and to the standard required by the Engineer. For exact location of the building elements refer to dimensioned architecture/structural drawings. which requires maintenance. ducts. Contractor shall be responsible for providing a complete installation. Six copies of such instructions shall be handed over to the Engineer. packing and covering. All exposed system shall be installed neatly and be grouped to present a neat appurtenance. Piping & duct work plan are intended to show size. damage or breakage during transportation or installation.

Any part requiring realignment or repositioning in co-ordination with the decoration.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION 1.4 PAINTING . Any part rejected shall be immediately dismantled. preferably zinc rich primer and two coats of enamel paint of grey color or as approved by the Engineer. bases. removed from site and replaced or repaired to conform to the specifications and to the full satisfaction of the Engineer. Such submittals shall contain the following information: i. guards. SUBMITALS AND ENGINEER APPROVALS The Contractor shall submit for approval a detailed information data for all the equipment he proposes to install.. CEC. The Engineer shall check. insulated pipe work etc. detailed shop drawings for all equipment or distribution services described herein. cable trays etc.. carpentry or finishing works as required by the Engineer shall be carried out without delay. false ceilings. if he so requires. color codes (refer BS 1710: 1975) and directional flow arrows shall be painted on piping or insulation at frequent intervals indicating the unit services and the fluid conveyed. openings. in the progress chart or as instructed by the Engineer. exposed to the elements are to be painted with two coats of an approved rust preventive paint. Identification bands. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 4 . position of sleeves etc. Model number ii. TAG AND NAME PLATES All steel works in connection with supports for pipes. SUBMITALS INSTRUCTIONSAND SAMPLES GENERAL All drawings and material submissions. Same identification must appear on the wiring diagram submitted with the operating instructions. motors. all parts of installation and materials. physical dimensions. Any interim approval given by the Engineer does not relieve the Contractor of his obligations under this contract SHOP DRAWING PREPARED BY CONTRACTOR The Contractor shall prepare and submit for approval. Such drawings shall indicate All civil works. All exposed metal surfaces of refrigeration and electrical apparatus. list of all components and their characteristics. other information and samples must be supplied to the Engineer as laid down in the specifications and as and when agreed during the site meetings. must be painted with one coat of under-coat and two coats of enamel paint finish to approve color. All wires shall bear identification numbered tags corresponding to the same wiring diagram mentioned above. Manufacturer's data showing the capacity of equipment. 1. Name of manufacturer and country of origin iii.5 DRAWINGS. Lettering shall be in English All power supply switches shall be tagged identifying the area served. the capacity of switching and equipment they feed.

Thereafter the Contractor shall submit five sets of blue prints for the Engineer's final approval. which should be thoroughly checked by the A. pipes and fittings of grilles. shop drawings of all sheet metal ductwork and pipe work for approval before work is fabricated and installed. as detailed elsewhere in the specification. sections of pipes. and their connections. Position of controls & connections etc Detailed wiring diagram of all electrical systems consisting of control wiring diagram for various controls. Location of center bolts to base. The Contractor shall prepare drawings and schedules showing precise details of holes in concrete.C. Once the drawings are finally approved. plant. plant supports etc. All general layout drawings are to be drawn in 1: 50 scale.. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 5 . method of fixing of pipes and equipment connection detailed.. method of fixing etc. controls. louvers. after making his comments will return one set of the same to the Contractor for necessary revisions if any. At all places where multiple services cross over.. This schedule is to be submitted in a form to be agreed with the Engineer. All drawings prepared by the Contractor shall be submitted in the form of three sets of blue prints to the Engineer for approval. Drawings and schedules approved by the Engineer must be available before any structural work requiring holes or other modification is constructed. sensors. clearances.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION The physical dimensions of the equipment The sizes of foundation base wherever required. the Contractor shall submit specific details on the drawings of all services on a larger scale. Equipment layout is to be detailed on drawings showing the exact method of installing and clearly illustrating components to be used in making all connections. The work described on any shop drawing submitted shall be properly checked by the Contractor for all clearance. The Contractor shall submit to the Engineer. step controllers etc. field conditions. Detail piping connection in double line with position of valves. Co-ordinate drawings with all other services. before submitting to the Engineer for approval. CEC. maintenance space and proper co-ordination. power wiring diagram from isolator / control panel in various equipment etc. structure space frame and finishes or any other drawing found necessary or requested by the Engineer for co-ordination of works. instruments. In case the Contractor fails to produce the shop drawings and coordinated shop drawings in accordance with the specified/agreed time schedule. Details of hangers.. masonry etc. who in turn. and necessary wooden frames required for passage of ducts. the Engineer reserves the right to engage an outside agency to undertake this work and debit the entire cost to the Contractor's account. instruments and fittings. Isometric piping for the complete piping layout (refrigerant). registers. Contractor for their location.. the Contractor shall submit in reproducible copy negative for Engineer's signature and the same shall be kept on site for execution. and risers and are to be drawn in 1: 10 scale. diffusers.

The procedure. pipes. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 6 . equipment. 1. Submittals to the Owner: Two preliminary copies of manual shall be submitted no later than the date of shipment of equipment and installation shall not begin until there are accepted by the Owner. h) One copy of each wiring diagram i) One approved copy of each shop drawing and each contractor’s coordination and layout drawing. corrosion. light fittings. Four final copies of complete manual shall be delivered to the Owner prior to Engineer’s tests. The manual for each piece of equipment shall be separate document with following specified requirements: 1. j) List of spare parts.8 TEST CERTIFICATE The Contractor shall supply all the Test certificates in original to the Engineer at the time of handing over the project 1. list. two sets of copy negatives for each drawing shall be handed over to the Client. parts. illustration and diagrams. CEC. manufacture’s price and recommendation quantity. one month prior to the date of commencement of the tests. deterioration or dirt penetration. Content a) Table of content and index b) Brief description of each system and equipment’s c) Starting and Stopping procedure d) Special operating instructions. 1. six (6) copies of the complete test procedures to be used.7 STORAGE OF MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT All materials and equipment must be stored properly so as to prevent damage. g) Manufacture’s printed operating and maintenance instructions. e) Routine maintenance procedure f) Schedule of periodic servicing.9 TEST AT SITE The Contractor shall submit to the Engineer. In addition.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION It is the Contractor's responsibility to co-ordinate all grilles. The Contractor shall supply to the Engineer a set of 'As-installed' drawings showing the works 'As-installed' together with any other information necessary for operation and maintenance. 1.6 OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL The contractor shall finish manual for the various system as required by the contract documents. false ceiling layout and other services to allow a completely symmetrical installation. Six copies of each such drawing shall be supplied.

The insulation resistance shall not be less than one (1) meg. other than the normal running adjustment.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION method of calculation etc. Six (6) copies of the test results shall be furnished to the Engineer for his approval. all to the satisfaction of the Engineer.ohm. Operating tests on all starters. performance tests shall be conducted on the refrigerating and CEC. for determining specified or guaranteed data as given in the specifications or in the schedule of equipment filled in by the Contractor. part of system or a complete system if the Consultant requests such a test. Any other test required as per Kahra-maa regulations 1. In the event of any repair or adjustment required to be made. The Contractor shall supply skilled staff and all necessary instruments and carry out tests of any kind on a piece of equipment. The trial shall take place at any reasonable time subject to the approval of the Engineer. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT All electrical equipment shall be cleaned and tested on site before application of power as mentioned below: Wire and cable tests Insulation resistance test. the Contractor shall be responsible for running a reliability trial test for the whole plant installed. The whole of the trial of the plant shall take place during the appropriate seasons when design conditions are met or approximated. All testing. balancing and final adjustment shall be in accordance with the provision of the applicable 'ASHRAE' standards.. The tests shall not be void due to circumstances beyond the Contractor's control. phase to phase and phase to earth on all circuits and equipment's using a 500 volt megger. shall be approved by the Engineer before any test is carried out. apparatus. Earth resistance between conduit system and earth must not exceed five (5) ohms.10 TEST ON COMPLETION After finishing the above tests and adjustments. During the reliability trial test. circuit breakers etc. Any damage resulting from the tests shall be repaired and/or damaged material replaced. the tests shall be void and shall be recommended after the adjustments or repairs have been completed. Operating tests on all protective relays to prove their correct operation before energizing the main equipment. Phasing out and phase rotation tests. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 7 . The trial shall last for a period of thirty one (31) consecutive days during which time the whole of the plant shall operate continuously without readjustments or repair to the satisfaction of the Engineer.

11 WARRANTY All warranty for the equipment supplier will be vested in the Owner regardless for equipment supplier will be vested in the Owner regardless of whether the contractor who sullied the equipment is still associated with the project or not.. The Maintenance Certificate will not be issued to the Contractor by the Engineer until all plant has received the above mentioned letter of acceptance and/or unless a bank guarantee is provided by the Contractor for the performance of that part of the plant and equipment not formally tested and accepted. repaired or replaced to the satisfaction of the Engineer. refrigeration and air conditioning equipment for a sufficient time to adjust all dampers. Warranty will be full warranty and include all overhead.12 GUARANTY The guaranty of compressor shall be minimum of five years. incidental charges and sundries. 1. During the maintenance period. the Engineer shall issue a formal letter of acceptance for the equipment and system or parts of the system satisfactorily tested and approved. 2. MAINTENANCE TEST During 400 days maintenance period. Should any part of the apparatus or system fail to meet with the specification requirements. The warrantee’s period should be one year for all equipment’s. After testing and commissioning. thermostats and controls and shall provide the Engineer with a complete log and report indicating air quantities. Temperature readings shall be taken for the entering and leaving air of each air handling unit.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION air conditioning equipment. The date of commencement of the above said tests shall be subject to agreement with the Engineer. On completion of these tests. it shall be adjusted. a formal letter of completion shall be drawn up in three (3) copies and signed by the Engineer. throughout each of the various systems for the operating seasons. During the last month of the Maintenance period. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 8 . the Contractor shall demonstrate to the Engineer that all equipment and systems are operating according to the capacities and the manner set down in the specifications. SPLIT UNIT (WALL MOUNTED) CEC. The complete performance test shall then be repeated. The test data shall not deviate by more than three percent from the guaranteed capacity data. fan speed etc. profit. the Contractor shall demonstrate that all equipment and apparatus fulfill the requirements of the specifications and he shall operate all fans. As soon as all tests prescribed in this clause are carried out satisfactorily in the opinion of the Engineer. the operation and day to day routine maintenance of the plant and equipment shall be carried out by the owner's staff whereas the defects / failure in the plant and equipment not as a result of inadequate maintenance. Where damage is caused to any other item by any failure of the item warranted than the warranty shall also include the cost incurred in rectify the damage 1. first set of filters for all AHUs and FCUs shall be provided by the Contractor. shall be part of the Contractor's responsibility and shall be rectified free of cost by the Contractor.

pre-wired. The outdoor unit shall be factory assembled. cross-finned tube type.410 refrigerant or equal approve and shall be designed to operate at outdoor ambient temperatures as high as 50•C The cabinet shall be constructed of steel. controls. statically and dynamically balanced and driven directly by the motor for up flow or horizontal air discharge. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 9 .C. equipped with aluminum plate fins. internal wiring and piping all housed in a decorative sheet steel cabinet with baked resin paint.410 A refrigerant. anti-recycling control etc. all as per manufacturer's standard.. The panels should be easily removable to provide access for servicing.4 mm. piped internally. liquid line shut-off valves and necessary safety controls such as crank- case heater. The evaporator fan shall be forward curved. The condenser fan shall be propeller type with aluminum / PVC blades. dehydrated and tested for leakage at the factory. INDOOR UNIT The indoor wall mounted type A. unit shall comprise of an evaporator. finished with baked synthetic resin paint. The evaporator coils shall be the multi-pass. The fins shall be spaced at not more than 16 fins per 25. The refrigerant circuit shall be composed of a gas inlet. long life as per manufacturer's standard. The cabinet interior shall be fully insulated to prevent sweating and to muffle the sound. The fan motor shall be permanently lubricated. The refrigerant circuit shall have one shot coupling for liquid and gas inlets. liquid and gas inlets. one shot coupling. evaporator fan. suction and discharge outlets. condenser fan and fan motor. fan motor. The coil shall be cleaned. dehydrated and tested for leakage at the factory. The air filter shall be washable type.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION The plant required shall consist of air cooled split type air conditioning unit of wall mounted type. UNIT CONTROL CEC. charged with R. equipped with aluminum plate fins (max. The compressor shall be protected against breakdown by the mercury over current relay. pressure switch and an in-built internal thermostat. 14 fins per 25. OUT DOOR UNIT The outdoor unit shall comprise of air cooled condenser. mechanically bonded to seamless oxygen free copper tubes. The fan guard wire net shall be mounted on top or side of the unit and shall be adequately protected against corrosion. statically and dynamically balanced and directly driven by the motor. a capillary tube and an evaporator coil. strainer/drier. cross-finned type. centrifugal type. The evaporator fan must be selected to operate quietly with no overloading of fan motors. The coil shall be cleaned. The motor shall be permanently lubricated and shall be protected from water invasion. a condenser coil and a liquid outlet one shot coupling. air filter. a strainer. solid state motor protector. The hermetic compressor shall be welded shell type and spring suspended internally. The unit shall be composed of an indoor unit with refrigerant circuit and an air cooled outdoor unit for application with R.4 mm) mechanically bonded to seamless oxygen free copper tubes. The unit shall contain a hermetic multi-cylinder reciprocating / rotary compressor from the same manufacturer. The condenser coil shall be the multi-pass.

The operation switch shall have the function of OFF-FAN-COOL. the system shall be pressure tested with nitrogen to at least 1„ times the working pressure for leaks. from outdoor unit to indoor D. All the running equipment's shall be isolated from the building structure and the support isolated from other items of equipment. ELECTRICAL WORK The electrical works shall include the following: Provide all power and control wiring from isolator to outdoor unit. over current relays and auxiliary relays. All the units shall have anti-vibration mountings of approved make and shall be as described elsewhere.E. from D. CEC. switch to indoor unit and the control panel. vacuum dried and then charged with refrigerant in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 10 . REFRIGERANT PIPES Refrigerant pipework between the condensing unit and indoor unit shall be installed as per applicable ASHRAE standards and to the satisfaction of the Engineer Refrigerant quality seamless cold drawn copper piping shall be used. In case the refrigerant piping is fabricated at site. flanged valves or fittings should be provided for disconnecting. The operation control shall conform to manual starting. equipment as per Kahra-maa regulations. including condenser fan motor. All necessary unions. automatic continuous operation whenever the thermostat requires and protection devices allow. All electrical works shall be carried out in conformity with the current I.P. switch. fan speed selector switch and a thermostat mounted on the remote control switch for wall mounted units. and Kahra-maa regulations. Silver brazing alloy shall be used for making joints. The unit shall be restarted by resetting the operation switch if any one of the protection devices trips PROTECTION DEVICE The magnetic switch box incorporated in the outdoor or indoor unit shall contain magnetic contactor for all motors.E.C. The pipework will be run as indicated on the drawings and as per instructions.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION The indoor unit shall be equipped with an operation switch.P. Provide earthling for A. NOISE LEVEL AND SOUND ISOLATION FOR SPLIT UNIT Noise level inside the conditioned area resulting from the unit shall not exceed 50 dbA (NC 45) at low speed and 55 dbA (NC 50) at high speed when measured at one meter distance in a room with normal occupancy and furnishing.

The pipe support stands shall be bolted to the concrete slab/base. PIPE SUPPORTS All refrigerant piping shall be supported to prevent deflection. The insulation shall be applied to the pipes with longitudinal joints staggered. Insulation shall be covered externally with 200 gm/sq. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 11 . spaced with steel shims CEC. Pipe supports and clamps shall be subject to approval of the Engineer. Pipework on roof shall be supported on off-set clamps. floors and roof slabs shall be provided with pipe sleeves of adequate size to allow the passage of insulation. pre insulated.5 meters on straight runs. The insulation materials shall be submitted to the Engineer for approval prior to ordering. All pipe surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned and treated with approved corrosion inhibitor before applying insulation.m. laps and sealing strips shall be sealed applying adhesive on circumferential joints. THERMAL INSULATION OF PIPE The thermal insulation shall be non-corrosive to the metal. The anti-vibration mountings shall be installed in accordance with the maker's recommendations and the Mechanical Contractor shall ensure that the performance and type of isolator is suitable for the machinery to be installed. buckling and vibration. precharged refrigerant piping kit may be used for the split unit of smaller capacity (unto 2. VIBRATION ISOLATOR All plant shall be isolated from the building structure and the supports isolated from other items of equipment. water repellent and fire resistant.5 TR nominal). Condensate drain pipe supports shall be capable of vertical adjustment after installation of piping. The chillers shall be provided with suitable anti-vibration mountings. floor or rocker stands. The air handling units and chilled water pumps shall have anti-vibration mountings in the following form: Multi-layer rubber pads with square grid convolutions on both sides. The pipe insulation shall be stuck to the pipework with an approved adhesive. Refrigerant suction lines and liquid lines (wherever required) shall be insulated with 19 mm thick foam rubber insulation. quality glass cloth and painted with two coats of approved weather proofing compound forming minimum thickness of 1 mm as per Kahra-maa regulations. All pipework passing through the walls. But this refrigerant piping shall be additionally wrapped with glass cloth and finished with two coats of vapor barrier compound.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION Factory supplied. Piping shall be supported at all changes in direction and at intervals of not more than 1.

the thickness shall be 10 mm CONDENSATE DRAIN PIPE Condensate drains shall be provided in copper pipes to BS 2871 Part 1 Table 'X' above ground and in UPVC to BS 5255 for vertical drops buried in the walls. Removable plugs shall be provided at every change in direction to allow rodding access All surface mounted condensate drains within the building shall be insulated with 10 mm thick rubber foam and weather proofed to the satisfaction of the Engineer. QATAR LABOR CAMP (INDUSTRIAL AREA) 12 . LIST OF APPROVED MANUFACTURE Product Manufacture Country Split Unit Missubishi Japan York Natioanl USA Trane USA Carrier Canada Dakin Japan Toshiba Japan Petra USA General Refrigerant Pipe Insulation Kimmco Kuwait CEC. but of a minimum thickness of 32 mm spaced not more than 750 to 1000 mm apart. However. All condensate drains shall be fitted with 75 mm deep trap with dirt pocket and removable plug provided and extended to the nearest drains/soak ways as shown on the drawings. All exposed pipes external to the building shall be painted with two coats of paint matching with the building color. The condensing unit of split unit shall also have similar A.JULY 2016 HEATING VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING SPECIFICATION and of a thickness to suit the points of uniform loading of the plant item.V. pads as described above. in floors or below ground and shall be adequately supported along their length.